Heroes of the Storm | Valeera Sanguinar

This post originally appeared on Meta Gamer. Since the website has been closed, I’ve transferred the post here. The publication date is the original publication date on Meta Gamer.

A new hero has arrived in the Nexus – Valeera Sanguinar. A World of Warcraft character, she is a key part of the Rogue Class Hall story and the story of Varian Wrynn.

Early Life

Valeera is a Blood Elf. After being orphaned by bandits and surviving the Scourge plague, she ended up in jail before being brought by Rehgar Earthfury to fight as a Gladiator, alongside Broll Bearmantle and an amnesiac human called Varian.

In Dire Maul the three fought and won. Varian earned the name Lo’Gosh and Valeera? Valeera was sold to Helka Grimtotem for her troubles. She escaped her new mistress, and went looking for her friends. It turns out they had escaped too, but were now being hunted by an assassin. Valeera defeated the assassin, barely, before being rescued by Aegwynn, the former Guardian of Tirisfal.

Journey to Stormwind

Aegwynn reunited her with her friends. Lo’Gosh’s true identity isrevealed – he is the King of Stormwind. Heading home to reclaim his throne, the trio are attacked by Naga. During the fight she absorbs the magical energies of a Naga Trident. Like all Blood Elves, she was born addicted to magic and this act brought that back to the fore.

Landing in Menethil Harbor, the three headed towards the nearest Alliance capital, Ironforge. Another assassin took aim at them – this time a warlock who exploited Valeera’s addiction with the Mark of Kathra’Natir. This mark allowed the demon to possess her and she struggled to maintain control. In Ironforge, she attempted to overcome the addiction and the possession. Aegwynn intervened to help her.

In Stormwind, the trio faced off against Onyxia, who had orchestrated the disappearance of the King. He was reinstated, and Valeera became a bodyguard and advisor to the King. Broll and Varian had become the family she never had.


Meryl and Med’an

During the fight against the Scourge, Valeera undertook a mission to save Med’an. He was the son of Medivh and Garona and his mother offered key intelligence in return for his life. She worked with Meryl Winterstorm, an undead mage and the foster father of Med’an. They rescued him, but then found themselves facing Cho’gall. Cho’gall killed Meryl, and Valeera knew it would take an exceptional act to save them.

Valeera absorbed magic from Meryl and Med’an in order to activate the demon within her. Unleashed, he could fend off Cho’gall. Med’an healed Meryl, who teleported them to safety. Med’an, as the son of a Guardian of Tirisfal, had an enormous amount of power. Seeing an opportunity to gain it, the demon Kathra’Natir attempted to gain control of Med’an, but could not. To free Valeera, Meryl took the demon, which he managed to repress (mostly).


Despite all of her connections to both the Horde, through her people, and the Alliance, through her friendship with Varian, Valeera considers herself independent. She becomes part of the Rogue order in Legion.

Valeera’s Future?

There is at least one major unfinished storyline for Valeera – her connection to Aegwynn, the now-maybe-this-time-deceased Guardian of Tirisfal. Aegwynn saw greatness in Valeera and she has yet to do anything that would truly fulfil that.

The death of Varian may also impact Valeera. The shadow of her addiction to magic remains over her and grief makes people do crazy things.

In the Emerald Nightmare raid, Il’gynoth the Heart of Corruption whispers cryptic hints to the player.

Her heart is a crater, we have filled it.

Valeera has been possessed before. She is a potential candidate for this, though others (Jaina or Azeroth herself) are more likely. Could Valeera be possessed by the Old Gods?

The boy-king serves at the master’s table. Three lies he will offer you.

If this turns out to be Anduin, Valeera will could well be a key player in dealing with it by rescuing or defeating Anduin.

In the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming.

You know who has died twice? Aegwynn. You know who might not really be dead? Aegwynn. Valeera and Aegwynn’s connection could be developed by Aegwynn herself being alive and Valeera being involved with this storyline.

MMO patch promotion: two approaches

Both Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft will be launching patches late August by the looks of things (WoW’s might end up a bit later).  For GW2 this is the one year anniversary patch entitled ‘The Queen’s Speech’. For WoW this is 5.4 The Siege of Orgrimmar.  Both have taken different approaches.  Please be aware, this particular GW2 patch is not representative of all their patches – a lot more mystery is involved.

Blizzard’s Cinematic Trailer
Blizzard do a good cinematic trailer.  Even the non-WoW players around have been noticing.  This one is particularly good, in my opinion.  Even the raid clips are firmly routed in a piece of dialogue and the new raid is set up beautifully.  Accompanying this is a suite of interviews with fan sites that seems to increase with each patch and a series of blog posts setting up new content.  All in all, its making me look forward to the patch.

Guild Wars 2’s mysterious villain
The Guild Wars 2 approach is normally to release details of the patch around a week before (given they have a two week patch cycle, this is fairly equivalent notice really) with a post.  Then, the day before release, there will be a live stream by the developers.  There may also be some interviews, although the engagement of ArenaNet with fan sites is less tied to patches.

