Retribution Gear List 3.3. ed. > Hands

Welcome back to the Retribution Gear List.  Its back with a new format!  You can find the consolidated 3.3 gear list here.  There are new stats for 3.3 based on a revised Redcape Spreadsheet.

Rank Hands Source ilevel Score Hit score
1 Fleshrending Gauntlets (Heroic) Festergut 25 (Heroic) 277 547.26 547.26
2 Fleshrending Gauntlets Festergut 25 264 489.49 489.49
3 Gatecrasher’s Gauntlets 60 Emblems of Frost 264 475.64 475.64
4 Gloves of Bitter Reprisal (H) Anub’arak 25 (Heroic) 258 453.32 453.32
5 Sanctified Lightsworn Gauntlets (Heroic) Tier 10.3 token 277 445.08 628.76
6 Festering Fingerguards (Heroic) Festergut 10 (Heroic) 264 420.6 599.8
7 Sanctified Lightsworn Gauntlets Tier 10.2 token 264 396.76 558.04
8 Throatrender Handguards (Heroic) Queen Lanathel 10 (Heroic) 264 395.64 574.84
9 Gloves of Bitter Reprisal Anub’arak 25 245 386.95 386.95
10 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Gauntlets of Triumph (Heroic) Tier 9.3 trophy 258 377.84 530.16
11 Festering Fingerguards Festergut 10 251 377.04 536.08
12 Gauntlets of Rising Anger (H) Northrend Beasts 10 (Heroic) 245 365.92 466.72
13 Lightsworn Gauntlets 60 Emblems of Frost 251 355.72 496.84
14 Throatrender Handguards Queen Lanathel 10 251 355.59 514.63
15 Conqueror’s Aegis Gauntlets Emalon the Storm Watcher 25/Mimiron 25 226 348.72 348.72

Also of note:

17 Weeping Gauntlets Brohnjahm (Heroic) 232 334.22 334.22
22 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Gauntlets of Conquest 30 Emblems of Triumph 232 302.16 418.64
23 Plated Grips of Korth’azz ICC trash 5 219 296.86 296.86


Heres another case where you have to look at the hit score.  The tier 10 gloves are the only tier piece with hit on them and are in fact very good once you account for that.  I would recommend going for these.  Also remember that hands can be obtained from Vault of Archavon and make sure to run there each week.  Hands are also amongst the cheaper pieces of both tier 9 and tier 10 for non-raiders.

Retribution Gear List 3.3 ed. > Wrists

Welcome back to the Retribution Gear List.  Its back with a new format!  You can find the consolidated 3.3 gear list here.  There are new stats for 3.3 based on a revised Redcape Spreadsheet.

Rank Wrists Source ilevel Score Hit score
1 Boneshatter Armplates (H) Northrend Beasts 25 (Heroic) 258 361.28 361.28
2 Taiga Bindings (Heroic) Valithra 10 (Heroic) 264 357.92 357.92
3 Polar Bear Claw Bracers (Heroic) Gunship 25 (Heroic) 277 340 474.4
4 Taiga Bindings Valithra 10 251 317.97 317.97
5 Boneshatter Armplates Northrend Beasts 25 245 305.44 305.44
6 Polar Bear Claw Bracers Gunship 25 264 304.2 420.68
7 Titanium Spikeguards Blacksmithing 245 291.14 291.14
8 Armbands of Bedlam Mimiron 25 (Heroic) 239 289.44 289.44
9 Armguards of the Nether Lord (H) Jaraxus 10 (Heroic) 245 287.58 287.58
10 Bitter Cold Armguards Hodir 10 (Heroic) 226 248.98 248.98
11 Armguards of the Nether Lord Jaraxus 10 232 241.08 241.08

Also of note:

13 Wristbands of the Sentinel Huntress 60 Emblems of Valor 213 225.28 225.28
14 Vambraces of Unholy Command The Black Knight (Heroic) 219 211.46 211.46
15 Malykriss Vambraces Garfrost (Heroic) 232 207.24 308.04


Wrists are again a bit of a sore point. After a rash of good options in 3.2, I’m very disappointed with the 3.3. options.  The Polar Claw Bracers are my personal choice – coming from a relatively easy boss they should be accessible to most raiders (the first four ICC 25 bosses are considered puggable on my server).  I am choosing to go with the hit option here, as the others are a bit lacklustre.

