Retribution Raider’s Crib Sheet for 4.1

As a note the gear sheet has been updated.  I just forgot to post an tell everyone.  I am also working on a Holy Priest version of this. Specs and Glyphs 7/2/32 Use Prime Glyph of Truth, Prime Glyph of Templar’s Verdict and Prime Glyph of Exorcism Use Major Glyph of Ascetic Crusader.  The others are situational but for general use at the moment I would take Major Glyph of Hammer of Wrath and Major Glyph of Rebuke. Minor Glyphs make very little difference.  Choose what you like. Abilities: DPS A retribution rotation is now somewhere between the old first … Continue reading Retribution Raider’s Crib Sheet for 4.1

Patch 4.1 and the little things that make WoW better

Patch 4.1 has some big things.  It has troll heroics and the Call to Arms for LFD.  But it also has some little things that just make the game better. Flying mounts can now be used in Ghostlands. Lets hope they work their way through all of the TBC Azeroth areas. A dead player can now be resurrected by targeting them using the Party or Raid Frame even if they have released. No more hunting for corpses. Win.  Often players release immediately, only to discover someone managed to survive and could res the group quicker. All non-damaging interrupts off the … Continue reading Patch 4.1 and the little things that make WoW better

The ups and downs of the 4.1 announcement

Well MMO Champion has some new information up and I’m pretty excited I must say. Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman are back Both in heroic-5 man form.  The trend started with Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep looks set to continue in that neither dungeon will have a normal mode.  Both will drop epic 353 level gear.  And rare mounts, of course.  I am glad these are heroics and not raids. Zul’Aman will be the first time one of the areas I have ‘done’ is reinvented within the game.  I never did Naxxramas the first time around, nor ZG.  So Zul’Aman will be my … Continue reading The ups and downs of the 4.1 announcement

Retribution Paladin pre-raid gear list 4.0.6

This is the set I would go for pre-raid based on the gear list.  This set will see you 2 points off the hit cap (with hit gems in blue slots).  You will need to reforge to meet the expertise cap.  Its a bit of a change from items you may have gone for beforehand, due to the changes in 4.0.6.  You could add one other epic item to this list the Valor Points boots are BoE and probably Head – Stonemason’s Helm (Heroic Deadmines) Neck – Gift of Nadun (Ramkahen – Exalted) Shoulder – Pauldron’s of the High Requiem … Continue reading Retribution Paladin pre-raid gear list 4.0.6

Cataclysm Gearing for Ret Palas – Head

Cataclysm is a few days away and its all about the GEARZ.  What to get, where to go, etc. I’ve pieced together what I can based on MMO-Champion and Wowhead.  Also Redcape has released his latest spreadsheet and I’ve drawn on the default Seal of Truth scores: Strength 2.07 Hit 1.55 until capped and 0 after cap Expertise 1.13 until capped and negligible after cap Critical strike rating 0.80 Haste rating 0.79 Mastery rating 0.41 Weapon speed 1102.65 Weapon DPS 7.27 The jumps above are fairly large.  Mostly we gear for strength, then for Hit and Expertise until capped, then … Continue reading Cataclysm Gearing for Ret Palas – Head