Not this time!

The post arrived announcing … that Queen Jennah would give a speech.  Now we all know thats not the extent of the content, but no one knows what the content is.  That was the first teaser and it was fairly effective.  Then …


Vandalism!  This was followed by several of the fan sites receiving a package.  Nothing new there.  For Dragon Bash ArenaNet sent out dragon pinatas.  For the election, they sent out campaign materials.  However, this time they sent a pocket watch along with a mysterious poem:

Tick tock goes the clock
It’s almost time for time to stop
Something you all must understand
Your world is built on fog and sand

You’re out of time, your jig is done
It’s time for Scarlet to have her fun
She has some hard lessons to teach
To the people of Divinity’s Reach

So mark the date in permanent ink
The hour is later than you think
On the twentieth day she’ll start her games
And warm her hands over Kryta’s flames!

Make of that what you will!  Reddit are picking it apart as we speak.  I’m hoping to see the return of Marjory Delaqua for this patch in some way, personally.

Both different approaches, but both are making me want to play their respective games.  It just goes to show that there isn’t a ‘right’ way to make an MMO.

World of Warcraft | What if … Corgis Unleashed

Again, this is clearly rampant speculation with no basis in reality.  Thats not going to stop me!

BuckinghamPalaceThis will be the first raid.  To free Corgis from their life of luxury.

Big Bad

corgi-dragonThe Corgi Dragon

New Class


New Race

suddenly-corgisWell, duh!

New lore character

corgipirateCaptain Corgiwash

Apart from these changes I stand by everything in the previous post apart from the name, which may well be a hoax.  Ultimately, though, the rest of it is fairly likely with or without demons who may or may not be from the Burning Legion.  And if there are no Corgis in the next expansion then beware the wrath of the community. Just saying.

MMO Guides: Cheating vs Enabling

When new content appears in Guild Wars 2 or SWTOR, there is always a guide on Dulfy to go with it.  The debate every player faces is this: do I use the guide or do I attempt to do the achievement without it?  And when you raid in WoW, do you read up in advance or do you go in blind?  Do you build your own toon and rotation or use a guide?

There is definitely a feeling that you are achieving more if you do not use the guide, and I understand this point of view.  I also agree that in some games (not Guild Wars 2 as much as others) the guide means you burn through content quickly and end up sitting around with very little to do.

That being said, I use the guides.  There are two main reasons for this.  The first is time: I lack it.  If I had just one MMO I might use guides less.  If I had less to do, I might use guides less.  Especially in Guild Wars 2, with its two week windows for achievements, I could easily never find all the solutions in time.

The second is a responsibility to others in group play.  In the case of raiding guides, for example, if I turn up without the knowledge others have, I am letting them down.  Of course we could decide as a group not to read the guides at all.  However, that is only an option if you are confident that your group will get there without these.  Which brings us back to time, and a lack of it.  You’ll notice that in the guides I write, I focus on trying to get information to people quickly.

If you read some posts, you would be made to feel like you were somehow a lesser player for using guides.  Don’t believe the hype!  Guides enable you to engage with content you would not otherwise get to see.  It isn’t the case that I would get there eventually without some of the guides I use.  Personally, I see using guides as using brains instead of time.

Morrighan’s Throne of the Four Winds Crib Sheet

Since my historical crib sheets still see some views I’m going to re-post the ones I wrote as pages and link them up.

Conclave of Winds

  • 3 djinn, Anshal, Nezir and Rohash, are on separate platforms and need to die at around the same time.
  • 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps (melee here) should go to Anshal’s platform.  You may want to have one dps swap to Rohash.
  • 1 tank, 1 healer should go to Nezir’s platform
  • 1 healer and 2 dps should go to Rohash’s platform
  • All 3 djinn have an energy bar which at 90 triggers an ‘ultimate’ ability.  There must be someone on each platform at that time or the raid will be insta-wiped.
  • You can jump from platform to platform at any time apart from when an ultimate is cast.  Aim carefully or you will miss.
  • The tank/healer pairs should swap platform just before each ultimate (70-75 energy) and remain on their new platform until the next ultimate.
  • Rohash’s healer stays there for the whole fight (some people have the dps stay instead).
  • The dps should all move to dps Nezir during the ultimate and then return to their platforms and bosses.  During Nezir’s ultimate they should stay alive, self healing if needed as the damage is high.
  • On Anshal’s platform – move him out of the green circle fast as it heals Anshal and silences everyone.  Kill the adds.
  • On Nezir’s platform – avoid the cone attack which knocks you back and stay off of ice patches. This ultimate does a lot of damage.
  • On  Rohash’s platform – melee is generally bad here, avoid Wind Blast which circles around the platform and will knock you off it you are hit and stay out of tornadoes.


