Moar Achievements: Midsummer 2012

The Midsummer Festival is one of the easiest of the holiday achievements, but one of the most time consuming.  As a bonus though, you will make at least 500 gold at level 85 doing this achievement.  Its largely unchanged from 2011 other than the fact that Cataclysm Fires and Desecration achievements have been added to the metas.

To get The Flame Keeper/The Flame Warden achievement you need to get the following:

  • Ice the Frost Lord – kill Frost Lord Ahune
  • Burning Hot Pole Dance – dance around a pole for 60 seconds wearing the completed Midsummer set
  • Torch Juggler – Juggle 40 torches in 15 seconds in Dalaran
  • King of the Fire Festival – Complete a quest chain that ends with you stealing fires from the opposite faction’s capital cities
  • The Fires of Azeroth – Honor all the fires of your own faction in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Outland
  • Desecration of the Horde/Alliance – Desecrate all the fires of the opposite faction in Eastern Kingdomes, Kalimdor and Outland

There are no achievements that are not part of the meta, but you can also obtain two pets:

  • Ice Chip drops from the bag you get for killing Ahune.
  • Midsummer Flame can be brought for 350 Burning Blossoms.  Since you need 415 for the meta, thats a lot of blossoms.  You can get these by completing the daily quests each day and visiting all the Northrend and Cataclysm fires that aren’t a part of the meta.

You will also get bonus achievement points for the achievements that make up The Fires of Azeroth and Desecration of the Horde/Alliance.  They are not listed on the meta but you can’t do the meta without them.

How you do it
Start with these things, which you will do each day:

  1. Queue for Frost Lord Ahune from the dungeon finder.  As with all holiday events the queue does not take long and you will get a few bonus Justice Points for your time.  Do this every day until you get the pet and any of the cloaks, or the caster staff if you want them (ilevel 353). [Completed: Ice the Frost Lord]
  2. While you wait go to the fire in one of your capital cities.  I would suggest not Stormwind or Orgrimmar.  Pick up all the quests and complete the torch catching and brazier hitting ones so you have access to the daily quests.  Torch catching is much easier in some clear space (you have to follow the shadow on the floor).  Do both dailies every day.

The rest of the achievement is a once only thing:

  1. Start with the quest chain.  Go to the Zoram Strand and do the quests and you will be sent back to a capital city.  You can then steal flames from the opposite faction’s capital cities.  Don’t make a special trip – just pick them up as you go around.
    1. Of the Horde cities, I managed to do Undercity (in the courtyard in the Ruins of Lordaeron) and Orgrimmar (in the Valley of Wisdom up high) without even aggroing a guard.  I aggro’d a guard in Thunder Bluff after grabbing the flame, but jumped off the edge (on my Levitating priest).  In Silvermoon you can’t fly so just run.  I ran through to the Court of the Sun and then managed to get out of combat to go and steal the flame.
    2. Of the Alliance cities, Darnassus is the easiest (in the courtyard just inside the entrance from Teldrassil) and you will just be able to swoop in and out.  Exodar is in the Crystal Hall.  You will likely have to run to the fire, die, corpse run and then steal it and stone.  You can stand by the fire without pulling aggro but you have no chance of getting there without doing so. Stormwind is quite hard and you will want to do at a quiet time.  The fire is just outside the entrance to the Stockades in the canals and is right next to several profession trainers and the fishing and cooking daily quest givers.  The Alliance are busy there, but not so busy they won’t stop to kill you.  The Ironforge flame is at the back in the Hall of Explorers.  You should be able to fly to this without aggro if you stay up high and use the flight path slits in the walls. [Completed: King of the Fire Festival]
  2. Then visit all the flames and honoring or desecrating them (you do this by completing a quest at the fire). It doesn’t matter when you do Outland or Northrend, but remember that both have a portal to your capital city or to Tanaris so when you are planning a path keep this in mind.  Also remember you can jump around using the portals to the Cataclysm areas and flying from there. I’m not going to write an order up because you might tie it in with other dailies, grinding – I tied it in with doing some Archaeology on one character and farming random herbs on another.  Northrend  and Cataclysm do not count towards the meta and is only required if you want the extra Blossoms for the pet.  You can fly in Azeroth, but you can also make use of flight paths still while you go and do something else. [Completed: The Fires of Azeroth & Desecration of the Horde/Alliance]
  3. You’ll need to farm 400 Burning Blossoms and buy the Midsummer clothes set from the vendor (shoulders, chest, feet).  Then put them on and dance at a pole until you get the achievement. [Completed: Burning Hot Pole Dance]
  4. Torch Juggler needs to be completed in Dalaran so you need to go there either during your tour around the flames or at the end.  Buy some torches , preferably with some to spare (I managed with 20 which cost 15 Burning Blossoms since I had 5 from the quest) and put them on a hot-key.  Unlike the other torches you can target these.  Target them at your feet and start spamming the key and then your mouse to place the targeting circle.  If you have lag try and face a wall to reduce it some (don’t know if that trick is still needed but it was helpful back when Dalaran was highly populated).  You will probably not manage it at first – keep spamming.  You will start your second 15 second counter with torches in the air this way and then get the achievement.  You can send these torches between characters if you are doing more than one round of this achievement.

Flames it might be hard to find
Most of the flames are fairly obvious when you look at a map.  Remember this achievement has been around for a while so flames tend to be at the older settlements and main settlements.  Just look at your map and you can see where the Alliance and Horde flight points are for a rough guide.  Where theres a goblin town, both flames tend to be there.  The following are those that aren’t as obvious:

  • Cape of Strangelthorn – both flames are on the pirate beach just east of Booty Bay
  • Westfall – this flame is at Moonbrook
  • Burning Steppes – the Horde flame is at Flame Crest
  • Eversong Woods – the flame is outside of Falconwing Square
  • Northern Stranglethorn – the Alliance flame is at Fort Livingstone
  • Swamp of Sorrows – Bogpaddle! Just … don’t …
  • Ashenvale – the Alliance flame is now at Forest Song and the Horde flame at Silverwind Refuge
  • Darkshore – the Alliance flame is now at Lor’danel
  • Southern Barrens – the Alliance flame is at Fort Triumph and the Horde flame at Desolation Hold
  • Stonetalon Mountains – Sun Rock Retreat (I think it always has been but there are a lot of Horde flight points here)
  • Twilight Highlands – these are at the daily quest hubs of Bloodgulch and Thundermar, not the entry towns.
  • Vashj’ir – the flame is at Silver Tide Hollow.

Moar Achievements: Children’s Week 2012

This is a re-write of the previous year’s guide.  There are no changes to the holiday from last year, but I’ve updated the format of the post.  There is only one new thing to consider: account wide pets. I highly recommend checking your toons to see which characters have which pets and targeting any pets you don’t already have.  You can also get different pets on different toons to try and collect all of them.

