Whats in a main …

When I first played WoW I had one character.  Her name was Akandra and she was a priest.  It was relatively simple, then, to answer 'What do you play?' or 'What's your main?' The changing face of a WoW player  Then came other characters - Enalla, my druid, Morrighan, my paladin and Jera, my much... Continue Reading →

Fighting back against ‘rape’ comments

The Love is in the Air guide is coming I promise! But now for something completely different. Theres been a little Twitterstorm going on surrounding Mana Obscura's Gazimoff who, when watching videos from Machinima.com came across a video where one of the directors said that 'women were built for rape'.  Thats an utterly distasteful comment.... Continue Reading →

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