Phase 1:

  • Separate into pairs with each pair standing on the repeating large shapes on the platform. The pairs should line up as follows:
    • 2 dps
    • 1 healer, 1 dps
    • 1 healer, tank
    • 1 healer, 1 dps
    • 2 dps
  • Avoid stuff that will kill you in this order of priority (always apply this priority – don’t avoid the ice only to get stuck in the whirlwinds):
  • Make sure you run through the gap in the wall of whirlwinds that comes around the platform (hint: run at an angle if you were a bit slow in starting). Note that you will see a hazy version of the wall just before it appears to help you spot it.
  • Move into melee range to stop yourself being knocked off the platform on Wind Blast.
  • Don’t stand on the ice.

Phase 2:

  • Hug the tank. No more Wind Blast or ice, but the wall of whirlwinds remains.
  • Some small electric spark adds spawn. You need to kill these to increase the damage Al’Akir takes. Controlled nuking is needed to keep the debuff up. Mostly you can just nuke them as they appear in the post-nerf version.

Phase 3:

  • You’re flying. Mark someone and hug them. By hug I mean stay on the same level as them.
  • Move progressively down the area as lightning spawns. You need to plan to give yourself enough room. Either move in small increments or move down twice, then go to the bottom and start moving up.
  • One player periodically gets Lightning Rod and damages people around them. That person should move away by going around the boss. Stay on the same level as the raid and don’t move backwards as if you get too far from the boss you get caught in wind and die.

Blackwing Descent Crib Sheet

Since my historical crib sheets still see some views I’m going to re-post the ones I wrote as pages and link them up.


  • 1 tank, 3 healers, 6 dps (3 should be in melee range) [2 tanks is an alternative approach]
  • Arrange players in 3 groups – tank, melee group, ranged group.  Groups need to be able to move off of Pillar of Flame, though generally only the ranged group will get targetted.
  • Someone must remain in melee range of Magmaw at all times or he enrages.
  • There is nothing to stop you running off of the edge into Magmaw’s pit. Don’t do it or your raid will laugh/yell at you.

Phase 1

  • Get off of Pillar of Flame before it explodes.
  • Ranged dps kill the adds as a priority and any slows you have should be used – no one should ever get hit by adds as this leads to horrendous damage and more adds.
  • The tank will get Mangled every so often and at this point both raid healers will want to switch to healing the tank as much as possible without the raid wiping.  The damage is high.  The tank should pop a cooldown towards the end of Mangle to deal with being eaten.
  • To enter phase 2, 2/3 melee should jump on Magmaw’s head when he slumps forward (you will get a vehicle mount arrow).  This will change their action bars and they will get a new ability called Constricting Chains which they need to spam to impale Magmaw.

Phase 2

  • DPS – you do double damage so enjoy it.
  • Healers regen mana.  If you have mana top the raid and then DPS.

Omnitron Defense System

  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • The fight consists of four ‘trons’ with different abilities who appear in a random order. After the first tron shields, a second one becomes active.  When the second tron shields, a third tron becomes active and the first tron becomes inactive.  This continues until you kill them.
  • When a tron becomes active, dps it.  When it casts a shield IMMEDIATELY stop dpsing it and hit the next one.
  • Arcanotron – stand in the blue patches as they are good (unless you also need to spread out – reducing damage comes before increasing dps) and move Arcanotron out of them.  Interrupt Arcane Annihilator (including once he is shielded).
  • Electron – spread to avoid damage from Lightning Conductor (debuff on player) and Electrical Discharge.
  • Magmatron – flame jets will shoot all over the room but there are gaps in them so move into these.  If you are ‘aquired’ as a target stop moving and wait to be spam healed.  Running around will just kill those around you.  Keep this tron still as much as possible.
  • Toxitron – Move out of poison clouds and kill the adds.  Adds will target a player who needs to move away.


  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • There are four phases in this fight.  The three colored cauldron phases rotate, followed by a final burn the boss phase.
  • Designate two interruptors.  One interrupts Arcane Storm.
  • The other interrupts Release Abberations.  But not every time.  You want 9 adds available to burn during the green phase.  Interrupt the first cast, then let 3 casts through, then interrupt until the green phase is over and start again.  The add tank will need a lot of healing with 9 adds on him.  In 25 man you could have two add tanks either splitting the 9 or splitting the 18 adds. Managing adds is the single most important part of the fight.
  • During a red cauldron phase all stack on the main tank, apart from the add tank.  One person will be targeted with Consuming Flames.  They should move away from the group and stand to one side out of his cone attack.  Once the debuff is gone, move back in.
  • During a blue cauldron phase spread out at least 10 yards.  Ranged break people out of ice fast and heal that person to full fast before they are broken out.
  • During a green cauldron phase nuke the adds.  Only when ALL of the released adds are dead can you dps the boss.
  • Repeat the cauldron cycle twice and by then you should be at the final phase which starts at 25% (don’t start this phase with Abberations up).  In this phase the dps should simple nuke Maloriak.
  • The add tank needs to pick up the two large adds that spawn.  This is hard because they are only briefly tauntable/aggroable.  After a couple of seconds they will decide on a target and nom them.  If this is not the add tank its a fail.  Use threat reduction abilities to reduce the risk of this.