Pre-raid I recommend finding someone to craft you a set of Titanium Spikeguards.  The mats are relatively cheap.

Retribution Gear List 3.3 ed. > Chest

Welcome back to the Retribution Gear List.  Its back with a new format!  You can find the consolidated 3.3 gear list here.  There are new stats for 3.3 based on a revised Redcape Spreadsheet.

Rank Chest Source ilevel Score Hit score
1 Sanctified Lightsworn Battleplate (Heroic) Tier 10.3 token 277 728.14 728.14
2 Blade-Scored Carapace (Heroic) Saurfang 10 (Heroic) 264 673.56 673.56
3 Sanctified Lightsworn Battleplate Tier 10.2 token 264 648.24 648.24
4 Castle Breaker’s Battleplate 95 Emblems of Frost 264 647.52 647.52
5 Gendarme’s Cuirass (Heroic) Marrowgar 25 (Heroic) 277 632.04 869.48
6 Blade-Scored Carapace Saurfang 10 251 604.2 604.2
7 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Battleplate of Triumph (Heroic) Tier 9.3 trophy 258 592.86 592.86
8 Lightsworn Battleplate 95 Emblems of Frost 251 578.88 578.88
9 Gendarme’s Cuirass Marrowgar 25 264 566.84 772.92
10 Chestplate of the Frostborn Hero (H) Faction Champions 25 (Heroic) 258 551.82 744.46
11 Titanium Razorplate Blacksmithing 245 547.66 547.66
12 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Battleplate of Triumph Tier 9.2 trophy + 75 Emblems of Triumph 245 529.98 529.98
13 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Battleplate of Conquest 50 Emblems of Triumph 232 473.16 473.16
14 Steelbreaker’s Embrace Iron Council 25 226 466.28 466.28
15 Chestplate of the Frostborn Hero Faction Champions 25 245 459.66 625.42

Also of note:

16 Frost Wyrm Ribcage Tyranus (Heroic) 232 454.62 454.62
25 Lost Reliquary Chestguard Devourer 219 323.4 489.16
26 Breastplate of the Imperial Joust Confessor/Eadric 200 309.4 416.92


For me this will be where I use a non-set item.  Despite the Armor Pen on the Castle-Breaker’s Battleplate its still a good option for 10 man raiders (I have a scoring system and it includes a value for ArP – where that value is good, its good – I’m not going to refuse to use ArP just for fun).  Hopefully I will replace this with the Heroic version of the Blade Scored Carapace I am currently using.  I thought, for a long time, about the Gendarme’s Cuirass which is very easy to obtain with a lot of hit, but I could not find good items to replace some of the other hit pieces I had chosen.

Pre-raid I would tend towards using this slot for a set item, as the 75 badge head is a good alternative to a set piece.  There is a crafted chest at the previous tier, but again it is ArP based and this time there is a better alternative available.

Interesting …. ramblings on the Twitter Developer Chat

My favourite/most interesting points from the Twitter Developer Chat.  I would like to point out that this is a great feature from Blizzard.  Its normally full of tantalising hints.  Its also good because its quite a positive event.  So many forum posts from Blizzard are in response to whining.  Quite depressing really.

This is a bit rambling, just my thoughts about the comments.

Q. Are there any plans to implement cross-faction/cross-realm mail(for BoA gear and such)?
A. We have cross-faction mail for BoA items now; cross-realm is a work in progress, but we hope to have it done “soon.”

Gotta love that.  I think the cross-faction BoA mail is great.  Its motivated me to start a Horde on my realm.  But I only have 10 slots and ultimately I will run out.  The ability to send Heirlooms cross-realm would fix that.  Of course they could just give us more slots!

Q. What have you learned from this expansions emblem system?
A. Having that many different kind of emblems is overwhelming. In hindsight, we wish we had done maybe 2 emblems: the current tier and the previous tier (Frost and Triumph at the moment). They also felt a tad too grindy when 3.3 first came out before all of the sources of emblems were available.

