The Daedalus Project

The Daedalus project is a great resource for those studying World of Warcraft or MMOs in general.  Run by Nick Yee as he completed his PhD at Stanford, and for some time after this, it collects his surveys, articles and a wealth of comments from readers.  Its currently in ‘hibernation mode’ in that all the information is available, but its not being updated.

You can start at the Daedalus Gateway which has what Yee calls ‘thematic primers’  and links to more detailed articles, both within his site and elsewhere.  These cover, in particular, various aspects of identity and play.

The Daedalus Project leads to more detailed information.  The Project is divided into volumes like a journal and articles are published in blog format, allowing people to comment on them.  Theres a wealth of information here built up over several years.  These are divided into categories:

  • Demographics
  • In-game dynamics
  • Meta-Character
  • Game mechanics
  • Relationships
  • WoW data
  • Meta-Game
  • Growth/Transfer
  • Narratives
  • Psychology
  • Social phenomena

Theres also a nice MMORPG Lexicon.

You can also check out Yee’s biography area for links to articles published as part of his work for the PARC PlayOn reasearch group

Books: Critical Digital Studies edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker

I just found a link to this book from the ctheory site.  It has its own companion website here:

Of particular interests are articles by N Katherine Hayles called ‘Traumas of Code’ and Donna Haraway called ‘A Game of Cat’s Cradle: Sign Studies, Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies’.

Also the article ‘Warcraft and Utopia’ by Alexander R Galloway is published here.  This was published originally on ctheory and can be read here.  Its a good place to start for people trying to think about how critical theory can be applied to World of Warcraft.

I’ll be ordering this from Amazon sometime soon.

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