Morrighan’s LFR Fall of Deathwing Crib Sheet

The second half of the raid is as follows.  These are LFR tactics only.  For videos and normal tactics click on the links.  Heroic tactics are on the Icy Veins site.  I know LFR is fairly faceroll but I have seen some stunning wipes because people didn't know what they were doing (though even reading... Continue Reading →

Morrighan’s Siege of Wyrmrest Temple LFR Crib Sheet

Covering LFR difficulty only.  I will add links to MMO Champion's boss pages (Learn to Raid vids, Encounter Journal entries and loot tables) as well as the well written tactics at Icy Veins for people doing normal/heroic raiding. There are four bosses in the Siege of Wymrest Temple. Morchock [MMO Champion | Icy Veins] 2... Continue Reading →

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