Retribution at 80 … again

I slack, yes.  The slacking is going to go on for a while.  I have only about 4 weeks left at work and a lot to do.  This is yet another post about ret specs! Commenters save the day! A big thanks to all the commenters on my recent posts.  They’ve pointed out something I seem to have missed entirely in the whole Selfless Healer vs Eye for an Eye debate.  Namely that whilst Eye for an Eye does no direct damage on bosses it does help you stack Censure.  Thats fairly important.  I’ve also had a chance to play … Continue reading Retribution at 80 … again

Retribution in the new world order (one week after 4.0.1)

So 4.0.1 has been out a week.  In that time retribution has gone down and up again.  Last night I had a chance to do my first full raid since the patch and generally speaking I’m feeling a bit happier now.  The rotation is starting to feel a bit more natural and I think its got potential.  When I do get it right, I seem to have more dps than before the patch.  I’m not really comparing myself with others yet as we’re all still learning. After deciding that Shadow Priest wasn’t for me, since the Tier 11 set looks … Continue reading Retribution in the new world order (one week after 4.0.1)

Fear not brave ret paladins, there is hope

First the QQ version: OMG Blizz you have destroyed my class WTF!!!!  If I wanted a rogue I would’ve played a rogue FFS.  Never mind that you have had all these changes available for comment for months, or that I can still do all of the cool stuff paladins could always do.  I liked being OP and just rolling my face on the keyboard and now you’ve gone and RUINED it all and I don’t top the DPS meters and I’m going to QUIT because you really need whiney cry babies like me to keep your business afloat and I … Continue reading Fear not brave ret paladins, there is hope

4.0.1 Ret paladin action plan

Its been a busy few weeks.  I got my Glory of the ICC Raider (10) last week and we’re working on getting some more drakes.  Lots of questions remain now that we’re facing patch 4.0.1 but heres what I intend to do.  I’ve tried to keep this as short as possible so if I missed things ask away.  Where I say something remains unchanged refer to the 3.3 Raider’s Crib Sheet.  I will reproduce the gear list for 4.0.1 shortly.  It will be in a new pdf format (making it faster to set up and keep up to date, and … Continue reading 4.0.1 Ret paladin action plan