To get For the Children you need to get the following achievements:

  • Home Alone – Hearthstone with your Orphan out
  • Daily Chores – Do 5 daily quests with your Orphan out
  • School of Hard Knocks – complete four specicific BG goals with your Orphan out
  • Bad Example – Eat 7 specific types of nice stuff with your Orphan out
  • Aw, Isn’t it Cute? – Obtain a Children’s Week pet
  • Hail to the King, Baby – Kill King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle with your Orphan out

You need to be at least level 78 to complete this meta achievement.

There are a few bonus achievements and items:

  • Veteran Nanny – Acquire Egbert’s Egg, Sleepy Willy and Elekk Training Collar on one character. This will take 3 years.  I suspect this will vanish in MoP, but there is no way you can speed this up so unless you already have two of the pets on one toon, you’ll just have to lose this one.
  • There are quite a few pets available.  You can get a maximum of three within one Children’s Week.  Each year you can work on another pet, apart from the Northrend pets – you can only ever get one of these.
    • One from the Stormwind/Orgrimmar orphan quests. (Whiskers the Rat, Mr Wiggles, Speedy, Scooter the Snail)
    • One from the Shattrath orphan quests. (Peanut, Egbert, Willy, Legs)
    • One from the Northrend orphan quests. (Curious Oracle Hatchling/Curious Wolvar Hatchling)

Don’t forget to have your Orphan out when you do ALL of these achievements. 

Now one of these achievements is a nightmare.  I would recommend doing these achievements as follows.

  1. Follow the Children’s Week questline to obtain a pet.  Use your Hearthstone while travelling about. Buy some of Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Flavoured Ice Cream while you are in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. It can be found on the Candy Vendor near the Cooking daily in Stormwind and from the Snack-O-Matic in Horde Zepplins.  [Completed: Aw, Isn’t it Cute? and Home Alone, plus 1/7 Bad Example]  You also now have a pet out of this holiday, if nothing else.
  2. Time to bite the bullet and go for the hard one.    I could describe it all but I think that Cynwise has already done so far better than I could so check out his guide.  Console yourself with the thought that even if you NEVER PvP you can turn the Honor points you will earn into Justice Points, or use them towards the Honor mounts if you’re a mount collector.  It won’t be enough consolation for the hell that is this achievement, but there you go.  If you are aiming for the meta this is the one you need to focus on because its by far the hardest to get. [Completed: School of Hard Knocks]
  3. Once back in town do any five daily quests during the week.  The Fishing/Cooking ones are ridiculously easy and will count. [Completed: Daily Chores]
  4. Now its off to Northrend.  Travel to Howling Fjord with a friend or two to complete Utgarde Pinnacle.  You may well be able to solo this.  If not, you should only need one friend.  [Completed: Hail to the King, Baby]
  5. Carry on to Dalaran where you can buy a Red Velvet Cupcake, Dalaran Brownie, Dalaran Donut and Lovely Cake from Aimee outside of one of the banks.  Eat them all. [5/7 Bad Example]
  6. You now need to either do some cooking or visit the AH for Tasty Cupcake and Delicious Chocolate Cake.  There is an achievement to make the Delicious Chocolate Cake so bake it if you can.  The recipe comes from the rewards for the Outland or Dalaran Cooking dailies.  The Tasty Cupcake recipe is a random Northrend drop.  Both can be found on the AH. [Completed: Bad Example]

Moar Achievements: Noblegarden 2012

Welcome to Noblegarden.  This is one of the easier achievements and you can farm the lot in a morning.  Well you could if the Springstrider didn’t need 500!!! chocolates.  Farming that many in one go will drive you mad.  Make sure you have some chocolate handy while doing this as the constant references to chocolate will make you crave chocolate.  Just sayin’.

To get the Noble Gardener achievement you need to get the following:

  • I Found One! – Find a Brightly Coloured Egg
  • Desert Rose – Use Spring Robes to plant a flower in the listed places
  • Hard Boiled – Lay an egg in Un’Goro Crater’s Golakka Hot Springs
  • Noble Garden – Hide a Noblegarden Egg in Stormwind/Silvermoon
  • Chocoholic – Eat 100 Noblegarden Chocolates
  • Blushing Bride – Kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress while wearing a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants
  • Spring Fling – Matchmake your Spring Rabbit in the four starter towns
  • Shake Your Bunny Maker – Put rabbit ears on female toons of each race.

There are a few bonus achievements and items:

  • Chocolate Lover – Eat 25 Chocolates
  • Sunday’s Finest – Discover the White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants by opening Brighly Coloured Eggs.
  • Dressed for the Occasion –  Discover the Elegant Dress by opening Brighly Coloured Eggs.
  • Spring Rabbit – this drops from eggs or costs 100 chocolates and is needed for the meta
  • Springstrider – this costs 500 chocolates and is Bind on Pickup (and so not for farming and selling as per recent holidays)

How you do it

  1. Head off to the faction specific starter town of your choice and start the grand egg hunt.  On Alliance I always go to Azure Watch and on Horde I prefer Falconwing Square.  I know where the eggs are in these towns.  But any of these towns will do.  Start collecting eggs.  Lots and lots of eggs.  You need at least 115 and up to 915 chocolates to complete these achievements and get the mount.  You should get I Found One! at the first egg.  You should complete the quest to get the Noblegarden Basket (10 chocolates).  Equip this so you can collect eggs faster as it will give you a movement speed boost. [Cost so far: 10 chocolates]
  2. Keep collecting eggs until you have 100 chocolates.   Now eat them. Mmmm tasty.  You should get Chocolate Lover and Chocoholic.  [Cost so far: 110 chocolates)]
  3. You will need some items for some of the above achievements.  Below is a list of the items and how much they cost.  Most, if not all of these items also have a chance of dropping randomly from an egg.  This is why you do Chocoholic first.  Keep collecting eggs until you can afford all of the items.  If you get any drops, collect less chocolates.
    1. Spring Robes (50 chocolates)
    2. Spring Rabbit (100 chocolates)
    3. White Tuxedo Shirt (25 chocolates – you need these to drop to get Sunday’s Finest, they are NOT soulbound)
    4. Black Tuxedo Pants (25 chocolates – you need these to drop to get Sunday’s Finest , they are NOT soulbound)
    5. Spring Flowers (50 chocolates)
    6. Elegant Dress (50 chocolates – optional as you don’t need it yourself and you need this to drop for Dressed for the Occasion) [Cost so far: 110 chocolates + up to 250 for required drops + 50 for an optional drop = 110-410]
  4. You will need to buy a Noblegarden Egg and place it in Stormwind/Silvermoon for 5 chocolates to get Noble Garden as this item does not drop. [Cost so far 115-415 chocolates]
  5. Remember I mentioned you don’t need the Elegant Dress yourself? You need to find someone else who has it.  If you have one and you are going AFK its a nice thing to put this on.  For your own achievement you need to wear the White Tuxedo Shirt and the Black Tuxedo Pants and /kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress to get Blushing Bride.
  6. You now need to do some travelling.  Hit all the places listed in Desert Rose and use your robes.  Also visit the remaining faction specific starter towns to matchmake your Spring Rabbit for Spring Fling.  This second part does need other people to be around which is fairly easy early in the festival.  Later on you may need to find a friend to help you with this.
  7. There are two ways of doing Hard Boiled.  The easiest is to travel to Golakka Hot Springs in Un’Goro with a friend and turn each other into rabbits once you get there.  You can get the Blossoming Branch item for this from the daily quest available in the egg collecting towns and it only uses broken shells so no extra chocolates.  The achievement can take a while to activate sometimes, I seem to recall.  The solo version takes some planning:
    1. Put your hearthstone in Silithus (you can stone and keep the costume – you cannot fly, mount or use a portal)
    2. Make your way to an egg collection location and keep collecting eggs until you get randomly turned into a rabbit.
    3. Stone to Silithus.
    4. Run to Golakka Hot Springs in Un’goro without fighting anything.
  8. Spring Flowers puts bunny ears on another character for Shake Your Bunny Maker.  Finding a female of each race isn’t too hard, though there are inevitably a couple of challenges in the other faction.  Unlike other achievements in this vein, you can’t get a friend to make a level 1 toon.  A few tips for this one are:
    1. Visit Cataclysm base areas via the portals.  The Temple of Earth and the entry point to Mount Hyjal are good as you can take a portal back.
    2. There are still people in Dalaran.  So a trip there is worth it.
    3. PvP.  Tol Barad and Battlegrounds might have what you need.
    4. Sit outside Orgrimmar/Stormwind and watch for the PvPers.
    5. Roll one of those free accounts and create an opposite faction toon.  Type /who RACE and see who is around and where they are.  Stalk them.
  9. Finally, you can farm the chocolates for the Swift Springstrider – all 500 of them! [Cost so far: 115-915 chocolates]