One of a couple of mentions of Emblems.  Basically Blizzard doesn’t like how complex the system has become.  And it has become complex – changing Emblems down for some purchases is extremely irritating.  I would rather they just migrated the drops up.  So you had Heroism and Valor.  When a third level becomes available you stick with those and change where they drop.  You can simply change what is available with them.  Basically like the old Badges of Justice.  We managed just fine there with only one type of badge.

Also, there was a mention in the chat of not liking the idea that people had to log on every single day.  The weekly raids have been a nice idea there.  I think perhaps there is a balance to be found between the dailies and the weekly raids.  As puggable as they are, the weekly raids still require you to raid.  For some people thats much harder than others.  Coming from a raiding guild, I know many people find it hard to understand why people can’t pug raids.  But as it happens I know players for whom even the idea of pugging a raid is immense.  Theres a large variety of players in WoW and for those who raid they maybe don’t come across the other group.

Perhaps theres some kind of balance – maybe you could get weekly heroic quests, that require you do to maybe five different things?  That way you can choose to do them in whatever time frame is best for you.

Q. You talk a lot about changing how we heal tanks, but will aggro ever come back as a challenging part of the game?
A. Not sure. This is something we discuss a lot. I even had a meeting on it this week! On the one hand, some tanks really felt like the way to distinguish themselves was to generate maximum threat per second. On the other hand, threat is a pretty invisibile part of the game (it’s limited to the UI at best), and I know when I tank that I always feel pretty emasculated when someone actually pulls off of me. It’s challenging, but is it really fun? This is the kind of thing we’d love to get more feedback on.  Please include your feedback on large banners to be shown in the background during the Olympics. Failing that, the forums would work too.

I thought this was quite interesting, because aggro management, were it still a major feature of the game the way it was in TBC, would be a major consideration for retribution.  At the moment 99% of the time I can just hit my buttons in the optimum order and not worry about it.  Having come from my priest, I use Salvation the way I used to use Fade.  Something hitting you? Salv.  Hearing the aggro warning? Salv. Managing your aggro again would mean considering whether you could use that Divine Storm or that Judgement.  That would make game play more interesting, true.  But it would also hurt us a lot in terms of dps.  I would be worried that some classes would have more aggro issues than others.  By virtue of the overaggro mechanic, melee would get hit harder by it in some fights (since melee aggro at 110% instead of 130% for ranged) whilst ranged would in others (where they can stand and dps while the melee run like hell).  Also, ranged can push their limit more by virtue of being further away.  If I get aggro I’m dead before I can blink.  And normally so are some of my fellow melee.

I would have to say, on balance, I prefer it this way.

I’m afraid I can’t get to the Olympics to do banners 😦  If someone wants to send me out there I’ll do one.  Any volunteers?

Q. How do you feel about the limited attempts mechanic that has been use in Trial of the Crusader and Icecrown Citadel?
A. We’re not crazy about how they worked out. They were designed in essence to save players from themselves. In the past, some people would make 400+ attempts on new bosses. That’s not healthy and at some point you’re not measuring skill but tenacity. Yet, that’s not what happened. Guilds just made alts to get around the limitations, and things like disconnects and accidents make losing an attempt really frustrating. We like gating because if nothing else it lets the community focus on more than just the final boss in the zone. If we do limited attempts again it would probably be limited to optional bosses like Algalon.

Q. In Cataclysm, do you plan on releasing two raid instances at a time (like Serpentshrine Cavern/Tempest Keep), or are we only getting one at a time (i.e. Naxxramas followed by Ulduar)?
A. We like the idea of having more smaller raids rather than one large one. In other words, we will have more than one at Cataclysm launch.

Limited attempts is interesting.  I definitely prefer the limit to be ‘attempts’ rather than ‘time’ based.  I get what Blizzard were trying to do.  Wiping on that one boss your stuck on endlessly can get really stressful.  However, I do feel a bit like the limited attempts was just a tool to try and slow progression a bit.  It seems a cheap way of doing that.  I also definitely did not like the four raid lockout model.  Too much pressure to do too many repetitive raids, especially on 25 man guilds.

