Scum and Villainy Crib Sheet

If you want a detailed guide with pictures, videos, etc. I would suggest Dulfy's guide.  This is a quick run down of what you need to know to kill each boss with no frills.  These are the tactics I have been running - others may also work. Dash'roode (Desert Boss) This boss takes place as... Continue Reading →

Karagga’s Palace Crib Sheet

Important note: Karagga's hat sometimes drops in here and it is awesome. Bonecrusher When you zone in, don't move! Then step slowly backwards. Don’t stand near the edges as he will knock you off. He is untankable and will randomly target people. Do not stand in front of him at any time (he swipes). Unless... Continue Reading →

Morrighan’s Eternity Vault Crib Sheet

This is written for 8 man Hard Mode because thats all I've done!  We ran the whole raid with two tanks (one an off-tank) and two healers.  These tactics would likely be suitable for story mode and 16 man. Nightmare Mode may contain additional mechanics. For all bosses: Don't loot before the Master Looter. This... Continue Reading →

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