Moar Achievements: Mountain O’ Mounts Action Plan 58-100 (the harder part)

So now you’re sitting on 57 mounts and maybe a few more. Heres where it starts to get a little tricker. I’m going to suggest some further mounts, and then a pool of mounts from which you can draw your final selection.

Things to know about Mountain O’ Mounts

  • Class mounts don’t count
  • Profession mounts do count
  • You don’t need to be Exalted with your own faction
  • This is an Alliance list – but all mounts have a Horde equivalent

What you are going to need

  • Cash! At least 16829 gold according to the list I chose, though you could replace some of these mounts with cheaper options if you were willing to farm for longer/can do more achievements/have rare mounts. This assumes no discounts so you will spend less with faction discounts and the guild saving.
  • Time – you will need to farm reputations at some point, and there are quite a few mounts to be had from dailies too. You also can’t do all the dailies every day.
  • A level 85 toon (I include Tol Barad mounts here, hence the requirement – you could do this achievement at a lower level, but you would need more of the alternative mounts).
  • 2175 Justice Points
  • 14000 Honor Points
  • At least Artisan Riding. You can gain Master Riding by doing the holiday meta if you wish. None of these mounts require Master Riding to use.

The mounts

The following mount groupings aren’t an order in which to do them – you will want to run several of these in parallel.

58. Silver Riding Talbuk – 70 gold + Exalted with the Kurenai
59. Cobalt Riding Talbuk – 70 gold + Exalted with the Kurenai
60. Tan Riding Talbuk – 70 gold + Exalted with the Kurenai
61. White Riding Talbuk – 70 gold + Exalted with the Kurenai
62. Silver War Talbuk – 100 gold + Exalted with the Kurenai
63. Cobalt War Talbuk – 100 gold + Exalted with the Kurenai
64. Tan War Talbuk – 100 gold + Exalted with the Kurenai
65. White War Talbuk – 100 gold + Exalted with the Kurenai

The gold cost here is relatively small, but farming Kurenai rep will take a while. The best way to do this is to complete all the quests in Nagrand and then kill ogres/cultists in Nagrand. Lots of them. Keep killing them until you hit Exalted. You can hand in the warbeads that drop from ogres for Kurenai rep too, or you can keep them for Consortium rep if you are achievement hunting in general.
Cost so far: 1609 gold + 2175 Justice Points + 12000 Honor Points

66. Azure Netherwing Drake – 200 gold + Exalted with the Netherwing
67. Cobalt Netherwing Drake – 200 gold + Exalted with the Netherwing
68. Onyx Netherwing Drake – 200 gold + Exalted with the Netherwing
69. Purple Netherwing Drake – 200 gold + Exalted with the Netherwing
70. Veridian Netherwing Drake – 200 gold + Exalted with the Netherwing
71. Violet Netherwing Drake – 200 gold + Exalted with the Netherwing

Netherwing rep is somewhat time consuming to get. First you need to complete all the quests in Shadowmoon Valley that relate to the Netherwing. Then there are dailies. The number of dailies you can do increases as your reputation increases. Finally, you can farm the rare spawn eggs and hand in as many of these as you can find a day. They are located all over the Netherwing daily area and in the fortress to the north. Once you are Exalted you will be given a quest to go to Shattrath where you can select one of the drakes. You then go back to Shadowmoon Valley where you can buy the rest.
Cost so far: 2809 gold + 2175 Justice Points + 12000 Honor Points

72. Blue Riding Nether Ray – 200 gold + Exalted with the Sha’tari Skyguard
73. Green Riding Nether Ray – 200 gold + Exalted with the Sha’tari Skyguard
74. Purple Riding Nether Ray – 200 gold + Exalted with the Sha’tari Skyguard
75. Red Riding Nether Ray – 200 gold + Exalted with the Sha’tari Skyguard
76. Silver Riding Nether Ray – 200 gold + Exalted with the Sha’tari Skyguard

Skyguard rep comes from dailies and other actions in the Skettis area, plus a daily in the Ogri’la area. You can also kill Skettis Arakkoa. I’d recommend just focusing on the Skettis area in Terokkar Forest. Do the dailies there and collect Shadow Dust, which you can hand in to get an Elixir of Shadows. This allows you to see undead arakkoa too. Kill these and get 10 scrolls of ressurection, which you can use to summon named arakkoa. Four of these drop unique items which you can hand in to get an item to summon Terokk, who you kill. Each of these gives reputation and it gives a little structure to what is basically kill all the things rep grind.
Cost so far: 3609 gold + 2175 Justice Points + 12000 Honor Points

77. Winterspring Frostsaber – complete 20 dailies

Visit Frostsaber Rock in Winterspring to start these quests. You will get a baby frostsaber to care for and have to feed and play with him via 20 daily quests. When you have 20 whiskers, hand them in and he’ll be all grown up.
Cost so far: 3609 gold + 2175 Justice Points + 12000 Honor Points

Choices, or the REALLY HARD part
Now we start to get into optional mounts. You need to pick 23 mounts from those below. It comes down to cash versus time spent and your own preference about which to go with.

