Guild Wars 2: Clockwork Chaos

The good

  • The Closing Ceremony was fun though it did rather lack a speech by the Queen.
  • Scarlet is nicely voice acted.
  • The invasions are really good and will be ongoing content.
  • The use of the World Event section in the game to tell you when invasions begin is excellent (something I would like to see extended – a world event tracking option perhaps?)
  • I’ve yet to try the Funhouse but most of the mini dungeons added have been good.
  • Brahm and Rox are back.

I would say that ArenaNet have nailed some of the content they are adding right now.  The invasions are enormously fun and give a feeling of collective success that is enhanced by their concentrated nature.  Even if you end up in Overflow, you have a team to work with.  I rather hope that this kind of event, where you have to complete a variety of tasks to build up to the boss, is the way they are going with raiding.  They also appear to scale well, with both small and large groups being able to complete events.

The not so good

  • Why are so many of these nemeses Sylvari?  Not even Nightmare Court, just Sylvari.
  • Scarlet doesn’t make sense as the big bad.
  • After two very good sets of content (the Zephyr related content and the Jubilee patch) I am left feeling a bit ‘meh’ about this one.  Is this really the best they have to celebrate one year of the game?

On the other hand, ArenaNet suck at baddies.  I have yet to care about any Guild Wars 2 baddie apart from the dragons.  Scarlet is a random force of chaos.  She is completely interchangeable with any other random baddie.  She has no history, no agenda, no clarity of motive.  We have her sprung upon us with a couple of hints that were completely indecipherable because she has no lore.  She tries to kidnap the Queen and fails so you don’t even have the motivation of rescuing her, only some irritating Lord.  She commits a terrible act in which civilians die, seemingly for her amusement and no other purpose.  This event, quickly passed over to get onto some Jennah-Anise-Logan confrontation chat, doesn’t work.  She then ‘invades’ lots of areas with her terrible minions who mill around doing nothing until we show up to farm them for loot.

We need an ongoing baddie we can love to hate.  The Asura emissary tells us Scarlet was educated at the Colleges in Rata Sum and was seemingly a genius.  Perhaps it would have been better to show us that?  We could have studied alongside her, been beaten by her in every test.  We could have seen the monstrous creations she made and worried about them.  Or we could have helped her, largely unaware she was a crazy killer with maybe just a few hints, or a triggering event.

It would have been far better if she had kidnapped the Queen.  As irritating as I find Jennah, I could totally buy into the need to rescue her.  It would have created a sense of urgency about the whole thing.

I want to be betrayed.  I want to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, rather than having to be told by ArenaNet that there is a puzzle at all.  I want to care about the cause I’m fighting for, or be conflicted about it.  I want to be working towards a goal rather than just reacting to every random crazy.  I want the characters to have a bit more depth to them!


One thought on “Guild Wars 2: Clockwork Chaos

  1. Given that her plans are super chaotic and make little sense I sure hope it turns out she’s working for everyone’s favourite pumpkin head, the Mad King. There’s a bad guy I can respect. 😛

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