FFXIV: ARR – Tips for getting started

Just a few observations from the open beta.

  • Don’t sell your starter gear! Unless you want to craft naked.
  • As well as quests you want to use your Hunting Log.  This will help you level up.
  • Read the help stuff.
  • Some of the maps are … misleading.
  • You can’t skip the starter movie.
  • Don’t forget to use Sprint a lot.


  • A Linkshell is just a custom chat channel.  It has a limit of 128 people.  You can join 8.
  • A Free Company is a guild. You can join 1.
  • A Grand Company is a faction.

Classes and Jobs

  • A class is what you start with and is weapon dependent.  You can change your class by changing your weapon.
  • You can learn all the classes in the game and as you advance mix the classes (with limits).
  • A job is an advanced class.  Each job has its own class requirements.
  • Your level is your class level.  If you change your class you start again at level 1.
  • Crafting professions are also classes.
  • There is a gear set function.  As soon as you start crafting you will want it.
  • You can learn new classes once you have completed your level 10 class quest.
  • What town you start in (there are three) depends on your class choice.

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