Morrighan’s Siege of Wyrmrest Temple LFR Crib Sheet

Covering LFR difficulty only.  I will add links to MMO Champion’s boss pages (Learn to Raid vids, Encounter Journal entries and loot tables) as well as the well written tactics at Icy Veins for people doing normal/heroic raiding.

There are four bosses in the Siege of Wymrest Temple.

Morchock [MMO Champion | Icy Veins]

  • 2 tanks who should always be the closest to the boss to take the double Stomp damage.
  • The raid should stand behind the boss at maximum melee range to share Stomp damage.
  • 7 ranged/healers should move to each red crystal as it spawns and sit right on top of it until it explodes. Closer = less damage.  While this isn’t vital, if your health is low it might kill you.
  • Every so often he will pull you all towards him and cast The Earth Consumes you which spawns some spikes (don’t get hit as these spawn as they do damage).  Hide behind them.
  • Hide from the black blood in the safe spots behind the spikes.  Once the blood has spawned you can move to dps him if you have a safe spot available.  The blood will kill you even on LFR.
  • He enrages at 20%.

Warlord Zon’ozz [ MMO Champion | Icy Veins]

  • 1 tank should fact him away from the raid.
  • Melee should hug behind the boss.  Ranged should stand further back and behind him.
  • Dispel Disrupting Shadows immediately.
  • Every so often a void spawns.  It can be bounced between players, making it grow larger.  A small group, including a healer, should do this.  It can be safely ignored, but more bounces will speed up the fight by making the boss take more damage during the burn phase.
  • Once it hits the boss, hug.  He will do lots of AoE damage.  Pop cooldowns and burn.
  • Repeat until dead.

Yor’sahj the Unsleeping [MMO Champion | Icy Veins]

  • 1 tank.
  • Its all about the oozes here.  There are 6 possible different coloured oozes and he will spawn 3 every so often.  You can kill one of them.  The other 2 will merge with the boss and give him certain abilities.  Its all about the combinations.
  • The oozes do the following:
    • Purple means every 5 heals on a target cause the target to explode and take damage.  Use big heals and avoid AoE heals. Better just to kill it.
    • Green causes the raid to be digested and does minor damage.  There is no splash damage in LFR so hug.  This is almost harmless in LFR.
    • Yellow increases attack speed and adds an AoE component to Void Bolt.  Hug.
    • Black spawns add that cast spells on players.  Hug and AoE.
    • Red damages 3/8 people at random.  Hug.
    • Blue causes a mana void to appear and suck mana from every ranged caster.  Kill it and the mana comes back to those nearby.  It only steals mana once.
  • In LFR mode I personally would kill Purple > Yellow > Red > Black.  Again, Green is completely harmless!!!!!!  If you can’t manage to AoE the adds, then killing Black before red might be a good idea.
  • You can hug for every ooze combination.  Only Blue requires you to move (to dps the mana void).

Hagara the Storm Binder [MMO Champion | Icy Veins]

  • This is a 3 phase fight.  There is a ‘main phase’ and then 2 other ‘special phases’ – an Ice Phase and a Lightning Phase.  During special phases she is immune to all damage.
  • Focused Assault does a lot of damage to the 1 tank so be ready with extra healing.  She doesn’t move while channeling it so move back away from her.  Move towards the edge so by the time a special phase comes, you are on the edge.
  • In the main phase hug up.  Dispell Shattered Ice and have a ranged ‘tank’ Ice Lance.
  • Ice Phase:
    • She covers most of the platform in a big bubble.  Get out of it and hug at a Binding Crystal.  Stay there until the walls have spawned.
    • She casts four walls of icy spikes that rotate clockwise around the platform.  Group and move around between them, paying attention at all times.
    • Binding Crystals appear that you need to dps while running round and round.  Destroy all four to end the phase and go back to normal.  Don’t risk getting hit by a wall to do more damage.
  • Lightning Phase:
    • Kill adds near one of the Lightning Conductors so it overloads.  It will cause someone to be Electrocuted.
    • Create a chain of people to spread Lightning between Lightning Conductors to overload them.  Some healing is needed here.
  • Repeat Main > Special > Main > Other Special until dead.



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