I do like the progression model in ICC.  A hard end boss gates access to heroic modes.  Now if both ICC and Ulduar had been split into two raids, each with that same gate, I would be happy with the progression model overall.  I don’t like how inflexible the single raid lockout is.  I much preferred the old SSC/TK and MH/BT model.  Theres a second quote here because I think these two are closely linked.  I would like to see, at each tier, two raids of 6 to 10 bosses one with a single raid boss.  You could either balance the larger raids equally or have one be faster and smaller compared to a slightly longer raid elsewhere.  Alternatively, single raids could be divided into a couple of lockouts.  Ulduar could have been two – one for the Seige and Antechamber, one for the Keepers and Descent.

Q. If you could go back and redo or remove some feature that were added with WoTLK, what would it be and why?
A. I think the emblem system could be less clunky.
Limited Attempts didn’t really work out.
We always had some tension about what 10 player heroic should really be.
I’m only talking new features here. There were plenty of other things I’d change about this expansion in hindsight. We’re pretty critical of our own design.

The final comment made about raid design was about 1o player heroics.  These have been very contraversial.  Mainly because 10 player heroics serve two purposes – they become a second gear farm for 25 man raiding guilds and they are the challenging encounters for 10 man guilds.   I’m not really sure what the solution was here.  I do think that having each raid available at 10 and 25 man level allows increased participation.  However, it also put a lot more pressure on players.  If you’re in a 10 man guild theres a pressure to try and run some 25 mans to improve your gear.  If you’re in a 25 man guild theres a pressure to raid 10 mans as well as 25 to get more gear.  Those are a lot easier for 25 man guilds with 25 man gear.

I can think of a couple of solutions, but none are great.  Option A: have only one lockout so guilds have to pick 10 or 25 man.  That solves quite a few issues, but does cause particular issues for a 25 man guild which lacks attendance at times.  Players no longer have the alternative to go to 10 man instead when people don’t show.  I still think this option is a reasonable one, however.  Option B: make gear scale in 10/25 mans to remove the advantage 25 man gear gives.  This is probably technically quite difficult.  It also removes the motivation for 10 man guilds to grow so they can access some 25 man gear.  Dreamstate has done this and its created a good community.

Q. Will existing races have their starting areas reworked to provide a more “epic” experience similar to the Goblin/Worgen starts?
A. Not quite at the Goblin / Worgen level, but we are looking at all the original start zones, especially for two races who feel a little disenfranchised at the moment.
A#2. We have big plans in store for both the trolls and the gnomes in regards to their starting experience but you probably already know that.  We are also planning to spice up the starting zones for all of the other races as well. You can expect gameplay changes to the actual zones, as well as improved quest flows and all new items to match.

Gnome love incoming. In combination with cross-server BoA mail, this suggests to me yet more alts!

Q. The 3.3.3 PTR included some unreleased ‘event’ details (no spoilers). Should we expect to see that event in the lifetime of 3.3.3?
A. Something leaked in the patch? That never happens! The plan is for these events to go live sometime before Cataclysm ships. We don’t have an exact time yet, but we would like players to have a good month or two to play through these events to help build the back story for what is going to happen in Cataclysm.

I like the sound of this.  Blizzard has touched on these kinds of events before and they’ve been successful to varying degrees.  The major flaws have been the event becoming too repetitive, or too annoying.  I’d love to see one of these events taken to the next level and the destruction of Azeroth should allow that.   I’ve seen the spoilers.  More gnome love!  Next thing you know paladins will get a pony!

Q. I’d like to see a new Isle of Quel’Danas-like daily quest hub in Cataclsym. One place, no travelling quick gold daily (: please?
A. We are planning to do exactly this for Tol Barad. When the battle is not taking place, players will be able to use the island as a daily quest hub. This will of course be very fun on PVP servers. =)

Now anyone on Darksorrow who remembers the Isle of Quel’Danas will tell you it was a PvP zone!  I was playing a Holy priest back then.  I don’t even want to know how many times I was ganked.  So mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, it should make the area lively between battles, which is something Wintergrasp lacks.  On the other, Darksorrow has a lot of people on it who spend their entire game making other peoples lives a misery because that is ‘fun’.  I do also remember, though, that in Quel’Danas I tended to do my dailies in a group with other people.This might motivate me to do that again.