  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • Spread out at least 10 yards.  Mark one person to collapse onto during Feud.
  • Except during Feud, no player needs more than 10k health, but every player needs to be kept at or above 10k health apart from the Double Strike tank who needs to be over 100k health.
  • 1 tank takes all the normal boss hits.  The second tank taunts the boss to take the Double Strike hits (two big hits).  The first tank then taunts back.
  • Caustic Slime will reduce 2/3 people to 1 HP.  Heal them back to above 10k before the next Caustic Slime/Massacre/Feud.  You will need to use your fast and expensive heal for this.
  • Massacre reduces everyone to 1 HP.  Heal them back to above 10k before the next Caustic Slime/Massacre/Feud.
  • During Feud Chimaeron stops all other attacks and just does lots of damage.  Spam heal the whole group.  You want to keep everyone as high as possible here.  Everyone should hug during Feud for maximum healing.
  • Repeat the above abilities until he gets to 20%.  You will want to assign healers carefully.  We normally assign 1 tank healer (double strike tank first) and 1 healer per group.  The group healers keep an eye on the normal hits tank too.  A good tactic is to assign healers a priority order in groups.  So group healer 1 starts at the top of group 1 and group healer 2 starts at the bottom of group 2.
  • At 20% NUKE.  You can’t heal any more, so healers NUKE.  You can’t taunt either.  He still has Double Strike.  Spread out so he has further to travel before he hits you.  Use cooldowns to prevent people from dying from double strike.  People will die so this is a race to down him before he kills you all.


  • 1 tank, 3 healers, 6 dps.
  • This is a two phase fight with a ground and air phase.
  • This boss is blind.  All players have a Sound counter.  The more sound you have, the more likely he is to hear you.  What this actually means is you take more damage and move slower.  Not all Sound is avoidable, but you should keep Sound as low as possible.  There are a number of gongs around the room.  Using a gong resets Sound (but don’t use them for this reason).
  • During the ground phase have all the ranged stand together on one side of the boss, the melee spread along the other side of the boss and the tank stand in front of the boss.  He has a large hit box so melee should stand as far back as possible.
  • During the ground phase avoid the discs that move out from the boss (Sonar Pulse). Moving out and around is the best way to do this as gaps appear further out.  Move back to your assigned place immediately afterwards.
  • Atramdes will cast Devastating Flame where he will track a target with fire breath.  The target should run rotating the boss in a direction that won’t hit other players (towards his tail is normally best). You need to start running when you are targeted, not when he starts breathing.
  • During phase 1 a gong needs to be used to interrupt Searing Flame.  Assign someone to this.  That person must watch for the cast and then hit the gong fast so that no more than one tick goes off.  Failure = wipe.  Be in place in advance.  Don’t trust boss mod timers.
  • When the air phase start everyone should start running and keep running.  Atramedes will target someone and chase them with fire.  If you are not moving already when you are targetted it will be too late.  If you are targeted run around the edge of the room to keep the middle clear of fire.  Move off of discs.
  • During the air phase you need to ensure Atramedes never catches his target with fire.  You change his target by hitting a gong.  You only have a limited number of gongs so you have to use them carefully.  How you manage this depends on your raid makeup.  Assign two fast players – one to gong first, one second (if needed).
  • There are a limited number of gongs.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.  So communication and assignments are key.  Also think about which ones you use and be aware where the remaining ones are.
  • Repeat phases until dead.

How you handle this fight depends on your raid makeup.  We normally have a resto shaman and a holy priest specced into Body and Soul when we do this.  Since healing is not difficult on this fight we have the resto shaman use the gongs on the melee side for interrupts.  He stands that side during the ground phase and heals melee.  If we have no shaman a mage does this using ranged side gongs instead.  For the air phase the priest shields the first target, giving them a run speed increase.  If that person already has some kind of run speed increase, then we let them run a little before the shaman gongs (using gongs on the opposite side to the interrupts).  In ghost wolf form and with a priest shield he can normally do the rest of the air phase.  If he had to gong more quickly off of a slower player, our unholy dk might gong towards the end of the phase.  Rogues, feral druids and mages also make good runners, but anyone with a speed increase will do.


  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • Every 10% (in all phases) of his health, Nefarian casts Crackle.  Crackle does lots of damage to the whole raid.  Top the raid before and heal up afterwards.  You want to have 2-3 crackles in phase 1 and 1 in phase 2 ideally, but see what works for you.

Phase 1: Nefarian and Onyxia

  • Tank both on opposite sides of the room (if they are too close they will get buffed) with their sides facing the raid, who stand in the middle.
  • Turn Onyxia when her sides start to sparkle.  This means the raid will get tail swiped.
  • Onyxia has to die before her bar reaches full.  Split dps between the targets.
  • Adds will spawn.  These need to be kited until they run out of energy and collapse.  You can use a melee, a mage, a hunter pet, etc. (a tank in 25 man).  Make sure they all die together (this is vital for phase 3).

