Scum and Villainy Crib Sheet

If you want a detailed guide with pictures, videos, etc. I would suggest Dulfy’s guide.  This is a quick run down of what you need to know to kill each boss with no frills.  These are the tactics I have been running – others may also work.

Dash’roode (Desert Boss)

  • This boss takes place as you gradually move across a desert
  • Buy at least one personal shield before you start
  • Move from shield to shield – shields last 1 minute (there are 4)
  • If you get ‘lost’ use your personal shield, ignore the adds and start running
  • Keep DPSing as you move from shield to shield
  • Don’t stand in yellow circles
  • When you get knocked back, move into the shield and hug for heals

Titan 6 (Robot and Rocks)

  • Spread out to avoid missiles
  • Move out of red things
  • When Titan 6 announced Defense Sequence 3, move into the orange areas beside the rocks and stay there
  • Let the tank gather the adds and AoE them on top of the boss
  • Below 20%, spread, nuke and stay out of fire


  • Tank facing the wall and away from the raid (knockback and cone)
  • Arrange in advance how you will kill the Snipers that appear on the walls (assign pulls/tanks/dps – we use 1 tank and 2 ranged for example)
  • When targeted by Firebug (blue circle) run to the edge. When the Firebug arrives, you can move.  They drop a circle of fire.
  • When Thrasher dies, kill the boss and kill/cc his adds.

Operations Chief (Stealth)

  • You need to sneak to take out four teams without getting seen by the Battledroids
  • Assign 2 people to each team – do not have more than 2 people engage a team at any one time
    • Red – tank+DPS
    • Green – healer + ranged dps (shoot from downstairs)
    • Gold – healer + dps with interrupts
    • Blue – tank + dps with off heals
    • Other combos will work
  • If you get seen by a droid, cc it – don’t bother fighting it as it will respawn instantly
  • Once all 4 teams are down, head immediately to the boss at which point Battledroids will despawn
  • Kill rail turrets, then boss in order of priority
  • Watch for debuffs to cleanse and aggro drops

Olok the Shadow (excessively long and complex boss)


  • You will need to fight the droids below row by row in Phase 2, but can eliminate some in Phase 1
  • Plan which droids to eliminate and mark them
  • You have 8 tokens for eliminations
    • Recon & Frontline droids cost 1
    • Assault & Artillery droids cost 2
  • Rules for eliminations
    • Don’t have more than 2 Artillery/Assault droids on a row
    • Remove as many Frontline droids as you can with no more than 1 per row if possible

Phase 1

  • Kill the Bodyguards
  • Hit the Wealthy Buyer until he vanishes leaving a token on a random player
  • That player has to use the interface in the centre facing the droids to remove one of the marked droids quickly
  • Repeat until you have used 8 tokens

Phase 2

  • Kill the droids row by row in the following order of priority:
    • Frontline
    • Recon
    • Assault
    • Artillery (tanks can kite and move out of bubbles)

Phase 3

  • The boss finally shows up
  • Kill the Underworld Arms Trader as first priority and interrupt every Final Offer
  • Kill the Shady Customer when you can’t hit Olok, but keep ahead of the new spawn

Cartel Warlords

  • Kill order:
    • Garr (untankable)
    • Horic (untankable)
    • Sunder (kite)
    • Tu’Chuk
  • Spread so that Horic only hits one person at a time until he is down
  • When Garr and Horic are down, the Sunder tank will be frozen in place and will need cleansing and lots of healing
  • When 3 are down, new adds will spawn – ignore them and kill Tu’Chuk fast

Dread Master Styrak

  • Do not attack Styrak unless it says to and stay away from the throne

Phase 1

  • Adds will come one row at a time – kill the Officer first

Phase 2

  • Kill the Kell Dragon
  • Keep out of acid
  • Stand behind a tank when he spins
  • Swap tanks when the appartion of Styrak appears and kill the apparition


  • Gather and bubble/AoE heal

Phase 3

  • Tank swap when tanks are knocked back
  • Spread to avoid chaining damage
  • If teleported into another room, kill what you find fast
  • When Styrak disappears and casts a giant apparition, kill that and not the adds (adds chained by blue lightning)
  • When four small adds appear on their own, kill them fast (adds linked to players)
  • Don’t let players targeted by adds die

Phase 4

  • Kill the Kell Dragon again
  • Kill Styrak fast as he has new abilities that will one shot people

Karagga’s Palace Crib Sheet

Important note: Karagga’s hat sometimes drops in here and it is awesome.


  • When you zone in, don’t move! Then step slowly backwards.
  • Don’t stand near the edges as he will knock you off.
  • He is untankable and will randomly target people.
  • Do not stand in front of him at any time (he swipes). Unless you are targeted. Then stand still and don’t turn him to swipe anyone else.
  • We always have the targeted person stand still and everyone else move (optional).
  • Kill the red add ASAP. Kill/cc other adds.

