September in pictures

Just a few little pictures that show how much fun WoW can be … and how beautiful despite the stick it gets for the cartoony graphics.  September has been a busy month! Raiding FH has made some nice progress in the last month.  After getting a largely new line up over the summer, its taken a little while to gel.  It started, for me, in 10 man Ulduar where I got Iron Council on hard mode to add to my Hodir and Thorim.  The guild has also done a lot of 10 man hard modes.  Freya is also down, and … Continue reading September in pictures

I’ve got a screenshot addon and I’m not afraid to use it

Heres a little summary of what I’ve been up to in WoW recently, in screenshots. For those who like these pictures in blogs and elsewhere, I use an addon called Multishot.  You can find it over on WoWInterface.  It does two things.  Firstly, it automatically takes a screenshot every time you gain a level, kill a boss or get an achievement.  Secondly, when you hit print screen, it saves a picture for you alongside all those automatic pictures.  Thats one folder, lots of screenshots. And before you ask, and believe me you will, that folder is in the Warcraft master … Continue reading I’ve got a screenshot addon and I’m not afraid to use it