A Change is as Good as a Break

Cataclysm Burnout.  The firey expansion has unleashed a wave of death not just on Azeroth but on its inhabitants.  Many people are quitting the game.  Its possible that its not more people quitting, just people quitting more visibly of course, but there are a number of long term players who are struggling to find the... Continue Reading →

Hesttia’s (brief) foray into BG levelling

So Hesttia the Enhancement Shaman is 52.  Leveling at 52 involves a lot of flying.  You go to place A, do 5 quests, realize the rest are impossibly high level, then fly to place B and repeat.  So I decided to try some BG leveling.  It was Arathi Basin day, so I gave that a... Continue Reading →

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