How do I love thee FFXIV

An an anodyne to my rage post, the things I like about FFXIV (which I am totally hooked on):

  1. Awesome main story
  2. No need to loot mobs
  3. Chocobos!
  4. Lots of appearance options (allocate a lot of time to character creation) means that even the 9 million Miqo’te (of which I am one) don’t look exactly the same.  Then you get dye options in game.
  5. Pretty! My hair is actually glossy and moves in the wind.  Even the ugly creatures look cool.
  6. You can play all the classes on one toon, so you never lose all those achievements (if WoW has taught me anything …)
  7. FATEs.
  8. Hunting Logs.
  9. You can learn all the professions.
  10. Unicorns!

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