Swift Grey Steed – 500 gold + 5 Champion’s Seals
Swift Moonsaber – 500 gold + 5 Champion’s Seals
Swift Violet Ram – 500 gold + 5 Champion’s Seals
Turbostrider – 500 gold + 5 Champion’s Seals
Great Read Elekk – 500 gold + 5 Champion’s Seals
Argent Warhorse – 100 Champion’s Seals
Darnassian Nightsaber – 100 Champion’s Seals
Exodar Elekk – 100 Champion’s Seals
Gnomeregon Mechanostrider – 100 Champion’s Seals
Ironforge Ram – 100 Champion’s Seals
Quel’dorai Steed – 100 Champion’s Seals
Stormwind Steed – 100 Champion’s Seals
Silver Covenant Hippogryph – 150 Champion’s Seals
Argent Hippogryph – 150 Champion’s Seals

These come from the Argent Tournament dailies area. It will take a while to get to the point where you can collect and purchase these, but you will get a lot of achievements along the way and you can also access more mounts and some pets. If you are starting from scratch there are also a lot of achievements to be had by doing these dailies. These are a classic example of time versus cash. It will only take a couple of days to farm the seals for those needing only 5 and some cash, or you can save money by farming a lot more. I intend to use these to fill out the last mounts I need.

Drake of the West Wind – 200 Tol Barad Commendations
Spectral Steed – 165 Tol Barad Commendations

You get these by doing Tol Barad dailies. You need to be Exalted with Baradin’s Wardens too, but by the time you have that many commendations you will be close if not already there. You can do the base camp dailies once a day, plus the dailies in Tol Barad itself while your faction holds it. You also get three for the weekly Tol Barad win quest. There are three sets of rotating dailies which will be different every time you win Tol Barad so in theory you can do all three sets in a day. You also get commendations for the weekly win Tol Barad quest. I intend to farm one of these.

Darkmoon Dancing Bear – 180 Darkmoon Tokens
Swift Forest Strider – 180 Darkmoon Tokens

Collect tokens by doing the quests at the Darkmoon Faire. You can get up to 145 tokens per Darkmoon Faire so you could do it in three Faire’s but most likely it will take 4. I intend to farm one of these.

Cenarion War Hippogryph – 2000 gold + Exalted with Cenarion Expedition

CE rep isn’t too bad to get. Complete quests in Zangamarsh and Borean Tundra, and run lots of Steamvaults. You can get Coilfang Armament drops to speed it up.

Flameward Hippogryph – The Molton Front Offensive completed

This will take doing dailies for a few weeks, but you will make quite a bit of cash doing these as they are current and the mount is particularly nice looking. You can also get access to some pets and lots of achievements.

Stormpike Battle Charger – 2000 Honor Points + Exalted with Stormpike

Best option for your Honor mounts is to wait for Alterac Valley weekend and farm the lot. You get far more HP for AV than any other weekend. Also do the quests from the AV entrance area to get further Stormpike reputation. Its not too bad and you can farm gear and mounts while you do it. I might skip this. I depends if an AV weekend comes up before I get 100 mounts and what else I am doing that weekend.

Ice Mammoth – 1000 gold + Exalted with Sons of Hodir

Sons of Hodir rep comes from quests and dailies in Storm Peaks. You can also hand in Relics of Ulduar from killing mobs in the Storm Peaks. Finally, and best of all, you can get Sons of Hodir Commendations which give 500 rep for just 16 Justice Points! There are two mounts, but the other one costs 10000 gold! You get an achievement for each mount.

Armored Brown Bear – 750 gold
Golden King – 1500 gold + Guild level 25
Armored Snowy Gryphon – 2000 gold
Red Drake – 2000 gold

These are splash the cash mounts. You could replace these with other mounts and save some gold. There are other more expensive mounts available if you have LOTS of cash. I have the bear and will likely buy the guild mount at least.

Fossilized Raptor – Archaology
Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank – Archaeology

The Raptor isn’t that rare. The Battle Tank is very rare. It all depends on how much Archaeology you are willing to do!

Tyrael’s Charger – Annual Pass
Celestial Steed – Blizzard Store
Winged Guardian – Blizzard Store

If you want to part with some cash, these mounts can be yours. The Annual Pass mount actually won’t cost you any extra if you intend to play for the next year anyway.

Swift Lovebird – Love is in the Air (holiday tokens)
Swift Springstrider – Noblegarden (holiday tokens)
Big Love Rocket – Love is in the Air (drop – very rare)
Swift Brewfest Ram – Brewfest (drop – rare)
Great Brewfest Kodo – Brewfest (drop – rare)
Headless Horseman’s Mount – Hallow’s End (drop – very rare)
Violet Proto-Drake – What a Long Strange Trip its Been

These can be used to supplement other mounts if the holiday itself is on. The token based mounts are not hard to get and are very efficient forms of mount collection. The Violet Proto-Drake takes a whole year, but does give you Master riding for free. And a LOT of achievement points.

Red Proto Drake – Glory of the Hero
Ironbound Proto-Drake – Glory of the Ulduar Hero 10
Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher – Glory of the ICC Hero 10
Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher – Glory of the ICC Hero 25
Rusted Proto-Drake – Glory of the Uldaur Hero 25
Amani Battle Bear – ZA Timed Run
Black War Bear – For the Alliance!
Corrupted Firehawk – Glory of the Firelands Raider
Drake of the East Wind – Glory of the Cataclysm Raider
Twilight Harbinger – Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
Volcanic Stone Drake – Glory of the Cataclysm Hero
Dark Phoenix – 3000 gold + Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider
Vicious War Steed – Veteran of the Alliance

These mounts come from achievements. Its possible you may have some of these already.

I’m not going to list them all, but there are also the rare mounts. I don’t believe any of these are worth actively farming. With one exception. If you are exalted with The Oracles you may as well farm the Green Proto-Drake which comes from the egg. I say this because even if you never get it, you should get the pets and you can sell duplicate pets to pay for other mounts. Its never going to be a waste of time.

From this list I intend to use:

78. Red Proto-Drake
79. Ironbound Proto-Drake
80. Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher
81. Green Proto-Drake
82. Violet Proto-Drake
83. Swift Lovebird
84. Swift Springstrider (I will farm this next week)
85. Tyrael’s Charger (I was going to play WoW for a year and pay for D3 so this is a bonus)
86. Fossilised Raptor
87. Armored Brown Bear
88. Flameward Hippogryph
89. Cenarion War Hippogryph
90. Swift Violet Ram
91. Ironforge Ram
92. Darkmoon Dancing Bear
93. Ice Mammoth
94. Drake of the West Wind
95. Swift Moonsaber
96. Swift Grey Steed
97. Turbostrider
98. Great Red Elekk
99. Golden King
100. ???

I haven’t decided what the last mount will be. It depends on how long other things take and what opportunities are available. I might treat myself to a Mekgineer’s Chopper …

Moar Achievements: Love is in the Air 2012

Now for one of the trickier achievements. Love is in the Air brings as much frustration as it does love!

