ICC (10 and 25 man normal) Crib Sheet – The Frostwing Halls

Well Friday I finally saw Sindragosa on 25 man as part of a PuG.  Saw would be accurate as on the first air phase the mage Iceblocked.  Not the 'I've been hit by an icy spear of dragon breath' kind of Iceblock, but rather the 'I am a complete noob who just hit my Iceblock... Continue Reading →

The case of the missing ret paladin

At least someone out there must have been wondering where I've gone right?  Even if only because they're still missing the final parts of the raid guide?  I'd like to think thats true. The quick version is that I spent a lot of this year not being well enough to blog for various reasons, both... Continue Reading →

Retribution Paladin Gear List 3.3 ed. > Head

You can find the consolidated 3.3 gear list here.  There are new stats for 3.3 based on a revised Redcape Spreadsheet. Head Rank Head Source ilevel Score Hit score 1 Sanctified Lightsworn Helmet (Heroic) Tier 10.3 token 277 845.20 2 Sanctified Lightsworn Helmet Tier 10.2 token 264 765.30 3 Landsoul's Horned Greathelm (Heroic) Blood Princes 25... Continue Reading →

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