Retribution Paladin pre-raid gear list 4.0.6

This is the set I would go for pre-raid based on the gear list.  This set will see you 2 points off the hit cap (with hit gems in blue slots).  You will need to reforge to meet the expertise cap.  Its a bit of a change from items you may have gone for beforehand, due to the changes in 4.0.6.  You could add one other epic item to this list the Valor Points boots are BoE and probably Head – Stonemason’s Helm (Heroic Deadmines) Neck – Gift of Nadun (Ramkahen – Exalted) Shoulder – Pauldron’s of the High Requiem … Continue reading Retribution Paladin pre-raid gear list 4.0.6

Cataclysm Gearing for Ret Palas – Head

Cataclysm is a few days away and its all about the GEARZ.  What to get, where to go, etc. I’ve pieced together what I can based on MMO-Champion and Wowhead.  Also Redcape has released his latest spreadsheet and I’ve drawn on the default Seal of Truth scores: Strength 2.07 Hit 1.55 until capped and 0 after cap Expertise 1.13 until capped and negligible after cap Critical strike rating 0.80 Haste rating 0.79 Mastery rating 0.41 Weapon speed 1102.65 Weapon DPS 7.27 The jumps above are fairly large.  Mostly we gear for strength, then for Hit and Expertise until capped, then … Continue reading Cataclysm Gearing for Ret Palas – Head