Phase 2: Pillars

  • Assign pillars before you start.  Each needs 1 interruptor (2 on 25 man), a healer and split the dps.
  • You need to swim up through the lava and jump onto the pillar.  It has a lip so don’t be too close.
  • Interrupt Blast Nova every time.
  • This phase lasts until all the adds are dead or 3 minutes passes.
  • Shadowflame Barrage does lots of damage and this is very healing intensive.

Phase 3: Nefarian

  • Tank Nefarian in the middle of the room.  The raid should hug at his side.  Don’t let him breathe on adds, so turn away from the kiter.
  • One tank should kite the adds.  Nefarian will cast Shadowblaze (purple fire) which will activate the adds.  They must keep moving as if they get into more fire their energy will reset and they will empower.  Don’t slow them!!!  Let them collapse, then wait for them to rise again.
  • That fire moves – don’t stand in it!
  • Repeat add kiting and crackles until dead.

Bastion of Twilight Crib Sheet

Since my historical crib sheets still see some views I’m going to re-post the ones I wrote as pages and link them up.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • There are 5 drakes (the whelps count as one drake) around the room Halfus is in.  They are friendly.  The combination for these changes every week so you will have to adjust your tactics each time you come here.  Each drake gives Halfus an ability.  If you release it that ability will be lessened in some way.  You will then have to kill it and Halfus will take 100% more damage per killed drake.
  • Release and kill your chosen dragons, then burn Halfus.  Drakes take around 1.5 seconds to become active and are activated by talking to them.  Assign people to activate them at chosen times.  Under 50% health Halfus casts Furious Roar which does some damage and knocks everyone over.  He casts it 3 times in a row.  Top the Halfus tank before this.  Ensure any drakes are dead before this.
  • The Proto-behemoth flies around above you.  Ignore it.
  • Healers – expect to use 90% of your mana getting the drakes down.  After that healing is pretty easy so don’t worry.

So what do the drakes do?

  • Storm Rider causes Halfus to cast Shadow Nova.  If you release the Storm Rider, the cast time of Shadow Nova is slowed and you can interrupt it.  Assign an interrupter.
  • Time Warden causes Proto-behemoth to cast Fireball Barrage.  If you release the Time Warden the Fireball Barrage will be slower so the raid can move out of the way.  Spread out to avoid the damage from these.
  • Slate Dragon causes Halfus to have Malevolent Strike (Mortal Strike) reducing healing on the tank per stack.  If you release the Slate Dragon Halfus will occasionally be stunned.  We don’t always bother with this dragon.  Your tanks will need to switch Halfus (and any other mobs) between them to let the debuff run off.
  • Nether Scion increases Halfus’ attack speed.  If you release the Nether Scion it reduces his attack speed, chance to hit and damage done.  This drake with the Slate Dragon means MS will apply more quickly.
  • The Orphaned Emerald Whelps cause Proto-behemoth to cast Superheated Breath (big fire damage).  If you release the whelps you reduce all the damage the Proto-behemoth does.

Now for the complicated part.  Your tactics will change depending on the combination of drakes available to you each week.

  • Generally speaking: Storm > Time > Whelps > Nether > Slate.
  • If Nether and Slate are both available, you need to prioritize these as the combination is dangerous.
  • If Slate is available you need to think about swapping the tanks on Halfus when MS is high and remember it will be almost impossible to taunt the whelps during a swap.
  • You can release just two dragons, release two and then a third, or release all three at once.  These tend to be the tactics used and you will rarely see less than two dragons being released or them being released one at a time.

Valiona and Theralion

  • 1 tank, 3 healers, 6 dps.
  • There are two ground phases and two transition phases.
  • During ground phase 1 you should spread somewhat and try to avoid Twilight Blasts (don’t spread too much).  Hug on the tank just before Blackout is cast and dispell only when hugged.  Then spread again.  Every so often the dragon will do a big fire cone.  Before casting she turns and purple lines appear around her.  Move out of her cone (run through her).
  • During transition 1 don’t stand on the purple swirly things (Dazzling Destruction).  Try to move as a group because you may get a Blackout during this.
  • During ground phase 2 (the other dragon) you need to stand four people at ranged and away from each other to ensure Engulfing Magic (stay away from others) and Fabulous Flames (get off the purple stuff) are always cast on ranged and not the melee group.  Everyone else hugs on the melee REALLY close.  Anyone targeted by  Twilight Meteorite needs to run to the melee group before it hits so damage can be shared (purple arrow on your head).
  • During transition 2 move to the middle.  A row of flame will be cast that will take up 1/3 of the room.  If it is on either side, stay in the middle.  If its in the middle move.  Standing in it will kill you.
  • If you suddenly find you can no longer see your raid then you have FAILED and are now in the Twilight Realm.  This means you took too much damage from something you could have avoided.  Instead of killing you the game is simply announcing your noobishness and giving you a second chance. To get out, avoid the purple adds and find a portal.  If you die in the Twilight Realm you fail twice.

