Meter busting ret dps: Onyxia

Cross posted at Big Hit Box on 5 November 2009 Heres the good news.  As a ret pala you can top the meters.  Depending on assignments and comparative gear levels you are competitive on most fights.  There are some where target switching just leaves you out in the cold, but mostly you'll find your dps... Continue Reading →


Gotta love Ghostcrawler: Paladin utility in 3.3

Cross posted on Big Hit Box on 28 October 2009. One of the best Blizzard posts ever: Dear OP, Bye. Hugs,GC Spot the double-entendre in OP (original poster, overpowered). I know some people don't like the guy, but I'm a GC fan.  Probably because I'm a reasonable person.  And hes funny.  I may not like... Continue Reading →

Retribution paladin glyphs

Cross posted at Big Hit Box on 26 October 2009 This post is being cross-posted at Big Hit Box.  Its my first time posting over there so let hope everyone is nice to me 🙂 Glyphs were introduced only in Wrath of the Lich King.  Made by Inscriptors, they add dps, utility or just plain... Continue Reading →

3.2.2 updates are live

I've done some updates 🙂 Retribution paladin guide posts The Retribution Builds to top the PvE meters post has been updated to include Seal of Command (or Seal of Cleave as its now been christened).  This is a dps increase over Seal of Righteousness where that was used before (i.e. trash mob groups).  Seal of... Continue Reading →

What 3.2.2 means for ret

You can finally use that 2 part tier 9 bonus you've been sitting on because of the Seal of Vengeance bug.  This 2 part bonus pushes Judgement to the top of your priority list.  Remember that to maximise your dps. You might want to pick up Seal of Command again.  For trash.  If it dies... Continue Reading →

Edge of Ruin strikes back!

Thanks to a useful comment from retholey, I found an error in the lists today.  Edge of Ruin apparently initially showed with a max weapon dps of 856.  This was updated to 892 (which it always did dps wise).  Unfortunately I caught the former score when I did the list. Edge of Ruin now scores... Continue Reading →

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