ICC (10 and 25 man normal) Crib Sheet – The Plagueworks

Yes I know its been a long time coming.  For various reasons.  This is a challenging wing, but if you can clear it you should find successive fights easier.

The Puppies

  • Pull them one at a time.  2 tanks should swap on 6 stacks or ASAP thereafter.  The debuff reduces healing done to the target.
  • Both puppies do Decimate, reducing the entire raids health to very low amounts.
  • Stinky has an AoE pulse that does damage to everyone nearby.  Princess summons zombies to help you get Exalted with the Ashen Verdict faster.


  • 2 tanks (10 man) swapping on 8 stacks, 2/3 tanks (25 man) swapping on 9 stacks.  Salvation the new OT after a swap.
  • 2 healers (10 man) – if you have enough ranged (4 on 10 man) you can stand 1/2 of these with the melee so they don’t get Vile Gas
  • All remaining dps should have high output and ranged should stand 10 yards apart for Vile Gas except when hugging a Gas Spore.
  • When the fight starts the room floods with Gaseous Blight which causes massive raid damage.
  • Festergut inhales the Blight once, causing raid damage to decrease and tank damage to increase.
  • Festergut inhales the Blight twice, causing raid damage to be minimal but massive tank damage.
  • After this, Festergut casts Pungent Blight doing a big spike of damage, followed by a return to massive raid damage.  Repeat.
  • The way to survive Pungent Blight is to be Inoculated.  Festergut casts Gas Spore on 2 (10 man)/3 (25 man) players.  All players must hug a Gas Spore player to get 3 stacks of Inoculation every cycle.  Spread out again as soon as the Spore is gone.


  • 2 tanks, 1 to tank the boss, 1 to kite the big oozes (Death Knights are best for this).
  • 2 healers (10 man)
  • Apart from the tanks the whole raid should hug behind the two legs, split between them.  Rotface targets a player and casts Slime Spray where they were standing.  The targeted group should move so no one takes damage.
  • Rotface casts Mutated Infection (disease) on a random raid member.  This deals damage and when it runs out drops a Little Ooze.  Afflicted players should immediately run to the kiting tank and be dispelled as soon as they are safely out of the raid.
  • Two Little Oozes = 1 Big Ooze.  Take care to only create 1 of these.
  • Merge all little Oozes with the 1 Big Ooze by running to the kiting tank.  Little Oozes can be stunned/slowed.  Stay away from the Big Ooze as it does a lot of damage.
  • Sections of the room periodically flood with green goo.  Only the kiting tank (if its a tank) should ever stand in this (use Hand of Freedom, etc. to reduce damage).  If you have a Little Ooze wait for the tank where he will exit the puddle.
  • After it absorbs 5 Little Oozes the Big Ooze will explode.  Ooze will land where players were standing at the time the explosion begins.  Move.
  • Repeat.  Pop cooldowns early as the speed of Mutated Infections increases as the fight lasts longer.

Professor Putricide

  • 2 tanks (10 man), 3 tanks (25 man), one on boss, one takes the abomination (in 25 man one spare for phase 3 can be used).  If a tank dies in phase 3 Putricide heals for 20%.
  • 2 healers (10 man)
  • The abomination is activated by drinking a potion from the table.  The abomination can, in order of importance, absorb ooze puddles on the floor, slow adds and damage the boss applying a nice debuff to him.  Putricide should be kited via ooze puddles to allow dps.
  • Putricide casts two types of add in Phase 1 and 2.  The boss should be kited to be standing on the opposite side of the room to the next add.  Volatile Ooze is always cast first.
  • Volatile Oozes come from the green container, root one player to the spot and explode if they reach him.  If you cannot kill the add before it reaches the rooted player everyone should hug that player at the last possible minute to share the explosion.  It should die before it hits a second person.
  • Gas Cloud chases a player around, doing damage to them.  The targeted player should kite the add, staying in range of healers.
  • Ranged should dps the add as soon as it appears.  Melee can help after it has selected a target.  This is risky as if the target dies and melee are selected they will be one shotted.
  • Phase 2 starts at 80% and it is ideal not to have an add up at this point.  If you can avoid this you get one add less as his counter restarts.
  • In Phase 2 and 3 Putricide casts Malleable Goo (move away from it before it lands) and Choking Gas Bomb (move away from vials on the floor).
  • In Phase 3 you lose the abomination and need to kite Putricide around a room filling with slime.  Save cds for this phase.  Putricide casts Mutated Plague on the tanks.  Swap at 4 stacks initially and more frequently after that.  This deals damage to the entire raid.  Tanks dying/the debuff expiring causes Putricide to heal.



