Lets Plays, Raiding, Magazines and MMO hopping: September

Well this is rather late isn’t it?  And remember all those plans I had? Well I tossed them out of the window.  New (academic) year, new plans. Lets Play This is my first Lets Play video.  And yes I know theres some issues with my microphone, and theres no game sound.  I will be working on it.  Still, its character creation, so all you miss is the same ever repeating tune. Meta Gamer I am already working on the second issue of Meta Gamer.  I want to say it will be out early in October, but I have no idea … Continue reading Lets Plays, Raiding, Magazines and MMO hopping: September

Meta Gamer

You may have noticed I’ve been slacking on the posting recently.  The slacking might continue on and off for a while.  I’ve been working on creating Meta Gamer.  Meta Gamer is a magazine about the MMO metaverse – gear, fandom, lore, everything that exists around the games you love.  The first issue is available online only and is up for you to read now. I would appreciate feedback on this one.  This is the first time I’ve attempted this and its by no means perfect.  I’m also going to be looking for contributers, both regular and one off.  So check … Continue reading Meta Gamer