Scum and Villainy Crib Sheet

If you want a detailed guide with pictures, videos, etc. I would suggest Dulfy’s guide.  This is a quick run down of what you need to know to kill each boss with no frills.  These are the tactics I have been running – others may also work.

Dash’roode (Desert Boss)

  • This boss takes place as you gradually move across a desert
  • Buy at least one personal shield before you start
  • Move from shield to shield – shields last 1 minute (there are 4)
  • If you get ‘lost’ use your personal shield, ignore the adds and start running
  • Keep DPSing as you move from shield to shield
  • Don’t stand in yellow circles
  • When you get knocked back, move into the shield and hug for heals

Titan 6 (Robot and Rocks)

  • Spread out to avoid missiles
  • Move out of red things
  • When Titan 6 announced Defense Sequence 3, move into the orange areas beside the rocks and stay there
  • Let the tank gather the adds and AoE them on top of the boss
  • Below 20%, spread, nuke and stay out of fire


  • Tank facing the wall and away from the raid (knockback and cone)
  • Arrange in advance how you will kill the Snipers that appear on the walls (assign pulls/tanks/dps – we use 1 tank and 2 ranged for example)
  • When targeted by Firebug (blue circle) run to the edge. When the Firebug arrives, you can move.  They drop a circle of fire.
  • When Thrasher dies, kill the boss and kill/cc his adds.

Operations Chief (Stealth)

  • You need to sneak to take out four teams without getting seen by the Battledroids
  • Assign 2 people to each team – do not have more than 2 people engage a team at any one time
    • Red – tank+DPS
    • Green – healer + ranged dps (shoot from downstairs)
    • Gold – healer + dps with interrupts
    • Blue – tank + dps with off heals
    • Other combos will work
  • If you get seen by a droid, cc it – don’t bother fighting it as it will respawn instantly
  • Once all 4 teams are down, head immediately to the boss at which point Battledroids will despawn
  • Kill rail turrets, then boss in order of priority
  • Watch for debuffs to cleanse and aggro drops

Olok the Shadow (excessively long and complex boss)


  • You will need to fight the droids below row by row in Phase 2, but can eliminate some in Phase 1
  • Plan which droids to eliminate and mark them
  • You have 8 tokens for eliminations
    • Recon & Frontline droids cost 1
    • Assault & Artillery droids cost 2
  • Rules for eliminations
    • Don’t have more than 2 Artillery/Assault droids on a row
    • Remove as many Frontline droids as you can with no more than 1 per row if possible

Phase 1

  • Kill the Bodyguards
  • Hit the Wealthy Buyer until he vanishes leaving a token on a random player
  • That player has to use the interface in the centre facing the droids to remove one of the marked droids quickly
  • Repeat until you have used 8 tokens

Phase 2

  • Kill the droids row by row in the following order of priority:
    • Frontline
    • Recon
    • Assault
    • Artillery (tanks can kite and move out of bubbles)

Phase 3

  • The boss finally shows up
  • Kill the Underworld Arms Trader as first priority and interrupt every Final Offer
  • Kill the Shady Customer when you can’t hit Olok, but keep ahead of the new spawn

Cartel Warlords

  • Kill order:
    • Garr (untankable)
    • Horic (untankable)
    • Sunder (kite)
    • Tu’Chuk
  • Spread so that Horic only hits one person at a time until he is down
  • When Garr and Horic are down, the Sunder tank will be frozen in place and will need cleansing and lots of healing
  • When 3 are down, new adds will spawn – ignore them and kill Tu’Chuk fast

Dread Master Styrak

  • Do not attack Styrak unless it says to and stay away from the throne

Phase 1

  • Adds will come one row at a time – kill the Officer first

Phase 2

  • Kill the Kell Dragon
  • Keep out of acid
  • Stand behind a tank when he spins
  • Swap tanks when the appartion of Styrak appears and kill the apparition


  • Gather and bubble/AoE heal

Phase 3

  • Tank swap when tanks are knocked back
  • Spread to avoid chaining damage
  • If teleported into another room, kill what you find fast
  • When Styrak disappears and casts a giant apparition, kill that and not the adds (adds chained by blue lightning)
  • When four small adds appear on their own, kill them fast (adds linked to players)
  • Don’t let players targeted by adds die

Phase 4

  • Kill the Kell Dragon again
  • Kill Styrak fast as he has new abilities that will one shot people

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