WoWwiki tactics
Tankspot video


WoWwiki tactics
Tankspot video


WoWwiki tactics
Tankspot video

Retribution Gear List 3.3 ed. > Shoulders

Welcome back to the Retribution Gear List.  Its back with a new format!  You can find the consolidated 3.3 gear list here.  There are new stats for 3.3 based on a revised Redcape Spreadsheet.  I have also updated the Head and Neck editions with the new format and commentaries.


Rank Shoulders Source ilevel Score Hit score
1 Sanctified Lightsworn Shoulderplates (Heroic) Tier 10.3 token 277 531.18
2 Sanctified Lightsworn Shoulderplates Tier 10.2 token 264 472.36
3 Raging Behemoth’s Shoulderplates (Heroic) Rotface 25 (Heroic) 277 469.56 635.32
4 Lightsworn Shoulderplates 60 Emblems of Frost 251 421.87
5 Raging Behemoth’s Shoulderplates Rotface 25 264 421.24 564.6
6 Scalpel-Sharpening Shoulderguards (Heroic) Putricide 10 (Heroic) 264 398.99 533.39
7 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Shoulderplates of Triumph (Heroic) Tier 9.3 trophy 258 377.84 530.16
8 Scalpel-Sharpening Shoulderguards Putricide 10 251 359.89 476.37
9 Pauldrons of the Devourer Devourer (Heroic) 232 336.87
10 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Shoulderplates of Triumph Tier 9.2 trophy + 45 Emblems of Triumph 245 336.8 468.96
11 Pauldrons of Trembling Rage 45 Emblems of Triumph 245 336.8 468.96
12 Conqueror’s Aegis Shoulderplates Yogg-Saron 25 226 336.61
13 Valorous Aegis Shoulderplates Thorim 10 219 313.49
14 Majestic Silversmoth Shoulderplates Eadric (Heroic) 219 276.68
15 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Shoulderplates of Conquest 30 Emblems of Triumph 232 262.16 378.64


Theres quite a few hit options on the shoulders if you’re struggling to find hit.  This excludes the tier 10 option (I think this is the first time ret gear has not had hit on the shoulders in Wrath of the Lich King).  There are shoulders that are worth considering for 10 or 25 man raiders looking for hit, but they aren’t spectacular. The tier piece, being cheaper, is a good option.

Pre-raid you might eventually look at tier 10, but before that you will likely want to go for the tier 9 shoulders from emblems.  This provides hit and a contribution towards your four part set bonus.

Retribution Raider’s Crib Sheet for 3.3

Cross posted on Big Hit Box on 17 January 2010

Updated for patch 3.3:

Specs and Glyphs

  • 5/9/57
  • Use Major Glyph of Judgement and Major Glyph of Consecration.
  • Use Minor Glyph of Sense Undead, Minor Glyph of Lay on Hands, Minor Glyph of Blessing of Might.
  • For your last Major slot use Glyph of Seal of Vengeance if you are NOT expertise capped from gear.  If you ARE expertise capped from gear use Seal of Exorcism.

Abilities: DPS

  • Your ‘rotation is FCFS or First Come First Served.  Hit the best of the abilities that is available to you at any given time.
  • Priority order without 2P t9 set bonus from best to worst: HoW, CS, Judgment, DS, Cons., Exorcism, Holy Wrath.
  • Priority order with 2P t9 set bonus from best to worst: Judgment, HoW, CS, DS, Cons., Exorcism, Holy Wrath.
  • Priority order with 2P t9 and 2P t10 set bonus from best to worst: Judgement, DS, HoW, CS, Cons., Exorcism, Holy Wrath.
  • Priority order with 4P t10 set bonus from best to worst: DS, CS, Judgement, HoW, Cons., Exorcism, Holy Wrath.
  • Only use Exorcism with a 2 point Art of War proc.
  • You can only use Holy Wrath on Undead.
  • You can only use Hammer of Wrath after the mob is below 20%.
  • Always stand behind the mob if possible.  This means it cannot parry you.  But only if standing behind the mob won’t cause you or your tank to die horribly.