To get the Fool for Love achievement you need to get the following:

  • Charming – Create 12 Lovely Charm Bracelets
  • Shafted! – Shoot 10 players with a Silver Shafted Arrow
  • Flirt with Disaster – Get drunk, put on some perfume and throw some rose petals over the named person, then kiss them
  • Lonely? – Enjoy a Buttermilk Delight with someone at a Romantic Picnic in Dalaran
  • Dangerous Love – Complete the quest chain
  • The Rocket’s Pink Glare – Shoot off 10 Love Rockets in 20 seconds or less
  • Nation of Adoration – Complete the Lovely Charm Bracelet daily quest for each of your faction’s leaders
  • Fistful of Love – Shower the listed class-race combinations with a handful of petals
  • Sweet Tooth – East one of each of the listed chocolates
  • Be Mine! – Eat one of each of the listed candies
  • My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose – Get a Bouquet of Red or Ebon Roses
  • I Pitied The Fool – /pity the Love Fool in the listed locations

There are a few bonus achievements and items:

  • Lovely Luck is On Your Side – get a Lovely Black Dress from a Lovely Dress Box
  • Perma-Peddle – Obtain the Peddlefeet pet
  • Tough Love – kill the holiday bosses
  • Big Love Rocket (Feat of Strength) – Obtain the Big Love Rocket mount
  • There is also a new mount this year – the Swift Lovebird which costs 270 tokens.

How you do it
Lets start by talking about currencies.  Why?  Because there are far too many currency type items in this festival.  For doing quests you get Love Tokens.  Love Tokens are the main currency you buy things with.  You also need to collect Lovely Charms.  Every 10 Lovely Charms can be made into a Lovely Charm Bracelet.  The Bracelets are used for quests that reward Love Tokens, but can also be exchanged for one Love Token each.  What you really want to know, however, is how many of everything you need!

You can make between 35 and 40 Love Tokens a day from daily quests (i.e. not by exchanging bracelets).  If you wanted to do everything, this should leave you with the following approximate time frames:

  • 3 days for the Achievement (99+ Love Tokens required – you may need more for further Bags of Heart Shaped Candies at 2 Tokens a time)
  • 1 day for Peddlefoot (or 2 with a lot left over)
  • 7-8 days for the Swift Love Bird

That leaves you with only 2 days to spare if you want to do it all.  So Love is in the Air is quite tight.

To do all four dailies every day for 14 days you need 56 Lovely Charm Bracelets or 560 Lovely Charms.  You need at least 12 (120) for your Achievement so thats the minimum number you should farm (and about right if all you are doing is the Achievements to cover you for the three days).

And so to work!

  1. Do the one off quests to give you the Dangerous Love achievement
  2. Every day you should be doing the following:
      • The ‘samples’ daily quest (there are 3 of which 1 will be available)
      • The Crushing the Crown daily quest
      • 4 daily quests to give a Lovely Charm Bracelet to each faction leader (the quests are in the cities themselves – the Darnassus one is the only one not at a standard Holiday location and is on an island between the bank and the temple) which will give you the Nation of Adoration achievement.
      • The holiday boss via the LFD tool (you only get the box with the tokens in once) whic will give you the Tough Love bonus achievement.
  3. You also need to farm Lovely Charms.  You can do this however you want, but the quicker its done, the quicker its over with!  Farm at least 12o and make them into Bracelets to get Charming.  Good places to farm these are the Fleshwerks and the Slag mobs in Halls of Lightning.  The Bracelets can be traded between characters.
  4. As you have the available Tokens you can then start shopping.  You need the following:
    1. 3 Handfuls of Rose Petals (2 Love Tokens each) to throw on the class-race combinations listed for Fistful of Love.  In your own faction sit in Stormwind and do /who gnome warlock etc. – all were easily found.  I found the opposing faction outside of Orgrimmar, but since Dalaran is used here and common farming spots are in Icecrown its also good to look there.
    2. As many Bags of Heart Candies (2 Love Tokens) as you need.  However, before you buy en masse, remember you can trade these so swap them with your friends/alts to get the ones you need.  When you have eaten one of each of the listed candies you will get Be Mine!
    3. Buy some strong alcohol from an inn and go looking for Sraaz (Alliance – he walks around the Great Forge in Ironforge) or Jeramiah Payson (Horde – the Cockroach vendor in Undercity who sits under one of the ramps up to the bank).  You need to do this in order – a) get completely smashed (keep drinking alcohol until it says that, b) put on your perfume (1 Love Token) and c) Throw a Handful of Rose Petals on your target and /kiss your target to get Flirt with Disaster.
    4. Buy 10 Silver Shafted Arrows (5 Love Tokens for 5) and shoot 10 players with them.  This gives Shafted!
    5. Buy 10 Love Rockets (5 Love Tokens for 5) and use them in 20 seconds or less.  Go somewhere with low lag, put the Love Rockets on a hot key and spam away.  They use a targeting circle.  This gives The Rocket’s Pink Glare
    6. Buy as many Boxes of Chocolates (10 Love Tokens) as you need to get one of each of the listed chocolates.  Don’t eat the Buttermilk Delight. You will need this for the next step.  Do eat the others.  These can be traded.
    7. Buy a Romantic Picnic Basket (10 Love Tokens), or find a friend who already has one (you can also risk just hoping someone else will have one).  Go to Dalaran with your Buttermilk Delight from step 5.  When you and another person are sitting at a single Romantic Picnic you can then eat your Buttermilk Delight.  This should give you Sweet Tooth and Lonely?
    8. Buy 5 Love Fools and go to each of the locations listed.  Put down the Love Fool, target it and use /pity.  Anywhere in the listed locations will do.  For Arathi Basin please note it says the Blacksmith so you need to be there.  The Love Fool does not last for long, but it can be /pitied by multiple people so if you want to speed things up do this one with friends.  This will give I Pitied The Fool.
    9. Lastly, you need to get a Bouquet of Red or Ebon Roses from one of the selected dungeon bosses.  They drop from Drahga Shadowburner in Grim Batol, Corla, Herald of Twilight in Blackrock Caverns, High Priestess Azil in The Stonecore and Admiral Ripsnarl in The Deadmines.  You have to win the roll to get My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose so this could take a few attempts.  You could do a few random heroics first and hope you get these while you also collect VP (they will be popular as people will be queuing for them specifically).  If you can get a group of guildies to help that increases your chance of getting the drop.
  5. Now if you want to do the additional achievements, then you need to keep doing the dailies to buy the items you need – the Peddlefeet pet for Perma-Peddle, the Big Love Bird mount and Lovely Dress Boxes (20 Love Tokens) in the hope of getting a black dress (this is not an easy one).  You also need to keep killing the Holiday boss every day in the hope of getting a Big Love Rocket.

Moar Achievements: Lunar Festival 2012

Apologies for the lateness – I’ve not been well!  It can all be done in one day anyway.

The Lunar Festival is, like Midsummer, easy and time consuming.  And from this year it has the same bonus feature (at least 500g made) AND a new pet!

To get To Honor One’s Elders achievement you need to get the following:

  • Elders of Eastern Kingdoms – Speak to all the listed Elders
  • Elders of Kalimdor – Speak to all the listed Elders
  • Elders of the Dungeons – Speak to all the listed Elders
  • Elders of the Horde – Speak to all the listed Elders
  • Elders of the Alliance – Speak to all the listed Elders
  • Elders of Northrend – Speak to all the listed Elders
  • Elders of Cataclysm – Speak to all the listed Elders
  • 50 Coins of Ancestry – These come from all those Elders you’ve been speaking to
  • Lunar Festival Finery – Buy a festive pant suit or festive dress with  Coins of Ancestry.
  • The Rocket’s Red Glare – Shoot off 10 Red Rocket Clusters in 25 seconds or less.
  • Frenzied Firecracker – Shoot of 10 Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds or less.
  • Elune’s Blessing – Complete the quest to kill Omen.

