Patch 3.2 – how it all worked out

What I like: Releasing one boss a week on Trial of the Crusader – gives you time to savour those victories. They’ve been pretty easy so far for my guild, averaging about 3 tries to down a new boss. It also means that by the time heroic arrives we’ll be practiced on the kills and that will help a lot. I prepare the tactics each week so I’m going to write some up here. Trial of the Champion, or as I call it, alt-loot-heaven. Saturday night a group of us decided to farm it on normal for trinkets. I took … Continue reading Patch 3.2 – how it all worked out

Drood Alert and Gear List Update

One of the things I’ve been doing over the last week or so (I had a weeks holiday) is levelling my drood. Her name is Enalla and you can find her on my avatar pages. As you can see, she is level 78. She is a Herbalist/Alchemist. She began life as a Skinner/Leatherworker, but my husbands druid picked those professions and levelled faster in TBC, so I went for something else. This turns out well because now we are levelling from 70-80 together. Shes cat feral specced, though I will probably change that to bear at 80. Shes overpowered and … Continue reading Drood Alert and Gear List Update