Abilities: Utility

  • You can dispel magic, disease and poison and you should.  I use Vuhdo to allow me to do this quickly without changing target.
  • Spare CDs and Art of War procs can be used for Flash Heal.  So can non-spare ones.  You can’t dps if you die.
  • Use your Sacred Shield to reduce the damage you take.
  • Lay on hands is good.  So are bubbles, Hand of Salvation, Hand of Sacrifice, Repentance, etc.  Learn how to use all your utility in a fight.


  • Your hit cap is 8% hit (263 or 230 for Drenai).  You should ensure you are always capped.
  • Your expertise cap is 26 or 214 rating (lower for Humans and Dwarves with certain weapons).  You should strive for this.
  • After those stack strength, followed by critHaste and  Armor Pen are meh – don’t stack them but don’t avoid them.  The same is true of Agility and Attack Power.  Spellpower and Intellect are bad.
  • To see how your item rates against possible drops check out the Retribution Paladin Gear List for 3.3.

Gems and Enhancements

  • Use the Relentless Earthsiege Diamond meta gem.
  • Use one Nightmare Tear +10 stats gem to activate it (this gem is prismatic and so counts as 1 red, yellow and blue).
  • Use any hit/expertise gems to help you reach the cap.
  • Use Bold Cardinal Ruby +20 strength gems in all slots, unless you have a yellow gem slot that will give you a +6 strength socket bonus or more.  Then use an Inscribed Ametrine +10 strength/+10 crit.
  • Unless you have a profession that provides a better enchant, or are enchanting for caps, enchants and enhancements are:
    • Head: Arcanum of Torment (Knights of the Ebon Blade – Revered)
    • Shoulder: Greater Inscription of the Axe (Sons of Hodir – Exalted)
    • Chest: Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats (+10 stats)
    • Wrist: Enchant Bracer – Greater Assault (+50 AP)
    • Hands: Enchant Gloves – Crusher (+44 AP)
    • Waist: Eternal Belt Buckle (Made by BS, BoE)
    • Legs: Icescale Leg Armor (Made by LW, BoE)
    • Feet: Enchant Boots – Greater Assualt (+32 AP)
    • Weapon: Enchant Weapon – Beserking

Retribution Gear List 3.3. ed. > Neck

You can find the consolidated 3.3 gear list here.  There are new stats for 3.3 based on a revised Redcape Spreadsheet.


Rank Neck Source ilevel Score Hit score
1 Lana’thel’s Chain of Flgellation (Heroic) Lanathel 25 (Heroic) 277 420.68
2 Infected Choker (Heroic) Putricide 10 (Heroic) 264 377.08
3 Sindragosa’s Cruel Claw (Heroic) Sindragosa 25 (Heroic) 277 372.86
4 Collar of Haughty Disdain (Heroic) Queen Lanathel 10 (Heroic) 264 357.97
5 Lana’thel’s Chain of Flgellation Lanathel 25 264 354.65
6 Rimetooth Pendant (Heroic) Sindragosa 10 (Heroic) 264 344.22
7 Ahn’kahar Onyx Neckguard (Heroic) Deathwhisper 25 (Heroic) 277 340 474.4
8 Infected Choker Putricide 10 251 335.84
9 Sindragosa’s Cruel Claw Sindragosa 25 264 332.1
10 Charge of the Demon Lord (Heroic) Jaraxxus 25 (Heroic) 258 329.47
11 Collar of Haughty Disdain Queen Lanathel 10 251 319.07


