Morrighan’s LFR Fall of Deathwing Crib Sheet

The second half of the raid is as follows.  These are LFR tactics only.  For videos and normal tactics click on the links.  Heroic tactics are on the Icy Veins site.  I know LFR is fairly faceroll but I have seen some stunning wipes because people didn’t know what they were doing (though even reading these tactics won’t help the tank who didn’t understand that he was meant to use taunt and get hit).

Ultraxion [MMO Champion | Icy Veins]

  • Hug at the bottom of the stairs to share Unstable Monstrosity.  He can’t parry.  Damage increases as the fight goes on.
  • You all have an extra button called Heroic Will.  When he casts Hour of Twilight, press it!  Hour of Twilight doesn’t kill on LFR, but as the fight goes on you are at risk from dying if too many people don’t click.
  • 2 tanks taunt the boss between them after each gets Fading Light.  Fading Light has a random duration.  When its got less then 5 seconds left on it you need to hit Heroic Will.  Not being in the normal realm when Fading Light runs out WILL kill the tank even on LFR.
  • Healing buffs come in the form of three different coloured crystals that healers need to run out and click on.  They spawn in three waves.  There are only enough crystals for the number of healers so each healer should take ONE crystal in the entire fight.  Don’t go and get another one when another colour spawns!

Top tip: if your UI does not show the Heroic Will button, or you don’t like where it appears, you can use this macro: /click ExtraActionButton1

Warmaster Blackhorn [MMO Champion | Icy Veins]

  • The primary gimmick of this fight is that you have to protect the gunship you are on as well as defeating the adds (phase 1) and the boss (phase 2).
  • Phase 1  is 3 waves of adds:
    • All players should stand in the BIG purple swirly things.  If not enough players do this, those that do will die.  If no players do this the ship takes damage.
    • Standing in the little purple swirls is optional on LFR – just don’t bother moving out of them.
    • Dreadblade and Slayer adds do a frontal cleave attack with a stacking DoT of Shadow or Physical damage.  The 2 tanks need to alternate which they tank each wave.
  • Phase 2 is Blackhorn and his dragon Goriona:
    • Ranged dps should hit Goriona until she reaches 25% when she will fly away.  She casts shadowy fire at players which leave a big purple fire circle where they land.  Don’t stand in fire.
    • Spread around behind the boss, but not too far  to minimise stuns from Shockwave (frontal cone attack he sometimes turns to cast) with casters being more than 10 yards away to avoid Disrupting Roar.
    • Tanks should switch when Devastate stacks become too high.
    • Blackhorn does 1% more damage for every 1% of health he loses, so damage ramps up.

Spine of Deathwing [MMO Champion | Icy Veins]

  • Kill ONE Corruption.  You must then make sure you don’t kill the others so make sure pets aren’t hitting them and stop using AoE.
  • DPS the  Hideous Amalgamation to about 30%.  Then STOP.
  • Kill Corrupted Bloods.  These leave a pool on the floor.  When the Hideous Amalgamation stands in a pool it gets a stack of Absorbed Blood.  At 9 stacks the add starts to do lots of AoE damage.  Stand it right next to the plate you are trying to remove (as close to his head as you can get).  Then kill the add.
  • When the add dies it casts a big explosion.  Move away.  If you are close enough this will remove an armor plate revealing a Burning Tendon.  Kill the Burning Tendon before the plate repairs itself.
  • Repeat two more times.  Its exactly the same, only the extra holes will spawn more Bloods so the add will gain stacks quicker.  Try to avoid 9 stacks on a mob with high health.
  • Deathwing can roll, so make sure you aren’t all standing on one side.

Madness of Deathwing [MMO Champion | Icy Veins]

  • In phase 1 you attack four limbs on four platforms.
    • The best order for LFR is to start where you are, jump left twice, then finish off with the one on the right.  Each gets harder as a buff provided by one of the aspects is removed.
    • You can start on Deathwing, but as soon as the large tentacle spawns at the back of the platform hit it.
    • When the Elementium Bolt spawns all ranged should hit it.  Type /tar ele or use a macro.
    • When Regenerative Bloods appear, AoE them.
    • On the last platform only you need to single target and kill Blistering Tentacles.
    • If everything else is dead, hit Deathwing.  Each platform has an enrage timer but you shouldn’t come close to it.
  •  Jump back one platform to the left for Phase 2.
    • Hit Deathwing a bit.
    • When tentacles spawn the first time, kill them.
    • Use Dream (another Extra Action Button) if the tentacles case Shrapnel on you.
    • When the two larger adds appear the first time, kill them.
    • Hit Deathwing until dead.
    • If your dps is low you may need to kill adds twice.  The tentacles don’t do a lot of damage, especially if people use Dream, but the big adds WILL kill your tanks eventually, even on LFR.

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