August plan

  • [GW2] Get all Living Story meta achievements.
  • [GW2] Get as many achievements as possible with the July focus being on jumping puzzles.
  • [GW2] Create the first Gift for my legendary and start on Mystic Clovers.
  • [WoW] Get Morrighan’s gear to the best Valor + ToT LFR has to offer.
  • [WoW] Get Morrighan a viable tank off-set.
  • [WoW] Catch up Morrighan on the legendary quest chain.
  • [WoW] Prep for Flex raiding.
  • [SWTOR] Do Bounty Contract Week.
  • [FFXIV] Participate in the final beta test if possible.
  • [Hearthstone] Expecting the beta to drop before the end of the month.  If I get in during the first wave (big if) I will want to play.
  • [General] Blog about:
    • [GW2] Legendary guide
    • [WoW] Flex prep guide
    • Set up crib sheets and pages for Incoming games.

I’m continuing to focus on achievements in GW2 and group activities in WoW. This makes me feel a bit anti-social in GW2, so when the gearing rush in WoW calms down I will try and do some more group things in GW2.  I do not intend to pick up FFXIV at launch because it has a subscription and I don’t want to be paying that during Flex raiding. I will pick it up once Flex has finished or if Flex doesn’t look like it will drop in September.


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