Moar Achievements: Children’s Week 2012

This is a re-write of the previous year's guide.  There are no changes to the holiday from last year, but I've updated the format of the post.  There is only one new thing to consider: account wide pets. I highly recommend checking your toons to see which characters have which pets and targeting any pets you... Continue Reading →

Children’s Week Achievement Guide

To get For the Children you need to get the following achievements: Home Alone - Hearthstone with your Orphan out Daily Chores - Do 5 daily quests with your Orphan out School of Hard Knocks - complete four specicific BG goals with your Orphan out Bad Example - Eat 7 specific types of nice stuff... Continue Reading →

Moar Achievements: Noblegarden 2011

Below is the first in a series of achievement guides I'm putting together.  There will be achievement guides for each holiday, and also guides by zone listing all the achievements and components of achievements you can collect in a zone.  I have a post giving more information ready to go soon. To get the Noble... Continue Reading →

Noblegarden and Hard Boiled

Akandra was enobled on Monday after just a few hours of collecting eggs.  I think I got lucky and everything apart from the pet, the egg and the spring robes dropped for me.  Normally multiple times.  I think I have 5 Elegant Dresses.  That means I needed 255 eggs + 10 for the quest which,... Continue Reading →

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