There are a few bonus achievements and items:

  • A Coin of Ancestry/5 Coins of Ancestry/10  Coins of Ancestry/ 25  Coins of Ancestry are all parts of the 50  Coins of Ancestry achievement, making that one quite valuable (even more so since you get it by doing all the other achievements)
  • Lunar Lantern (Alliance) and Festival Lantern (Horde) are available for 50  Coins of Ancestry.  These are BoE.

How you do it

  1. Start off in Stormwind/Orgrimmar (or another original faction city).  Complete all the quests there and do TheRocket’s Red Glare and Frenzied Firecracker.  The idea is the same for both – buy the required items (for cash), put them on a hot key and spam them.  The fireworks needs to be done near the launcher.  The Firecrackers are best done in a quiet corner and require you to use a target circle.  If you are struggling reduce you graphics settings.
  2. Start visiting those Elders!  Its time consuming, but not difficult.  Although the achievement has no hard level requirement, you ultimately will struggle to visit the Elders of the opposite faction and to solo the dungeons unless you are 85 or close.  I worked my way around each continent, doing dungeons as I went (though leave Mauradon for last because you WILL want to stone out).  Remember to solo your Northrend dungeons on Normal rather than Heroic to speed things up.  Three continents will give you Elders of the Eastern KingdomsElders of KalimdorElders of NorthrendElders of CataclysmElders of the DungeonsElders of the Alliance and Elders of the Horde.  Thats most of your meta done.
  3. Finally go to Moonglade.  Here you can spend your coins to buy clothing for Lunar Festival Finery.  You also need to pick up the quest to kill Omen.  In order to complete this quest you need to stand next to Omen’s corpse after he dies and get the buff.  You don’t actually have to kill Omen yourself.  But if you do need to hes quite tough.  A tank is particularly useful here and a tank and any other player should be able to kill him in one go at 85.  If not, hes going to hit you hard so it might take a few attempts.  The good news is his health does not reset between tries.  So if you and your friend can get him down 20% before you die, then he will have 80% left when you start again.  10-20% is about right for two players.  He will reset if you kite him too far.  You can kill him on your own but it will take a lot of time.  You can do Omen before the Elders, but you still need to go to Moonglade later to go shopping.

Elders it might be hard to find
Most of the Elders are fairly easy to find.  The following are more complex either because the label isn’t specific or they aren’t where you would expect:

  1. Ironforge – in the Mystic Ward
  2. Darnassus – Cenarion Enclave
  3. Undercity – in the throne room in the ruins
  4. Orgrimmar – near the flight master and the zepplin towers
  5. Thunder Bluff – Elder Rise
  6. Blasted Lands – by the Dark Portal
  7. The Hinterlands – the Creeping Ruin (in the middle)
  8. Searing Gorge – Blackchar Cave (in the south-western corner)
  9. Western Plaguelends – the Weeping Cave (in the north-east)
  10. Burning Steppes – on Dreadmaul Rock
  11. Zul’Gurub – in Northern Stranglethorn near the entrance (i.e. not in the dungeon)
  12. Eastern Plaguelands – Crown Guard Tower
  13. Stratholme – north section of Festival Lane (go in, go through the right hand gate and follow the left wall)
  14. Blackrock Depths – Ring of Law (you can run in and out before the fight starts)
  15. Lower Blackrock Spire – near the first bridge (go in, go down and through the second door on  your right and follow the path)
  16. Twilight Highlands – The Dunwald Ruins and the Thundermar Ruins
  17. Deepholm – Stonehearth
  18. Vashj’ir – Biel’aran Ridge – the southern part of the Shimmering Expanse
  19. Winterspring – Lake Kel’Theril
  20. Feralas – Lariss Pavillion (just north of Camp Mojache)
  21. Tanaris – outside the Ruins of Uldum
  22. Azshara – the Ravencrest Monument (south-east)
  23. Thousand Needles – Freewind Post
  24. Un’Goro – Slithering Scar
  25. Mauradon – go through the central entrance to the second part of the instance and follow it down to the extreme south-east corner – I have linked the WoWhead info as its a long way to run if you get it wrong
  26. Zul’Farrak – up near Gahz’rilla
  27. Mount Hyjal – Sanctury of Malorne
  28. Uldum – Khartut’s Tomb and the Ruins of Ammon
  29. The Nexus – in Ormorok the Treeshaper’s room
  30. Rainspeaker Rapids – near Freya in the north-east
  31. Wintergrasp – in the fortress – you need to hold Wintergrasp to get this Elder
  32. Azjol-Nerub – by the pool when you drop down for the final boss
  33. Halls of Stone – on the way to Krystallus
  34. Drak’tharon Keep – King Dred’s den
  35. Gundrak – Behind the Drakkari Colossus
  36. Utgarde Pinnacle – Under the stairs after Skadi
  37. Utgarde Keep – After Prince Keleseth

Moar Achievements: Darkmoon Faire

The all new and exciting Darkmoon Faire has arrived.  And it adds another batch of achievements to the World Events tab of your achievements panel.

You can get the following achievements from the Darkmoon Faire

  • Come One, Come All! – Attend the Darkmoon Faire
  • Fairgoer’s Feast – Consume one of every Darkmoon food and drink
  • Faire Favors – Complete at least 6 profession-based quests
  • I Was Promised a Pony – Ride  a Darkmoon Pony
  • Step Right Up – Play 5 different Darkmoon games
  • Blastenheimer Bullseye – Score a bullseye when launched from the Darkmoon Cannon
  • Quick Shot – Score a Quick Shot at the Shooting Gallery
  • Taking the Show on the Road – Launch off Darkmoon Fireworks in every friendly capital city
  • Darkmoon Dungeoneer – Turn in 5 dungeon Darkmoon Artifacts
  • Darkmoon Defender – Turn in 3 BG Darkmoon Artifacts
  • Darkmoon Despoiler – Turn in all 9 Darkmoon Artifacts
  • Darkmoon Duelist – Win the Darkmoon Deathmatch and recieve a Pit Fighter trinket
  • Darkmoon Dominator – Win the Darkmoon Deathmatch 12 times and recieve a Master Pit Fighter trinket

You can also obtain the following pets and mounts:

  • Darkmoon Dancing Bear (mount) – 180 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Swift Forest Strider (mount) – 180 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Balloon (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Cub (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Monkey (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Tonk (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Turtle (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Zepplin (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Sea Pony (pet)  – Fishing on Darkmoon Island