Twilight Ascendant Council

  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • This is a three phase fight.  In phase 1 and 2 you have two members of the Ascendant Council.  These phases end when one of the mobs goes below 25%.  In the final phase you fight the Elementium Monstrosity which has the combined remaining health of the four Council members.  You need to ensure you dps down both pairs of mobs evenly to minimise the health the Elementium Monstrosity has in phase 3.

Phase 1

  • Phase 1 you have Feludius and Ignacious.  Tank them some distance from each other (not so far that a healer can’t reach both tanks and a ranged dps can’t hit both mobs).   Both mobs cast a magic debuff on players (Heart of Ice and Burning Blood) that does damage but increases their dps on the other target.  We normally just Dispel these.
  • All should stay away from Feludius apart from the tank and possibly the interruptor who should both run out during Glaciate (this does more damage the closer you are).  Hydrolance must be interrupted.  If you are Waterlogged you should run through the fire to remove it ASAP.
  • Ignacious charges leaving a row of fire before returning to his tank.  Move out of this unless you are removing Waterlogged.  He also has a shield called Aegis of Flame.  When he casts this all dps should switch to him and burn it down so they can interrupt the massive AoE damage he is doing (Rising Flames).

Phase 2

  • Phase 2 you have Arion and Terrestra.  A whirlwind will move around the room.  Coming into contact with this will knock you back and give you the  Swirling Winds debuff protecting you from Quake.  Also sparkly ground effects will appear randomly which suck you in and give you the Grounded debuff protecting you from Thundershock.  Both of these can kill you without the debuff.  Alternate the debuffs starting with Swirling Winds.
  • Arion should have ranged dps assigned to him.  He will jump all over the room.  Spread out as he does chain lightning.  If you get Static Overload (yellow arrow on your head) stay away from everyone else.  This means missing a debuff if necessary.
  • Terrestra casts Eruption (spikes on the floor) that can one shot you so move off of them.  He also takes very spikey damage due to his shield so watch his health carefully.

Phase 3

  • The Elementium Monstrosity appears.  This is a burn phase so use cooldowns.  Move off of fire on the floor (Lava Seed).  Kite the boss to keep him off of ice patches.  Spread for chain lightning which does more damage over time and leave the middle clear for your healers as this is a lot of healing.  Gravity Crush takes a player and suspends them in the air doing 120% of their health in damage, meaning they need spam healing.


  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • As the fight starts a Corruption bar will appear.  You want to enter phase 2 with everyone under 30% corruption.
    • 25% Corruption gives a magical debuff that will increase corruption taken. Dispell it ASAP.
    • 50% Corruption you start throwing up on people, stunning them.  Turn away from the raid.
    • 75% you grow a tentacle that starts shooting people.
    • 100% you do massive dps, but are unhealable.
  • Phase 1 part 1:
    • Tank A tanks the boss.
    • The raid hugs around Cho’gall’s feet.
    • After the first time, ranged should AoE down the little adds before they hit anyone (causing corruption).  You get 5 adds per big add killed spawning from the big add corpses (so group them).  Assign more dps as you get more adds.
  • Phase 1 part 2:
    • Once Tank A has the Fury of Cho’gall debuff, Tank B taunts Cho’gall.
    • Tank A goes and tanks the big add (Corrupting Adherent).  This tank should interrupt Depravity (causes corruption).  This add has a small hit box.  Kite him to a chosen spot away from the raid.  Kill it before Cho’gall casts Fester Blood (3-4 dps).  Plan for four of these.
    • The raid spreads out and moves out of Corrupting Crash (causes corruption).  The effect of these is bigger than their graphic so move far out of them.
    • The Adherent should conveniently die at the time Tank A needs to go and taunt the boss back.  The raid should hug again.
  • Ranged are best for killing both adds.  Hunters and Frost DKs for slowing them.
  • Flame’s Orders causes high tank damage.  Shadow’s Orders causes AoE raid damage.
  • Cho’gall casts Conversion (mind control) on 2 random targets.  This needs to be interrupted or the target disabled ASAP:
    • Paladin: Rebuke, Hammer of Justice, Avenger’s Shield
    • Priest: Psychic Scream
    • Mage: Counterspell, Dragon’s Breath
    • Druid: Skull Bash, Bash, Feral Charge, Solar Beam
    • Hunter: Scatter Shot
    • Warlock: Shadowfury
    • Death Knight: Strangulate, Mind Freeze
    • Shaman: Wind Shear
    • Warrior: Pummel, Shockwave, Concussion Blow
    • Rogue: Kick, Improved Fan of Knives, Gouge
  • At 25% phase 2 starts.  Move the boss to a wall and hug up.
  • Tank switches continue, but no adds or Conversion.  DPS the boss unless there are eye stalks up, then dps and interrupt them.
  • In phase 2 there is a soft enrage as your Corruption will gradually increase.

Moar Achievements: Midsummer 2012

The Midsummer Festival is one of the easiest of the holiday achievements, but one of the most time consuming.  As a bonus though, you will make at least 500 gold at level 85 doing this achievement.  Its largely unchanged from 2011 other than the fact that Cataclysm Fires and Desecration achievements have been added to the metas.

