Moar Achievements: Darkmoon Faire

The all new and exciting Darkmoon Faire has arrived.  And it adds another batch of achievements to the World Events tab of your achievements panel.

You can get the following achievements from the Darkmoon Faire

  • Come One, Come All! – Attend the Darkmoon Faire
  • Fairgoer’s Feast – Consume one of every Darkmoon food and drink
  • Faire Favors – Complete at least 6 profession-based quests
  • I Was Promised a Pony – Ride  a Darkmoon Pony
  • Step Right Up – Play 5 different Darkmoon games
  • Blastenheimer Bullseye – Score a bullseye when launched from the Darkmoon Cannon
  • Quick Shot – Score a Quick Shot at the Shooting Gallery
  • Taking the Show on the Road – Launch off Darkmoon Fireworks in every friendly capital city
  • Darkmoon Dungeoneer – Turn in 5 dungeon Darkmoon Artifacts
  • Darkmoon Defender – Turn in 3 BG Darkmoon Artifacts
  • Darkmoon Despoiler – Turn in all 9 Darkmoon Artifacts
  • Darkmoon Duelist – Win the Darkmoon Deathmatch and recieve a Pit Fighter trinket
  • Darkmoon Dominator – Win the Darkmoon Deathmatch 12 times and recieve a Master Pit Fighter trinket

You can also obtain the following pets and mounts:

  • Darkmoon Dancing Bear (mount) – 180 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Swift Forest Strider (mount) – 180 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Balloon (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Cub (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Monkey (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Tonk (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Turtle (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Darkmoon Zepplin (pet) – 90 Darkmoon Tokens
  • Sea Pony (pet)  – Fishing on Darkmoon Island

How you do it

  1.  Go to the Darkmoon Faire via a portal from the old location of the Darkmoon Faire (i.e. one of Goldshire, Mulgore or Shattrath, rotating each time).  There are breadcrumb quests from capital cities. [Completed: Come One, Come All!]
  2. Work your way along the Faire visiting the following people:
    1. Buy some Darkmoon Game Tokens from a Token vendor.
    2. Buy 6 Darkmoon Fireworks from the Fireworks vendor (not just any fireworks – specifically the ones called Darkmoon Firework).
    3. Buy a Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide from the Darkmoon Faire Information kiosk.
    4. Play each of the 5 Darkmoon games, completing the daily quests for these as you do them (its the quests that give you the achievement).  These award Darkmoon Tokens. There are two additional achievements for the Cannon and Shooting games (see below).  [Completed: Step Right Up]
    5. Pick up all the profession based quests and complete these.  You should have two for your main professions and 4 for the secondary professions.  You may need to go back to your city to buy materials for these.  You need a skill of 75 to get the quest which awards 5 points.  If you are levelling a profession you can keep these for tough points.   You can do these once per Darkmoon Faire. [Completed: Faire Favours]
    6. Visit the Darkmoon Food and Drink vendors (the Food vendor is also the Cooking quest giver) and buy and eat one of everything they have to sell. [Completed: Fairgoer’s Feast]
    7. Visit the petting zoo and ridy a pony there. [Completed: I Was Promised a Pony]
  3. Blastenheimer’s Bullseye requires you to land in the middle of the target after being shot out of the canon.  This is tricky, but not impossible with practice.  Alternatively you can possibly get this by having someone summon you to the spot while in mid-air (you need to be walking on the water for this).  If you hit the centre and don’t get it, there are some suggestions you can try jumping. [Completed: Blastenheimer Bullseye]
  4. To get quick shot you need to hit the target really fast.  You can do this by just aiming at one target and keep shooting until you get it. Or have fast reactions of course. [Completed: Quick Shot]
  5. Now it comes time to leave the island.  You need to visit your 6 friendly capital cities (the 4 faction cities and Shattrath and Dalaran) and fire off those fireworks you brought. [Completed: Take the Show on the Road]
  6. While you are moving around, you need to pick up 9 BoP items which you can only get with the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide in your bags.  These are the ‘artifacts’ in the three achievements (Dungeoneer, Defender and Despoiler).  8 of the artifacts in the Despoiler achievement are in either the Dungeoneer or the Defender.  The 3 Defender artifacts can be looted when you remove an Insignia in a Battleground.  The Dungeoneer ones come from ANY dungeon.  So they have a chance at dropping while you farm your VP in heroics, or you can farm something like Stockades to get them (not sure if this is intentional and it may be patched).  The final item, the Soothsayer’s Runes, drops from raids.  This will take a while. [Completed: Darkmoon Defender, Darkmoon Dungeoneer, Darkmoon Despoiler]
  7. This leaves only two achievements and these are back on the island but are the hardest to get.  You need to win the Darkmoon Deathmatch.  You win by looting the chest in the middle of the arena that spawns once every three hours starting at 12 am.  It takes 10 seconds to open the chest.  Anyone who is not in your group can kill you once you enter the arena, including your own faction.  Lots will be trying!  A group will really help here, as will PvP gear and waking up at 3 am to do it!  One win gives you Duelist and a quest to win another 11 times and get the Dominator achievement. [Completed: Darkmoon Duelist, Darkmoon Dominator]

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