Heroes of the Storm | Valeera Sanguinar

This post originally appeared on Meta Gamer. Since the website has been closed, I’ve transferred the post here. The publication date is the original publication date on Meta Gamer.

A new hero has arrived in the Nexus – Valeera Sanguinar. A World of Warcraft character, she is a key part of the Rogue Class Hall story and the story of Varian Wrynn.

Early Life

Valeera is a Blood Elf. After being orphaned by bandits and surviving the Scourge plague, she ended up in jail before being brought by Rehgar Earthfury to fight as a Gladiator, alongside Broll Bearmantle and an amnesiac human called Varian.

In Dire Maul the three fought and won. Varian earned the name Lo’Gosh and Valeera? Valeera was sold to Helka Grimtotem for her troubles. She escaped her new mistress, and went looking for her friends. It turns out they had escaped too, but were now being hunted by an assassin. Valeera defeated the assassin, barely, before being rescued by Aegwynn, the former Guardian of Tirisfal.

Journey to Stormwind

Aegwynn reunited her with her friends. Lo’Gosh’s true identity isrevealed – he is the King of Stormwind. Heading home to reclaim his throne, the trio are attacked by Naga. During the fight she absorbs the magical energies of a Naga Trident. Like all Blood Elves, she was born addicted to magic and this act brought that back to the fore.

Landing in Menethil Harbor, the three headed towards the nearest Alliance capital, Ironforge. Another assassin took aim at them – this time a warlock who exploited Valeera’s addiction with the Mark of Kathra’Natir. This mark allowed the demon to possess her and she struggled to maintain control. In Ironforge, she attempted to overcome the addiction and the possession. Aegwynn intervened to help her.

In Stormwind, the trio faced off against Onyxia, who had orchestrated the disappearance of the King. He was reinstated, and Valeera became a bodyguard and advisor to the King. Broll and Varian had become the family she never had.


Meryl and Med’an

During the fight against the Scourge, Valeera undertook a mission to save Med’an. He was the son of Medivh and Garona and his mother offered key intelligence in return for his life. She worked with Meryl Winterstorm, an undead mage and the foster father of Med’an. They rescued him, but then found themselves facing Cho’gall. Cho’gall killed Meryl, and Valeera knew it would take an exceptional act to save them.

Valeera absorbed magic from Meryl and Med’an in order to activate the demon within her. Unleashed, he could fend off Cho’gall. Med’an healed Meryl, who teleported them to safety. Med’an, as the son of a Guardian of Tirisfal, had an enormous amount of power. Seeing an opportunity to gain it, the demon Kathra’Natir attempted to gain control of Med’an, but could not. To free Valeera, Meryl took the demon, which he managed to repress (mostly).


Despite all of her connections to both the Horde, through her people, and the Alliance, through her friendship with Varian, Valeera considers herself independent. She becomes part of the Rogue order in Legion.

Valeera’s Future?

There is at least one major unfinished storyline for Valeera – her connection to Aegwynn, the now-maybe-this-time-deceased Guardian of Tirisfal. Aegwynn saw greatness in Valeera and she has yet to do anything that would truly fulfil that.

The death of Varian may also impact Valeera. The shadow of her addiction to magic remains over her and grief makes people do crazy things.

In the Emerald Nightmare raid, Il’gynoth the Heart of Corruption whispers cryptic hints to the player.

Her heart is a crater, we have filled it.

Valeera has been possessed before. She is a potential candidate for this, though others (Jaina or Azeroth herself) are more likely. Could Valeera be possessed by the Old Gods?

The boy-king serves at the master’s table. Three lies he will offer you.

If this turns out to be Anduin, Valeera will could well be a key player in dealing with it by rescuing or defeating Anduin.

In the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming.

You know who has died twice? Aegwynn. You know who might not really be dead? Aegwynn. Valeera and Aegwynn’s connection could be developed by Aegwynn herself being alive and Valeera being involved with this storyline.


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