To get The Flame Keeper/The Flame Warden achievement you need to get the following:

  • Ice the Frost Lord – kill Frost Lord Ahune
  • Burning Hot Pole Dance – dance around a pole for 60 seconds wearing the completed Midsummer set
  • Torch Juggler – Juggle 40 torches in 15 seconds in Dalaran
  • King of the Fire Festival – Complete a quest chain that ends with you stealing fires from the opposite faction’s capital cities
  • The Fires of Azeroth – Honor all the fires of your own faction in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Outland
  • Desecration of the Horde/Alliance – Desecrate all the fires of the opposite faction in Eastern Kingdomes, Kalimdor and Outland

There are no achievements that are not part of the meta, but you can also obtain two pets:

  • Ice Chip drops from the bag you get for killing Ahune.
  • Midsummer Flame can be brought for 350 Burning Blossoms.  Since you need 415 for the meta, thats a lot of blossoms.  You can get these by completing the daily quests each day and visiting all the Northrend and Cataclysm fires that aren’t a part of the meta.

You will also get bonus achievement points for the achievements that make up The Fires of Azeroth and Desecration of the Horde/Alliance.  They are not listed on the meta but you can’t do the meta without them.

How you do it
Start with these things, which you will do each day:

  1. Queue for Frost Lord Ahune from the dungeon finder.  As with all holiday events the queue does not take long and you will get a few bonus Justice Points for your time.  Do this every day until you get the pet and any of the cloaks, or the caster staff if you want them (ilevel 353). [Completed: Ice the Frost Lord]
  2. While you wait go to the fire in one of your capital cities.  I would suggest not Stormwind or Orgrimmar.  Pick up all the quests and complete the torch catching and brazier hitting ones so you have access to the daily quests.  Torch catching is much easier in some clear space (you have to follow the shadow on the floor).  Do both dailies every day.

The rest of the achievement is a once only thing:

  1. Start with the quest chain.  Go to the Zoram Strand and do the quests and you will be sent back to a capital city.  You can then steal flames from the opposite faction’s capital cities.  Don’t make a special trip – just pick them up as you go around.
    1. Of the Horde cities, I managed to do Undercity (in the courtyard in the Ruins of Lordaeron) and Orgrimmar (in the Valley of Wisdom up high) without even aggroing a guard.  I aggro’d a guard in Thunder Bluff after grabbing the flame, but jumped off the edge (on my Levitating priest).  In Silvermoon you can’t fly so just run.  I ran through to the Court of the Sun and then managed to get out of combat to go and steal the flame.
    2. Of the Alliance cities, Darnassus is the easiest (in the courtyard just inside the entrance from Teldrassil) and you will just be able to swoop in and out.  Exodar is in the Crystal Hall.  You will likely have to run to the fire, die, corpse run and then steal it and stone.  You can stand by the fire without pulling aggro but you have no chance of getting there without doing so. Stormwind is quite hard and you will want to do at a quiet time.  The fire is just outside the entrance to the Stockades in the canals and is right next to several profession trainers and the fishing and cooking daily quest givers.  The Alliance are busy there, but not so busy they won’t stop to kill you.  The Ironforge flame is at the back in the Hall of Explorers.  You should be able to fly to this without aggro if you stay up high and use the flight path slits in the walls. [Completed: King of the Fire Festival]
  2. Then visit all the flames and honoring or desecrating them (you do this by completing a quest at the fire). It doesn’t matter when you do Outland or Northrend, but remember that both have a portal to your capital city or to Tanaris so when you are planning a path keep this in mind.  Also remember you can jump around using the portals to the Cataclysm areas and flying from there. I’m not going to write an order up because you might tie it in with other dailies, grinding – I tied it in with doing some Archaeology on one character and farming random herbs on another.  Northrend  and Cataclysm do not count towards the meta and is only required if you want the extra Blossoms for the pet.  You can fly in Azeroth, but you can also make use of flight paths still while you go and do something else. [Completed: The Fires of Azeroth & Desecration of the Horde/Alliance]
  3. You’ll need to farm 400 Burning Blossoms and buy the Midsummer clothes set from the vendor (shoulders, chest, feet).  Then put them on and dance at a pole until you get the achievement. [Completed: Burning Hot Pole Dance]
  4. Torch Juggler needs to be completed in Dalaran so you need to go there either during your tour around the flames or at the end.  Buy some torches , preferably with some to spare (I managed with 20 which cost 15 Burning Blossoms since I had 5 from the quest) and put them on a hot-key.  Unlike the other torches you can target these.  Target them at your feet and start spamming the key and then your mouse to place the targeting circle.  If you have lag try and face a wall to reduce it some (don’t know if that trick is still needed but it was helpful back when Dalaran was highly populated).  You will probably not manage it at first – keep spamming.  You will start your second 15 second counter with torches in the air this way and then get the achievement.  You can send these torches between characters if you are doing more than one round of this achievement.

