Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is the phoenix of the MMORPG genre. After a disasterous initial launch, it was rebuilt from the ground up by a new team, spearheaded by Yoshi P. This re-launch, A Realm Reborn, has gone on to be a huge sucess.The game is now in its first expansion, Heavensward. Expansion two, Stormblood, is set to launch in summer 2017.

Final Fantasy XIV is the second largest subscription based MMO, behind only World of Warcraft (and an FFXIV high coinciding with a WoW low might actually reverse the two).It has a good pace of content updates with each new patch typically bringing some kind of raid content (even if a new wing or difficulty), new dungeons , new quest content in several categories (the main scenario quest, beast tribe quests, side quests) plus extras.

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