Trial of the Grand Crusader Linkathon

I've done the first four bosses in Trial of the Grand Crusader 10, and I'm now working on Trial of the Grand Crusader 25, but hard modes don't lend themselves to Crib Sheet style raid guilds.  So, instead of repeating things other people have already written I'm going to provide a set of links. If... Continue Reading →

Achievement fest, or how a bad night turned good

So last night. Raid invite time comes and where am I? Still on a train. Meetings ran late. I missed the raid. The guild ran ToTC 25.  Realising I was at a loose end I decided to do a few things I wouldn’t normally be able to do on a Wednesday night. Did you notice... Continue Reading →


So now I'm no longer an officer I have some time to spend on other things.  I'm indulging my Altaholism at the moment.  Trial of the Crusader/Onyxia and the Emblem changes are such that both my alts can raid. Akandra the Discipline Priest I did Trial of the Crusader 10 on Akandra the healer.  I... Continue Reading →

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