Retribution at 80 … again

I slack, yes.  The slacking is going to go on for a while.  I have only about 4 weeks left at work and a lot to do.  This is yet another post about ret specs! Commenters save the day! A big thanks to all the commenters on my recent posts.  They’ve pointed out something I seem to have missed entirely in the whole Selfless Healer vs Eye for an Eye debate.  Namely that whilst Eye for an Eye does no direct damage on bosses it does help you stack Censure.  Thats fairly important.  I’ve also had a chance to play … Continue reading Retribution at 80 … again

Retribution paladins in patch 3.3

So its here. Icecrown Citadel, the Fall of the Lich King. I have to say I have been looking forward to this patch more than any other. I am really enjoying the game right now. My new guild, Dreamstate, has a great atmosphere and has renewed my enthusiasm for raiding. Our raids so far (we are only a week old!) have been smooth. A whole bunch of us got Glory of the Hero this week and several more should get it over the next week or so. What does a new guild do in patch 3.3? Lots of things! This … Continue reading Retribution paladins in patch 3.3

Retribution Paladin Raider’s Crib Sheet

Cross posted at Big Hit Box on 24 November 2009 Since my crib sheet format seems to  be quite popular, I thought I’d produce a short form of the retribution paladin info.  Much shorter than my other guides, and the EJ guide.  But packed full of information. Specs and Glyphs Without DSac 5/9/57 With DSac 5/11/55 Use Major Glyph of Judgement and Major Glyph of Consecration. Use Minor Glyph of Sense Undead, Minor Glyph of Lay on Hands, Minor Glyph of Blessing of Might. For your last Major slot use Glyph of Seal of Vengeance if you are NOT expertise … Continue reading Retribution Paladin Raider’s Crib Sheet

Retribution Builds to top the PvE Meters

As I write this, Retribution is competative PvE.  Seriously topping the damage meters competative.  Whilst HoPing the tank to remove Impale Debuffs.  And saving the poisoned healer with a quick Lay on Hands.  Its a good time to be a Ret Pala.  But of course if you get the spec wrong this won’t be the case.  If you get the spec wrong you will just sit at the bottom of the meters sobbing quietly into your cocoa.   So what spec to go for in order to be and uber-ret? Step by step: the basic retribution spec Tier 1 > … Continue reading Retribution Builds to top the PvE Meters