MMO patch promotion: two approaches

Both Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft will be launching patches late August by the looks of things (WoW's might end up a bit later).  For GW2 this is the one year anniversary patch entitled 'The Queen's Speech'. For WoW this is 5.4 The Siege of Orgrimmar.  Both have taken different approaches.  Please be aware,... Continue Reading →

World of Warcraft | What if … Corgis Unleashed

Again, this is clearly rampant speculation with no basis in reality.  Thats not going to stop me! Setting This will be the first raid.  To free Corgis from their life of luxury. Big Bad The Corgi Dragon New Class Tinker New Race Well, duh! New lore character Captain Corgiwash Apart from these changes I stand... Continue Reading →

Want some carrot with that stick?

When someone behaves badly in a game, players want to see some punishment.  This is true anywhere on line, in fact.  We need to clamp down.  We need to punish. Let me tell you something interesting. Behavioural psychology identifies three methods of reinforcement that can be used to modify behaviour.  Positive reinforcement (reward), negative reinforcement... Continue Reading →

When in game stores go bad

In articles recently I’ve defended both ArenaNet and Blizzard against accusations of being money-grabbers out to squeeze you for any penny.  In summary: both companies have to make money in order to make your game.  In the case of ArenaNet, they have kept the store controlled and they repeatedly update things like storage to give... Continue Reading →

Show me the money

I read this rather interesting blog post from Terra Nova, followed by the Playnomics report on engagement and monetization. Its an interesting read, in particular the information about monetization. First things first – who spent over $7k on a game in one quarter of one year? Do I monetize? Yes and No. WoW has a... Continue Reading →

Blackwing Descent Crib Sheet

Since my historical crib sheets still see some views I'm going to re-post the ones I wrote as pages and link them up. Magmaw 1 tank, 3 healers, 6 dps (3 should be in melee range) [2 tanks is an alternative approach] Arrange players in 3 groups – tank, melee group, ranged group.  Groups need... Continue Reading →

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