Wodin’s Lucky Necklace

Ahn’kahar Onyx Neckguard

ICC trash 25

Deathwhisper 25







14 Collar of Ceaseless Torment (Heroic) Northrend Beasts 10 (Heroic) 245 299.02
15 Rimetooth Pendant Sindragosa 10 251 298.35
16 Precious’s Putrid Collar (Heroic) Festergut 10 (Heroic) 264 294.51 433.39
17 The Executioner’s Malice (Heroic) Twin Valkyrs 25 (Heroic) 258 288.48 398.24
18 Pendulum of Infinity General Vezax 25 (Heroic) 239 280.65
19 Charge of the Demon Lord Jaraxxus 25 245 275.52
20 Precious’s Putrid Collar Festergut 10 251 262.51 385.71

Also of note:

22 Barbed Ymirheim Choker Garfrost (Heroic) 232 250.55
23 Favour of the Dragon Queen Sapphiron 25 + Malygos 25 226 250.17
24 Collar of Ceaseless Torment Northrend Beasts 10 232 242.37
29 Sparkling Onyxia Tooth Pendant Onyxia Quest Reward 245 223 330.52
30 Ancient Pendant of Arathor Confessor/Eadric (Heroic) 219 221.75
31 Painfully Sharp Choker Tyranus 219 216.42
42 Spiked Battleguard Choker 16 Emblems of Conquest 226 174.36 275.16


There are lots of necks available at this time.  Although strength based necks are generally best in slot, you should always consider non-strength based ones.  Especially at intermediate levels and especially when juggling the hit cap.

Lana’thel’s Chain of Flagellation is a good option from 25 man, as is the Infected Choker from 10 man (though its expertise based, so you need to think about this in terms of your expertise cap.  The Ahn’kahar Onyx Neckguard and Wodin’s Lucky Necklace provide solid hit based options.  Wodin’s Lucky Necklace can drop from both 10 and 25 man trash (I’ve seen it) and can drop from the weekly quest reward bag in ICC.

If you don’t raid, the Barbed Ymirheim Choker is available from Heroic Pit of Saron, or the Painfully Sharp Choker from Normal Pit of Saron.  To help you reach the hit cap, the Spiked Battleguard Choker is still worth considering.

Updated 24 February 2010.

Retribution Paladin Gear List 3.3 ed. > Head

You can find the consolidated 3.3 gear list here.  There are new stats for 3.3 based on a revised Redcape Spreadsheet.


Rank Head Source ilevel Score Hit score
1 Sanctified Lightsworn Helmet (Heroic) Tier 10.3 token 277 845.20
2 Sanctified Lightsworn Helmet Tier 10.2 token 264 765.30
3 Landsoul’s Horned Greathelm (Heroic) Blood Princes 25 (Heroic) 277 733.90 971.34
4 Deathspeaker Zealot’s Helm (Heroic) Deathwhisper 10 (Heroic) 264 733.25
5 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Helm of Triumph (Heroic) Tier 9.3 trophy 258 729.60
6 Lightsworn Helmet 95 Emblems of Frost 251 695.94
7 Deathspeaker Zealot’s Helm Deathwhisper 10 251 691.46
8 Judgement Hood Onyxia 25 245 678.62
9 Faceplate of the Silver Champion (Heroic) Faction Champions 10 (Heroic) 245 678.16
10 Landsoul’s Horned Greathelm Blood Princes 25 264 668.70 874.78
11 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Helm of Triumph Tier 9.2 trophy + 75 Emblems of Triumph 245 664.32
12 Helm of Thunderous Rampage 75 Emblems of Triumph 245 647.04
13 Judgement Helm Onyxia 10 232 621.34
14 Faceplate of the Silver Champion Faction Champions 10 232 619.34
15 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Helm of Conquest 50 Emblems of Triumph 232 605.50

Also of note:

22 Helm of the Violent Fray The Black Knight 200 506.50
23 Skeleton Lord’s Cranium Tyranus 219 505.74 649.10


For those raiding 10 or 25 man content, the tier head is an excellent option here and a good place to spend 95 badges.  In 25 man Landsoul’s Horned Greathelm is worth a look for the hit.  It scores well even before considering the hit and could be a useful way of reaching the cap, which is a little harder in 3.3 as there is less hit available on tier gear.

For non-raiders I would recommend the Helm of Thunderous Rampage and that the head is your non-set piece of choice.

When you first find yourself venturing into dungeons, there are two reasonable heads in the ‘also of note’ section which drop from Normal instances.

Updated 24 February 2010.

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