To do list: reset commencing 15 February 2012

I have too many things to do.  I have a whole long list of things I want to do in WoW, but not enough time in which to do them.  So I handle this by making a list.  This is my ‘to do’ list for this ‘reset’ (i.e. today to next Tuesday). World of Warcraft Run Brynna through both parts of LFR Go to Baradin Hold with Brynna Cap Brynna’s Valor Points Run Akandra through both parts of LFR Finish collecting enough Love Tokens to buy two more bird mounts on Brynna and Hesttia Optional: Go to Baradin Hold on … Continue reading To do list: reset commencing 15 February 2012

Fighting back against ‘rape’ comments

The Love is in the Air guide is coming I promise! But now for something completely different. Theres been a little Twitterstorm going on surrounding Mana Obscura‘s Gazimoff who, when watching videos from came across a video where one of the directors said that ‘women were built for rape’.  Thats an utterly distasteful comment.  Its not a joke – rape is never a joke because rape is a violent, nasty crime that has victims.  For those victims, male or female, it can never be a joke.  Its not ‘acceptable gaming terminology’ and its not funny.  If you think that … Continue reading Fighting back against ‘rape’ comments