Jarg and Sorno

  • Split the raid evenly between the two bosses.
  • They have to die at once.
  • Taunt back after a charge.
  • Melee on Sorno, ranged on Jarg for preference.
  • If you get sucked in, move out.
  • Don’t stand in bad.

Foreman Crusher

  • Tank needs lots of healing during frenzy.
  • Spread out and don’t stand in bad.
  • Kill adds.

G4-B3 Fabricator

  • [Puzzle] You need to line up the three icons in order to fire the laser at the boss. He builds up immunity to damage, so you will need to do this frequently. You do this by switching the icons between the three interfaces. You can practice before you start.
  • One healer and one dps should stay up top to manage the icons.
  • The boss must be under the laser being fired to remove his immunity. Kite hime between two lasers and just use these.
  • Kill the stun droids ASAP if they are near any player.
  • Tank switch on 5-6 stacks.
  • Ranged and healers spread out by the door.

Karagga the Unyielding

  • Kite the boss slowly around the room to leave a fire trail.
  • Don’t stand behind him ever.
  • Kill all the mouse droids ASAP and before they reach people.
  • If you get sucked in, move out (the person pulling you in cannot move).
  • Don’t stand in bad.
  • Ranged and healers stay spread in the middle.

Morrighan’s Eternity Vault Crib Sheet

This is written for 8 man Hard Mode because thats all I’ve done!  We ran the whole raid with two tanks (one an off-tank) and two healers.  These tactics would likely be suitable for story mode and 16 man. Nightmare Mode may contain additional mechanics.

For all bosses:

  • Don’t loot before the Master Looter. This can cause the loot to bug.

Annihilation Droid XRR-3

  • He doesn’t move so turn him away and tank.
  • Stay spread out and ranged should keep out of melee range to avoid knockbacks.
  • Move out of red circles on the ground.
  • When he casts Missile Barrage all run and hide behind the left pillar until it ends (apart from the main tank).
  • At 8% he starts casting Missile Barrage endlessly so pop defensive and offensive cooldowns and burn.
  • There is a reasonably tight enrage timer.


  • Lava hurts!
  • Tank Gharj at one end of each rock platform facing the edge.
  • Have the ranged dps and healers huddle at the other end.
  • Every so often Gharj destroys the platform you are standing on. Follow the rock path to the next one.
  • After a while adds appear when you change platforms. Don’t dps them until you are on the new platform.

Ancient Pylons

  • Split your raid evenly (i.e. a tank, a healer and 2 dps in each group) and get in position by each pylon.
  • You need to solve the puzzle to win. You work from bottom to top.
  • Have one dps, then the other, click the left console as soon as it is available (they get a debuff hence the swapping).
  • When the icon in the middle of the row matches the outer icons, click the Confirmation Console in the middle.
  • Both teams must complete a row to proceed to the next one.
  • Adds spawn as the fight goes on and become increasingly more difficult. Kill them ASAP.

Infernal Council

  • Each player has a mob to kill on their own.
  • You cannot help another player or the encounter will reset.  No dps, no heals, nothing.
  • Healers take the Assassins.
  • Tanks take the Juggernauts.
  • DPS take the Marauders. Some have more health than others so assign dps appropriately if needed.
  • Stand by your mob ready to start the fight. Some do knockbacks so place your back to something.
  • Kill all the mobs within 2 minutes.

Soa the Infernal One

  • There ares 5 phases es to this fight – 3 dps phases and 2 platform phases.
  • DPS phase 1:
    • Tank him in the middle.
    • Avoid green stuff.
    • Burn to 75% when the first platform phase will start.
  • DPS phase 2:
    • Tank him in the middle.
    • People targeted with Lightning Balls should kite them away from the raid before running into them to take the damage.
    • Get people out of mind trap ASAP.
  • DPS phase 3:
    • Lightning Balls and Mind Traps as phase 2.
    • Don’t hit the boss at all while his shield is up.
    • Tank kites the boss around under the spinning pillars.  When one drops it stuns the boss for 15 seconds.  All dps should hit him as hard as possible for that time ignoring all other mechanics.
    • You only have a few of these 15 second slots in which to kill him before he enrages.
  • Platform phases:
    • Hug up on the outer rim of the main platform and assign a leader.
    • Jump down from platform to platform along the routes listed below to avoid a platform disappearing underneath you.  Most of the jumps are anti-clockwise, but some are off the front or back of a platform.  Look before you leap! [I will add a route once I am confident in it]
    • On each platform is a small pyramid.  DPS it down.
    • Stop on assigned platforms (2 and 6) to AoE heal the group.

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