Embracing Changing Rosters

This post has been hanging around in my draft posts list for a while, but two recent posts I saw made me think of it again. Its a fact of every guild.  People come and go.  I doubt very much there are many guilds around who raid with the same roster they raided with in... Continue Reading →

Standing down as an officer

I made a very hard decision this week and stood down as an officer in my guild. Why? So I could spend more time with all you lovely readers! At least in part. I enjoy writing this blog and I would like to have more time to spend on it. What you give as an... Continue Reading →

Of Noblegarden Bunnies and Female Officers

This is my first stab at an opinion post so I’ve decided to go for something nice and controversial! Shake Your Bunny-Maker Both Larisa at The Pink Pig Tail Inn and Green Armadillo at Player versus Developer posted last week about the Noblegarden Achievement Shake Your Bunny-Maker. The achievement requires you to use an item... Continue Reading →

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