If you think Ji Firepaw didn’t need to be changed, you are the problem

This is a very angry post.  It is not a rant, because rant implies that you are angry about nothing.  I am angry about something very important. For this history behind this take a look at the WoW Insider article.  I'm going to start assuming you've read it or the original complaint thread. My own... Continue Reading →

The sad reality of sexism in WoW

I've seen it over the years.  Quite a bit of it.  But the last couple of days I've had a couple of incidents.  Its a reality I have to live with if I want to play WoW.  But I neither have to like it nor sit passively by and accept it.  I'll state openly I... Continue Reading →

Of Noblegarden Bunnies and Female Officers

This is my first stab at an opinion post so I’ve decided to go for something nice and controversial! Shake Your Bunny-Maker Both Larisa at The Pink Pig Tail Inn and Green Armadillo at Player versus Developer posted last week about the Noblegarden Achievement Shake Your Bunny-Maker. The achievement requires you to use an item... Continue Reading →

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