ICC (10 and 25 man normal) Crib Sheet – The Frostwing Halls

Well Friday I finally saw Sindragosa on 25 man as part of a PuG.  Saw would be accurate as on the first air phase the mage Iceblocked.  Not the ‘I’ve been hit by an icy spear of dragon breath’ kind of Iceblock, but rather the ‘I am a complete noob who just hit my Iceblock spell’ kind.  The result was inevitable. So here it is, better (very late) than never – the Frostwing Halls.  Just the Lich King to write up now. Valithria Dreamwalker 1 tank on 10 man, 2 on 25 man. 3 healers on 10 man, 5-6 on … Continue reading ICC (10 and 25 man normal) Crib Sheet – The Frostwing Halls

Fires, Dreams and Nightmares

Its been a busy couple of days. The gear list posts are coming. In the mean time if you take a look at the gear list you will see I have already added some more items. A Beacon Fire As any blog reader cannot fail to have noticed, there is a new ‘thing’ in the blogging community – the blogging guild Single Abstract Noun run by Tamarind of Righteous Orbs. Its based on the Argent Dawn-EU server which is an RP server. I’ve got a few very low level alts kicking around on there. And now I have another one … Continue reading Fires, Dreams and Nightmares

How to wipe in Trial of the Grand Crusader

Last night Forgotten Heroes downed Northrend Beasts in Trial of the Grand Crusader 25.  We welcomed a lot of new members over the weekend as another guild joined with ours and it made all the difference. Now with some progress wiping going on, we have to learn to wipe again.  The nature of Wrath raiding is that pretty much everyone has to live.  So heres some tips for what to do when a wipe is called. General Tips Stop healing! Stop tanking – you WANT the boss to rampage insanely around the room now. Actually die.  Using Divine Intervention, Feign … Continue reading How to wipe in Trial of the Grand Crusader

Achievement fest, or how a bad night turned good

So last night. Raid invite time comes and where am I? Still on a train. Meetings ran late. I missed the raid. The guild ran ToTC 25.  Realising I was at a loose end I decided to do a few things I wouldn’t normally be able to do on a Wednesday night. Did you notice the Headless Horseman drops rings? First I logged onto Arianrhodd to do the Headless Horseman. I had a bonus summon, never having done it before, after having quickly put out the fires in Brill. I went, I summoned, I got the Ring of Ghoulish Glee, … Continue reading Achievement fest, or how a bad night turned good

Dragon Killer (Sartharion, Malygos and Onyxia 10 and 25 normal) Crib Sheet

Obsidian Sanctum (Sartharion) Dragon mini bosses (Vesperon, Shadron and Tenebron) 1 tank for the dragon, 1 to take adds inside the portal (generally) When the portal appears everyone but the dragon tank and his healer goes in and kill the adds/eggs. You can Zerg Vesperon and Tenebron, but not Shadron as he is untouchable while his portal add is alive. Get out of swirly blue things before you die! Sartharion 1 MT tank, tanking where she stands but facing right. Stay away from the head (cleave, breaths) and the tail (swipe). 1-2 OTs take the fire adds; collect and drag … Continue reading Dragon Killer (Sartharion, Malygos and Onyxia 10 and 25 normal) Crib Sheet

Why I miss the 0.3% wipes

Generally I like Wrath better than TBC.  I definitely like the accessibility of raids.  But there is one thing that bugs me.  We don’t really get those 0.3% wipes often any more. In the arms of Kologorn Last night, for reasons best know only to himself, our raid leader decided we should try and get the achievement to kill Kologorn without killing his arms.  Its not part of the Glory meta so I was a bit miffed.  But whatever. We got it.  The trick is that when he drops people he yells ‘Oblivion’.  If you really control your dps you … Continue reading Why I miss the 0.3% wipes


So now I’m no longer an officer I have some time to spend on other things.  I’m indulging my Altaholism at the moment.  Trial of the Crusader/Onyxia and the Emblem changes are such that both my alts can raid. Akandra the Discipline Priest I did Trial of the Crusader 10 on Akandra the healer.  I can feel the difference healing on her as opposed to being on Morrighan.  Probably because I used to have on Akandra what I now have on Morrighan – that kind of instinctive experience with my class that means when the going gets tough I can … Continue reading Altaholism