WHAT WAS THAT I HERD YOU SAY? Disc is a worthy PVE healer? 
Well as you bring that up i guess i will introduce myself. I am Noeal a pve disc priest. I’ve been playing disc for little over a year and was introduced to this blog by morrighan. I will be here from now on going threw the in’s and outs of disc healers and what is needed to be able to blow the socks of healing/absorbed meters and make all your other raid healers scratch their heads in confusion at this new type of healing. 
Before you point it out, yes disc PVE Priests have been out since back in the old days of outlands. Since WotLK they have came into their own as a well polished and powerful addition to a raid. 
Also i will be doing blogs on how to make gold and general but interesting blogs about world of warcraft.  
Well that is my intro done, hope to be see you soon.



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