Evolving the guild to enhance social gameplay

I want to talk a bit about guilds and how they enhance or impede social interactions in MMOs. How guilds enhance social interactions When I first started playing WoW it was with my husband and a real life friend of his. Through that friend we discovered other real life friends. Then, after a while, we... Continue Reading →

Finding the right guild for you: approaches to WoW

I got the following comment from Warrior Warcraft on the post I made about Embracing Changing Rosters.  I started writing a response and then thought this was really a whole post.  Its definitely a related issue. Changing rosters is also a little bit like the personalities of server/realms too. Sometimes you have WoW realms that... Continue Reading →

Embracing Changing Rosters

This post has been hanging around in my draft posts list for a while, but two recent posts I saw made me think of it again. Its a fact of every guild.  People come and go.  I doubt very much there are many guilds around who raid with the same roster they raided with in... Continue Reading →

A Change is as Good as a Break

Cataclysm Burnout.  The firey expansion has unleashed a wave of death not just on Azeroth but on its inhabitants.  Many people are quitting the game.  Its possible that its not more people quitting, just people quitting more visibly of course, but there are a number of long term players who are struggling to find the... Continue Reading →

LFD: Guild vs PuG

So today we woke up to this gem: In patch 4.1 we'll be introducing Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms, a new system intended to lower queue times. Call to Arms will automatically detect which class role is currently the least represented in the queue, and offer them additional rewards for entering the Dungeon Finder queue... Continue Reading →

Now thats what I call Cataclysm news

So Blizzard have released some major information about raids in Cataclysm.  I have to say, I hadn’t been excited about Cataclysm until now.  You may have noticed I didn’t comment on the Paladin Preview.  If I had, it would have looked like this: "How to Fail at Paladin Previews This basically what we know about... Continue Reading →

Fires, Dreams and Nightmares

Its been a busy couple of days. The gear list posts are coming. In the mean time if you take a look at the gear list you will see I have already added some more items. A Beacon Fire As any blog reader cannot fail to have noticed, there is a new ‘thing’ in the... Continue Reading →

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