Standing down as an officer

I made a very hard decision this week and stood down as an officer in my guild. Why? So I could spend more time with all you lovely readers! At least in part. I enjoy writing this blog and I would like to have more time to spend on it. What you give as an officer Time. Being an officer takes a lot of time. Time in which you could be playing the game and doing other things. The game has vast amounts of content I would like to do. I want to get more achievements. I want to improve … Continue reading Standing down as an officer

Of Noblegarden Bunnies and Female Officers

This is my first stab at an opinion post so I’ve decided to go for something nice and controversial! Shake Your Bunny-Maker Both Larisa at The Pink Pig Tail Inn and Green Armadillo at Player versus Developer posted last week about the Noblegarden Achievement Shake Your Bunny-Maker. The achievement requires you to use an item called Spring Flowers to put bunny ears on a female player of each race (10 in total) over level 18. Use item X to do something to a set number of class/race/gender/level combinations is a pretty common achievement in most WoW holidays. So the basic … Continue reading Of Noblegarden Bunnies and Female Officers