World of Warcraft | What if … Corgis Unleashed

Again, this is clearly rampant speculation with no basis in reality.  Thats not going to stop me!

BuckinghamPalaceThis will be the first raid.  To free Corgis from their life of luxury.

Big Bad

corgi-dragonThe Corgi Dragon

New Class


New Race

suddenly-corgisWell, duh!

New lore character

corgipirateCaptain Corgiwash

Apart from these changes I stand by everything in the previous post apart from the name, which may well be a hoax.  Ultimately, though, the rest of it is fairly likely with or without demons who may or may not be from the Burning Legion.  And if there are no Corgis in the next expansion then beware the wrath of the community. Just saying.

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