Morrighan’s Throne of the Four Winds Crib Sheet

Since my historical crib sheets still see some views I’m going to re-post the ones I wrote as pages and link them up.

Conclave of Winds

  • 3 djinn, Anshal, Nezir and Rohash, are on separate platforms and need to die at around the same time.
  • 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps (melee here) should go to Anshal’s platform.  You may want to have one dps swap to Rohash.
  • 1 tank, 1 healer should go to Nezir’s platform
  • 1 healer and 2 dps should go to Rohash’s platform
  • All 3 djinn have an energy bar which at 90 triggers an ‘ultimate’ ability.  There must be someone on each platform at that time or the raid will be insta-wiped.
  • You can jump from platform to platform at any time apart from when an ultimate is cast.  Aim carefully or you will miss.
  • The tank/healer pairs should swap platform just before each ultimate (70-75 energy) and remain on their new platform until the next ultimate.
  • Rohash’s healer stays there for the whole fight (some people have the dps stay instead).
  • The dps should all move to dps Nezir during the ultimate and then return to their platforms and bosses.  During Nezir’s ultimate they should stay alive, self healing if needed as the damage is high.
  • On Anshal’s platform – move him out of the green circle fast as it heals Anshal and silences everyone.  Kill the adds.
  • On Nezir’s platform – avoid the cone attack which knocks you back and stay off of ice patches. This ultimate does a lot of damage.
  • On  Rohash’s platform – melee is generally bad here, avoid Wind Blast which circles around the platform and will knock you off it you are hit and stay out of tornadoes.


Phase 1:

  • Separate into pairs with each pair standing on the repeating large shapes on the platform. The pairs should line up as follows:
    • 2 dps
    • 1 healer, 1 dps
    • 1 healer, tank
    • 1 healer, 1 dps
    • 2 dps
  • Avoid stuff that will kill you in this order of priority (always apply this priority – don’t avoid the ice only to get stuck in the whirlwinds):
  • Make sure you run through the gap in the wall of whirlwinds that comes around the platform (hint: run at an angle if you were a bit slow in starting). Note that you will see a hazy version of the wall just before it appears to help you spot it.
  • Move into melee range to stop yourself being knocked off the platform on Wind Blast.
  • Don’t stand on the ice.

Phase 2:

  • Hug the tank. No more Wind Blast or ice, but the wall of whirlwinds remains.
  • Some small electric spark adds spawn. You need to kill these to increase the damage Al’Akir takes. Controlled nuking is needed to keep the debuff up. Mostly you can just nuke them as they appear in the post-nerf version.

Phase 3:

  • You’re flying. Mark someone and hug them. By hug I mean stay on the same level as them.
  • Move progressively down the area as lightning spawns. You need to plan to give yourself enough room. Either move in small increments or move down twice, then go to the bottom and start moving up.
  • One player periodically gets Lightning Rod and damages people around them. That person should move away by going around the boss. Stay on the same level as the raid and don’t move backwards as if you get too far from the boss you get caught in wind and die.

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