Flames it might be hard to find
Most of the flames are fairly obvious when you look at a map.  Remember this achievement has been around for a while so flames tend to be at the older settlements and main settlements.  Just look at your map and you can see where the Alliance and Horde flight points are for a rough guide.  Where theres a goblin town, both flames tend to be there.  The following are those that aren’t as obvious:

  • Cape of Strangelthorn – both flames are on the pirate beach just east of Booty Bay
  • Westfall – this flame is at Moonbrook
  • Burning Steppes – the Horde flame is at Flame Crest
  • Eversong Woods – the flame is outside of Falconwing Square
  • Northern Stranglethorn – the Alliance flame is at Fort Livingstone
  • Swamp of Sorrows – Bogpaddle! Just … don’t …
  • Ashenvale – the Alliance flame is now at Forest Song and the Horde flame at Silverwind Refuge
  • Darkshore – the Alliance flame is now at Lor’danel
  • Southern Barrens – the Alliance flame is at Fort Triumph and the Horde flame at Desolation Hold
  • Stonetalon Mountains – Sun Rock Retreat (I think it always has been but there are a lot of Horde flight points here)
  • Twilight Highlands – these are at the daily quest hubs of Bloodgulch and Thundermar, not the entry towns.
  • Vashj’ir – the flame is at Silver Tide Hollow.

Moar Achievements: Children’s Week 2012

This is a re-write of the previous year’s guide.  There are no changes to the holiday from last year, but I’ve updated the format of the post.  There is only one new thing to consider: account wide pets. I highly recommend checking your toons to see which characters have which pets and targeting any pets you don’t already have.  You can also get different pets on different toons to try and collect all of them.

To get For the Children you need to get the following achievements:

  • Home Alone – Hearthstone with your Orphan out
  • Daily Chores – Do 5 daily quests with your Orphan out
  • School of Hard Knocks – complete four specicific BG goals with your Orphan out
  • Bad Example – Eat 7 specific types of nice stuff with your Orphan out
  • Aw, Isn’t it Cute? – Obtain a Children’s Week pet
  • Hail to the King, Baby – Kill King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle with your Orphan out

You need to be at least level 78 to complete this meta achievement.

There are a few bonus achievements and items:

  • Veteran Nanny – Acquire Egbert’s Egg, Sleepy Willy and Elekk Training Collar on one character. This will take 3 years.  I suspect this will vanish in MoP, but there is no way you can speed this up so unless you already have two of the pets on one toon, you’ll just have to lose this one.
  • There are quite a few pets available.  You can get a maximum of three within one Children’s Week.  Each year you can work on another pet, apart from the Northrend pets – you can only ever get one of these.
    • One from the Stormwind/Orgrimmar orphan quests. (Whiskers the Rat, Mr Wiggles, Speedy, Scooter the Snail)
    • One from the Shattrath orphan quests. (Peanut, Egbert, Willy, Legs)
    • One from the Northrend orphan quests. (Curious Oracle Hatchling/Curious Wolvar Hatchling)

Don’t forget to have your Orphan out when you do ALL of these achievements. 

Now one of these achievements is a nightmare.  I would recommend doing these achievements as follows.

  1. Follow the Children’s Week questline to obtain a pet.  Use your Hearthstone while travelling about. Buy some of Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Flavoured Ice Cream while you are in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. It can be found on the Candy Vendor near the Cooking daily in Stormwind and from the Snack-O-Matic in Horde Zepplins.  [Completed: Aw, Isn’t it Cute? and Home Alone, plus 1/7 Bad Example]  You also now have a pet out of this holiday, if nothing else.
  2. Time to bite the bullet and go for the hard one.    I could describe it all but I think that Cynwise has already done so far better than I could so check out his guide.  Console yourself with the thought that even if you NEVER PvP you can turn the Honor points you will earn into Justice Points, or use them towards the Honor mounts if you’re a mount collector.  It won’t be enough consolation for the hell that is this achievement, but there you go.  If you are aiming for the meta this is the one you need to focus on because its by far the hardest to get. [Completed: School of Hard Knocks]
  3. Once back in town do any five daily quests during the week.  The Fishing/Cooking ones are ridiculously easy and will count. [Completed: Daily Chores]
  4. Now its off to Northrend.  Travel to Howling Fjord with a friend or two to complete Utgarde Pinnacle.  You may well be able to solo this.  If not, you should only need one friend.  [Completed: Hail to the King, Baby]
  5. Carry on to Dalaran where you can buy a Red Velvet Cupcake, Dalaran Brownie, Dalaran Donut and Lovely Cake from Aimee outside of one of the banks.  Eat them all. [5/7 Bad Example]
  6. You now need to either do some cooking or visit the AH for Tasty Cupcake and Delicious Chocolate Cake.  There is an achievement to make the Delicious Chocolate Cake so bake it if you can.  The recipe comes from the rewards for the Outland or Dalaran Cooking dailies.  The Tasty Cupcake recipe is a random Northrend drop.  Both can be found on the AH. [Completed: Bad Example]

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