Disc Priest Education – Get guilds and pugs to take you seriously(addons)

“Your not a good healer, look you’re at the bottom of the healing meters with 1.1k HPS and all the other healers have 3k. You fail”

Every heard that one before? I have. Mostly from a pug’s or a guild’s who has not trained their members to understand Discipline priest healing.

Well do not panic, you are not doing anything wrong. Actually you’re doing your job right. If a disc priest is high in healing and above other healers for HPS, then either the other healers are VERY bad or the disc priest is not shielding. (which is bad times)

Your first way of dealing with the problem of people not knowing or not reading up about Disc priests are to download an addon from www.curse.com called RecountGussedAbsorbed and /w it if someone comments on your healing/lack of healing. You will need to already have Recount addon for this to work. It will make a new page of information on shield/bubble absorbed healing. Alternatively make an account on worldoflogs.com and upload your raid information into that and it will also show your total healing and absorbed healing together.

This is your first line of defense to actually get a guild or group to take you seriously if need be.  Also it will help you to see how well you are doing compared to other healers within the group/raid.

In My next Blog i will be making a post which you can pass onto your guild members to show what we bring to a raid. This will start to educate people who have not come into contact with a pve disc priest before.

I hope this will start to help people who i see post a lot on discpriest.com, saying that guilds wont take them serious and are trying to push them into holy spec.  I guess i am just very lucky that i came into a guild who actually was using disc priests as an offspec so they knew what they where all about and what they contributed to a raid.

Noela Out 😀


WHAT WAS THAT I HERD YOU SAY? Disc is a worthy PVE healer? 
Well as you bring that up i guess i will introduce myself. I am Noeal a pve disc priest. I’ve been playing disc for little over a year and was introduced to this blog by morrighan. I will be here from now on going threw the in’s and outs of disc healers and what is needed to be able to blow the socks of healing/absorbed meters and make all your other raid healers scratch their heads in confusion at this new type of healing. 
Before you point it out, yes disc PVE Priests have been out since back in the old days of outlands. Since WotLK they have came into their own as a well polished and powerful addition to a raid. 
Also i will be doing blogs on how to make gold and general but interesting blogs about world of warcraft.  
Well that is my intro done, hope to be see you soon.


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