How you do it

  1.  Go to the Darkmoon Faire via a portal from the old location of the Darkmoon Faire (i.e. one of Goldshire, Mulgore or Shattrath, rotating each time).  There are breadcrumb quests from capital cities. [Completed: Come One, Come All!]
  2. Work your way along the Faire visiting the following people:
    1. Buy some Darkmoon Game Tokens from a Token vendor.
    2. Buy 6 Darkmoon Fireworks from the Fireworks vendor (not just any fireworks – specifically the ones called Darkmoon Firework).
    3. Buy a Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide from the Darkmoon Faire Information kiosk.
    4. Play each of the 5 Darkmoon games, completing the daily quests for these as you do them (its the quests that give you the achievement).  These award Darkmoon Tokens. There are two additional achievements for the Cannon and Shooting games (see below).  [Completed: Step Right Up]
    5. Pick up all the profession based quests and complete these.  You should have two for your main professions and 4 for the secondary professions.  You may need to go back to your city to buy materials for these.  You need a skill of 75 to get the quest which awards 5 points.  If you are levelling a profession you can keep these for tough points.   You can do these once per Darkmoon Faire. [Completed: Faire Favours]
    6. Visit the Darkmoon Food and Drink vendors (the Food vendor is also the Cooking quest giver) and buy and eat one of everything they have to sell. [Completed: Fairgoer’s Feast]
    7. Visit the petting zoo and ridy a pony there. [Completed: I Was Promised a Pony]
  3. Blastenheimer’s Bullseye requires you to land in the middle of the target after being shot out of the canon.  This is tricky, but not impossible with practice.  Alternatively you can possibly get this by having someone summon you to the spot while in mid-air (you need to be walking on the water for this).  If you hit the centre and don’t get it, there are some suggestions you can try jumping. [Completed: Blastenheimer Bullseye]
  4. To get quick shot you need to hit the target really fast.  You can do this by just aiming at one target and keep shooting until you get it. Or have fast reactions of course. [Completed: Quick Shot]
  5. Now it comes time to leave the island.  You need to visit your 6 friendly capital cities (the 4 faction cities and Shattrath and Dalaran) and fire off those fireworks you brought. [Completed: Take the Show on the Road]
  6. While you are moving around, you need to pick up 9 BoP items which you can only get with the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide in your bags.  These are the ‘artifacts’ in the three achievements (Dungeoneer, Defender and Despoiler).  8 of the artifacts in the Despoiler achievement are in either the Dungeoneer or the Defender.  The 3 Defender artifacts can be looted when you remove an Insignia in a Battleground.  The Dungeoneer ones come from ANY dungeon.  So they have a chance at dropping while you farm your VP in heroics, or you can farm something like Stockades to get them (not sure if this is intentional and it may be patched).  The final item, the Soothsayer’s Runes, drops from raids.  This will take a while. [Completed: Darkmoon Defender, Darkmoon Dungeoneer, Darkmoon Despoiler]
  7. This leaves only two achievements and these are back on the island but are the hardest to get.  You need to win the Darkmoon Deathmatch.  You win by looting the chest in the middle of the arena that spawns once every three hours starting at 12 am.  It takes 10 seconds to open the chest.  Anyone who is not in your group can kill you once you enter the arena, including your own faction.  Lots will be trying!  A group will really help here, as will PvP gear and waking up at 3 am to do it!  One win gives you Duelist and a quest to win another 11 times and get the Dominator achievement. [Completed: Darkmoon Duelist, Darkmoon Dominator]

Moar Achievements: Pilgrim’s Bounty 2011

Apologies for missing Hallow’s End.  Theres this whole house selling/buying thing I’m doing at the moment and its a bit chaotic. Pilgrim’s Bounty appears largely unchanged from last year.  You must be at least level 55 to complete this achievement and you will find it difficult at less than max level, especially as Horde.  Its based on the American Thanksgiving festival. To get the Pilgrim achievement you need to complete:

  • “FOOD FIGHT”! – ‘Pass’ food to a player who already has the 5 stack buff for that food type (or pass it 6 times to add the buff and then get the achievement).
  • Pilgrim’s Paunch – Go to a table in each of your faction’s cities and eat 5 stacks of each food to get the Spirit of Sharing buff there.  Despite the name, its nothing to do with passing food.
  • Pilgrim’s Progress – Complete all of the dailies at least once.  They are just to make food so get cooking.
  • Terrokar Turkey Time – Defeat Talon King Ikiss while wearing a Pilgrim’s Hat and Dress/Robe/Attire.  This is the last boss in Sethekk Halls.  It can be solo’d by any level 85 on normal with ease.
  • Turkey Lurkey – Blast a rogue of each race with a Turkey  Shooter.
  • Now We’re Cookin’ – Cook one of everything, which you will get by simply completing each of the daily quests (another achievement).
  • Pilgrim’s Peril – for this you need a PB dress.  You then visit each enemy capital while wearing it and sit at a table there.  Ironforge is particularly tricky for Horde.
  • Sharing is Caring – Pass one type of each food at a table (do at the same time as getting a Spirit of Sharing, just by hitting the other button.
  • The Turkinator – When you kill a Wild Turkey you get a buff that lasts 30 seconds.  Every turkey kill renews it.  Run around killing them until you get 40 stacks.

You can also get:

  • A pet Turkey for completing the meta.

How you do it

First some notes:

  • You will find Pilgrim’s Bounty vendors and tables in Stormwind (outside the gates), Ironforge (outside the gates), Darnassus (by the entrance from Teldrassil), Exodar (outside the entrance), Orgrimmar (outside the entrance), Thunder Bluff (on the ground near one of the lifts), Undercity (in the courtyard upstairs) and Silvermoon City (outside the entrance).
  • You need cooking 280 to complete this achievement.  If you don’t have it, you can get it very easily by cooking the Thanksgiving recipes (you can level to 350 from these).  Theres even a cooking trainer at each area.  You can buy all of the materials for the following from any PB vendor unless specified:
    • Spice Bread Stuffing requires cooking level 1 (i.e. your learnt cooking).
    • Pumpkin Pie requires cooking level 100.  You can buy Pumpkins from Undercity or Stormwind.
    • Cranberry Chutney requires cooking level 160.  You can buy Cranberries at Orgrimmar or Ironforge.
    • Candied Sweet Potato requires cooking level 220.  You can buy Sweet Potatoes at Thunder Bluff or Darnassus.
    • Slow Roasted Turkey requires cooking level 280.  You can’t buy turkeys but can loot them from the Wild Turkey mobs you will find all over Elwynn Forest and Tirisfal Glades during this festival.
  • The hat, dress (or other item) and Turkey Shooters are rewards from the daily quests.  You will need to do at least 10 dailies.  There are 5 available, so thats 2 days worth.

