Go self hosting … for gaming conventions?

I keep seeing the excitement on Twitter.  BlizzCon (California). Gamescom (Germany). PAX (Seattle).  People looking to meet up, to see the announcements live, to have fun.  Unfortunately with family and work I can’t go to any of those. Alas. Woe is me.

Or not.

A lot of convetions are streamed these days so you can watch the announcements from the comfort of your own home with a nice glass of wine/soda/tipple of choice.  I’m going to use my Playstation 3 to get my stream onto my nice large TV.  Then I’m going to kick back on the sofa and watch Blizzard and the other developers I’m interested in along with everyone else.  You can see the schedule for Gamescom on CVG.  The only thing I will miss is the long queues to play a game for ten minutes. As you can tell, I’m heartbroken.  I think its meant to be hot this weekend, maybe I’ll buy some ice cream…

First Annual DreamCon
Of course you still miss the social side.  But I have a plan.  Apparently, its a good plan.  Most people came our from hiding after I explained my plan.  My guild, Dreamstate, is going to have its own mini-BlizzCon that Karragon has dubbed DreamCon.  I’m hosting.  Fellow guildies will come from the four corners, we’ll get the BlizzCon stream, there will be drinking, eating, gaming and probably passing out (since BlizzCon is essentially in the middle of the night for us) and a good time will be had by all.

Don’t miss out.  Go self hosting now!


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