Moar Achievements: Noblegarden 2012

Welcome to Noblegarden.  This is one of the easier achievements and you can farm the lot in a morning.  Well you could if the Springstrider didn't need 500!!! chocolates.  Farming that many in one go will drive you mad.  Make sure you have some chocolate handy while doing this as the constant references to chocolate... Continue Reading →


Moar Achievements: Mountain O’ Mounts Action Plan 58-100 (the harder part)

So now you're sitting on 57 mounts and maybe a few more. Heres where it starts to get a little tricker. I'm going to suggest some further mounts, and then a pool of mounts from which you can draw your final selection. Things to know about Mountain O' Mounts Class mounts don't count Profession mounts... Continue Reading →

Ulduar: Fiero with friends

Theres been some talk recently about Ulduar and the nostalgia people feel for Ulduar.  I wanted to delve into that a bit. My Ulduar experience During Ulduar I was in a guild called Forgotten Heroes that raided 25 mans.  In the first tier we had cleared 3 drakes while the content was relevant.  It took... Continue Reading →

Fighting back against ‘rape’ comments

The Love is in the Air guide is coming I promise! But now for something completely different. Theres been a little Twitterstorm going on surrounding Mana Obscura's Gazimoff who, when watching videos from came across a video where one of the directors said that 'women were built for rape'.  Thats an utterly distasteful comment.... Continue Reading →

Furtive Father Winter: Crib Sheets!

Todays post comes to you courtesy of Glady from who has produced an awesome and unique piece of art work for me as my Furtive Father Winter gift: Behold as the mighty yet elegant Morrighan smites the weepy Deathwing with the holy powers of penance, aided by the fierce and resourceful "crib sheets!!" Happy Holidays... Continue Reading →

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