Ice Ice Baby

So we finally cleared all of the Hard Mode Flashpoints (Dungeons) in SWTOR. Yes, it took that long.  Actually, we cleared all but one very quickly.  And then there was Lost Island.  For those of you who remember Shattered Halls, and how hard it was on Heroic back in the day.  Imagine that.  Then double it.  Now you have Lost Island.  It was quite painful.  Most people don’t get past the first boss because if you lack gear he will just nom you. Maybe not double it.  That might be those rose tinted glasses.  But its at least that hard. … Continue reading Ice Ice Baby

Moar Achievements: Midsummer 2012

The Midsummer Festival is one of the easiest of the holiday achievements, but one of the most time consuming.  As a bonus though, you will make at least 500 gold at level 85 doing this achievement.  Its largely unchanged from 2011 other than the fact that Cataclysm Fires and Desecration achievements have been added to the metas. To get The Flame Keeper/The Flame Warden achievement you need to get the following: Ice the Frost Lord – kill Frost Lord Ahune Burning Hot Pole Dance – dance around a pole for 60 seconds wearing the completed Midsummer set Torch Juggler – … Continue reading Moar Achievements: Midsummer 2012

Moar Achievements: Children’s Week 2012

This is a re-write of the previous year’s guide.  There are no changes to the holiday from last year, but I’ve updated the format of the post.  There is only one new thing to consider: account wide pets. I highly recommend checking your toons to see which characters have which pets and targeting any pets you don’t already have.  You can also get different pets on different toons to try and collect all of them. To get For the Children you need to get the following achievements: Home Alone – Hearthstone with your Orphan out Daily Chores – Do 5 daily … Continue reading Moar Achievements: Children’s Week 2012