Link love and Morrighan’s top tip of the week

It seems I’ve had some link love recently. posted a link to How to wipe in Trial of the Grand Crusader so welcome to all the new readers who clicked through there. Plus Big Bear Butt said nice things about me, which is always nice. Its great when the bloggers you read turn out to read your blog too.

Now my turn to spread the link love around. You might have noticed I’ve added a few bloggers to my blogroll over the past few weeks:

Morrighan’s top tip of the week
This one is good for this week only.  The Pilgrim’s Bounty event is a great chance to level cooking on your alts!  The mats cost next to nothing, the various capitals are all easily accessible these days and unlike the big professions, the cooking has no level limits.  By that I mean that for enchanting, tailoring, etc. your character must be a certain level before they can progress the trade – you can’t have a level 1 with 400 enchanting.  The same is not true for cooking.  You should easily reach 300 cooking on your low level alts saving yourself a great deal of time and energy later so level up your favourites and don’t think about cooking again until Outland.

Elitist Jerks and you

Elitist Jerks is a guild on Mal’Ganis US. Why do you need to know about their website? Because its got the best theorycrafting going.

You can find Elitist Jerks at

Click on Forums and scroll down to Class Mechanics and choose your class. In the forum for your class you will find a number of threads that will include a number of guides for your class and spec. I strongly recommend reading them and taking on their advice.

These guides are some of the best advice you can find on the web. They are normally correct and corrected in that people keep them up to date. The theorycrafting behind them is sound and they are accessible. That’s not to say they are 100% accurate. You can exercise judgement – but generally they are right so if you disagree you want to think carefully about why. For example I don’t have the EJ Holy build on my priest, but that’s based on years of playing her and knowing how I play. I don’t take Inner Focus even though it’s a good spell because I’ve never managed to work it into my play effectively. I know it’s a lack on my part, but I feel I would be better increasing the throughput of the spells I do use.

Elitist Jerks guides normally cover talents, stats, gems and enchants and sometimes gear (even if its just trinkets). For example the Retribution paladin guide will explain possible builds, what stats are good and which ones are just ‘meh’ and what caps you need for hit and expertise.

We had an application from a Warlock with Egg of Mortal Essence. My first thought – ‘why do you have a healing trinket?’. It turns out that the Egg is not bad for warlocks pre-raid because of all that lovely spellpower. Its on a list from EJ. This I would accept as a good reason to have the Egg. I don’t have time to research every class and spec, so I would take ‘because its on this thread from EJ as a good reason that you can see here

A note of caution. What I also noticed is that Sundial of the Exile was on the list too, and higher up. The lock had chosen the Egg over that even though it cost the same number of badges! Needless to say we didn’t trial the warlock because clearly he hadn’t looked properly at his gear. Read the advice carefully and in full!

3 websites to help you … keep up to date with World of Warcraft

  1. MMO-Champion
    MMO-Champion is a news site in a blog/forum style.  Its a great site for seeing whats coming in new patches or expansions, knowing who is getting first kills and seeing what Blizzard are posting on the forum.  It has the original and best ‘Blue Tracker’ which tracks posts by Blizzard (which appear in blue text on the forum, hence their name) and it posts the best of these on the front page of its site.  This site, more than any other, gives insight into the development process and why Blizzard make the choices they do, all neatly arranged.
  2. WoW Insider
    WoW Insider is a nice compliment to MMO-Champion.  Its focus is to bring you news, analaysis and opinion (just read the tag line).  Its not as fast as MMO-Champion at posting new information, but you get the bonus of discussion and opinion.  It also has ‘columns’ such as The Queue which is a Q&A column and class specific column telling you what changes really mean for you.  With multiple authors there are lots of new posts every day.
  3. World of Wacraft website (US | EU)
    Whilst MMO-Champion draws its information from these sites, they are less useful because the information on them is scattered throughout the pages.  However, these are the only sites where you can get the Official word.  Whilst MMO and WoW Insider are reliable, theres a lot of other websites out there that aren’t and most major patches or expansions see at least one set of fake notes doing the rounds.  Check here for the Official word.

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