And this is how to do it (you may need to adapt this if you are levelling cooking too):

  1. Go to Stormwind/Undercity.  Pick up the daily quest. Pick up a stock of pumpkins – 40 for the daily quests over 2 days, plus some extra if you are going to do the yellow quests too (that applies to all the food types).
  2. Sit on each chair at a table and pass each food and eat 5 stacks of each food.   Also pass up to 6 stacks of one food at another player.[Completed:  Sharing is Caring, Food Fight, 1/4 Pilgrim’s Paunch]
  3. Time to go hunt some Wild Turkey.  If this is too difficult due to lack of turkeys, come back again at a less busy time.  Run around killing turkeys which will give you a 30 second stacking buff – each stack will renew the timer.  If you can loot them, great, but if its a bit tight don’t waste the time.  Keep killing them until you have a 40 stack buff. Either way, try and loot at least 40 too. [Completed: The Turkinator]
  4. Go to Ironforge /Orgrimmar.  Eat 5 stacks of each food.  Cook and hand in turkeys and stuffing.  Pick up a stock of Cranberries. [Completed 1/4 Pilgrim’s Paunch, 2/5 Pilgrim’s Progress, 2/5 Now We’re Cooking]
  5. Go to Thunder Bluff/Darnassus.  Eat 5 stacks of each food.  Cook and hand in pumpkin pie.  Pick up a stock of Sweet Potatoes.  [Completed 1/4 Pilgrim’s Paunch, 1/5 Pilgrim’s Progress, 1/5 Now We’re Cooking]
  6. Go to Exodar/Silvermoon (use the portal from Darnassus if Alliance and go back to Undercity and use its portal if Horde).  Eat 5 stacks of each food [Completed: Pilgrim’s Paunch]
  7. Go back to Stormwind/Undercity.  Cook and hand in potatoes and cranberries. [Completed: Pilgrim’s Progress, Now We’re Cooking]
  8. Do the dailies again the next day.  You should now have 8 shooters, a hat and a dress/robe.  You can do the next parts as soon as you have the items available and in any order.  I would do another round of dailies at this point to get some spare shooters, in case you miss target.
  9. Visit each of the opposite faction’s cities and, wearing a robe, sit in a chair at once of their tables.  You can only use a chair when you are out of combat.  You will be rezzing and running a lot.  Doing this during quiet hours will mean you only have to contend with guards. [Completed Pilgrim’s Peril]
  10. You need to shoot one of each race of rogue with a Turkey Shooter.  Like other events, they need to not already have the debuff.  Remember to use /who and see where people are in general terms.  You can do the opposite faction while you are visiting capitals, at the PvP spot outside Stormwind or Orgrimmar, around starter areas (not right in them as they have quite high level guards), or in Battlegrounds. [Completed: Turkey Lurkey]
  11. All that remains is to put on your hat and dress and kill Talon King Ikthiss.  He is the final boss in Setthek Halls.  Hes easily soloable on normal at level 85.  Remember to kill Anzu on the way past in case he drops the Raven Lord mount for you. [Completed: Terokkar Turkey Time, Pilgrim]

Moar Achievements: Twilight Highlands

Twilight Highlands is a levelling area you can access at level 84.  It is opened via a quest line starting in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

You can find the following achievements in Twilight Highlands:

  • Fading into Twilight – complete 120 (Alliance)/95 (Horde) quests in Twilight Highlands.
  • Consumed by Nightmare – Endure the nightmares of Iso’rath in the Twilight Highlands.
  • Wildhammer/Dragonmaw Tour of Duty – Kill the named mobs.
  • King of the Mountain – Complete the Twilight’s Hammer quest chain in Twilight Highlands up to and including Skullcrusher the Mountain.
  • Round Three, Fight! – Complete the Crucible of Carnage quests in Twilight Highlands up to and including The Twilight Terror!
  • Explore Twilight Highlands – explore the entire area.
  • Wildhammer/Dragonmaw Clan – gain Exalted with the Wildhammer Clan (Alliance) or Dragonmaw Clan (Horde).

Within Twilight Highlands lies Grim Batol.  You can find the following achievements there:

  • Grim Batol – complete this dungeon on normal difficulty.
  • Heroic: Grim Batol – complete this dungeon on heroic difficulty.
  • Umbrage for Umbriss – Defeat General Umbriss while he is affected with Modgud’s Malice
  • Don’t Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet – Defeat Erudax without letting a Faceless Corruptor begin to cast Twilight Corruption on any of Alexstrasza’s Eggs

You can also obtain the following pets/mounts/tabards:

  • Tabard of the Wildhammer/Dragonmaw Clan – Don’t forget to wear it and write down somewhere that you have done so.

You also want to complete the following component of achievements:

  • Gilnean White  – Eat it for Cataclysmically Delicious.
  • Stewed Rabbit  – Eat it for Cataclysmically Delicious.
  • Hardtack  – Eat it for Cataclysmically Delicious.
  • Tropical Sunfruit  – Eat it for Cataclysmically Delicious.
  • Yellow-Bellied Marmot – /love it for To All the Squirrels Who Cared For Me.
  • Highlands Turkey – /love it for To All the Squirrels Who Cared For Me.
  • Rattlesnake – /love it for To All the Squirrels Who Cared For Me.
  • Highland Guppy – Fish it for The Limnologist.
  • Deepsea Sagefish – Fish it for The Oceanographer. 
  • Algaefin Rockfish – Fish it for The Oceanographer.
  • Murglesnout – Fish it for The Oceanographer.   

How you do it
This is some further explanation for some of the achievements above:

  1. Just keep completing quests and you should get Consumed by Nightmare and King of the Mountain.
  2. For Wildhammer/Dragonmaw Tour of Duty you need to kill the following:
    1. High Shaman MacKilligan (Dragonmaw) – Can be found around 45,33 in the daily quest town.
    2. Gunwald Greybeard (Dragonmaw) – Can be found around 45,42 in the daily quest town.
    3. The Black Recluse Spider (Both) – Can be found in the basement of the building at 45,31.
    4. Dillan MacHurley (Dragonmaw) –  Can be found around 46,36 in the daily quest town.
    5. Cliff Tundermar (Dragonmaw) –  Can be found around 52,28 in the daily quest town.
    6. Korthalon the Black (Both) –  Can be found in the basement of the building at 51,27.
    7. Warlord Halthar (Wildhammer) –  Can be found around 49,36 in the daily quest town.
    8. Karkrog the Exterminator (Wildhammer) –  Can be found around 51,33 in the daily quest town.
  3. Complete the Crucible of Carnage.  You will need to find a group to do this – just ask in General in the area (or ask your guildies to help, or both).
  4. To get exalted with the Wildhammer/Dragonmaw Clan you can do dailies as well as wearing the tabard.
  5. For Umbrage the buff on the boss is caused by killing the Malignant Trogg add near him.  It lasts for 20 seconds.  Control the Malignant Trogg until you have him at about 10-15%, then kill the Trogg before killing the boss.  It is important to kill it right next to the boss.
  6. For Eggs just do the fight really well. Assign dps to adds and head for the adds as soon as Shadow Gale has finished making them your absolute priority.  Use any slows you have.
  7. The Highlands Turkey can be hard to find.  Wowhead lists one around 29,31 but mine have been in green areas along the river.  /tar Highlands Turkey macro spam ftw.

The above is based on my experience or the best information I could find where I did not have direct experience.  If you think anything is wrong please post below and I will do my best to respond although I may not agree.  If there is something wrong/especially useful I will update the guide.

Current as of 24 August 2011 (patch 4.2).

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