Lets Plays, Raiding, Magazines and MMO hopping: September

Well this is rather late isn’t it?  And remember all those plans I had? Well I tossed them out of the window.  New (academic) year, new plans.

Lets Play

This is my first Lets Play video.  And yes I know theres some issues with my microphone, and theres no game sound.  I will be working on it.  Still, its character creation, so all you miss is the same ever repeating tune.

Meta Gamer
I am already working on the second issue of Meta Gamer.  I want to say it will be out early in October, but I have no idea if I will achieve that.  I will certainly try.  Here’s a little preview, the cover:

cover v1

That gaming thing
I’ve been playing two games for the most part – World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.  In World of Warcraft, patch 5.4 is with us and Flex.  Its been … interesting.  We have killed two bosses, both fairly easily.  The third boss has caused no end of trouble.  However, given the number of people looking to start Flex at 2/4 down in the first part, we aren’t the only ones.  Also, we seem to have issues whenever we go over 10 people, which is making me question the scaling a little.

In Final Fantasy I’m still happily levelling.  I can only say the game has charmed me and I am thoroughly enjoying the levelling process, even though its nowhere near as smooth as, say , Guild Wars 2.

So my aims at the moment:

  • Clear Flex and get those awesome achievements and the mount.
  • Level to 50 in FFXIV.
  • Keep putting out issues of Meta Gamer.
  • Make more Lets Play Videos.
  • Fix my microphone.

Its a shorter list than normal, but make no mistake, its just as much to do.  Still, it keeps me busy.

Feedback on the magazine and the video would be appreciated, as would anyone who wants to be involved in the magazine.  The more I think about it, the more I’d like to keep it online so I can take advantage of the media options offered by the web that are missing in a standard magazine.  Videos, art, interactive media, sound – if you have anything that you think would work well in the magazine, drop me an email.


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