July plan in review

So how did I do this month?

  • [GW2] Get all Living Story meta achievements. – Achieved with one exception. I couldn’t bring myself to get the Gnashblade meta. #TeamKiel
  • [GW2] Get as many achievements as possible with the July focus being on jumping puzzles. – Achieved.  Not as many as I would like, though. Going to keep going on the Jumping Puzzles as its part of the monthly in August.
  • [GW2] Farm EB jumping puzzle where possible for Badges of Honor (my current legendary progress item). – Achieved (sort of). I didn’t need to farm EB as my achievement chests gave me loads of badges.
  • [WoW] Get Morrighan to ilevel 500 – Achieved.  I ended the month on 502.
  • [WoW] Get Morrighan a viable tank off-set – Not started.  Need to list all the LFR bosses to see which have loot for me so I can start switching my loot spec to tank.
  • [WoW] Catch up Morrighan on the legendary quest chain – Achieved as much as possible (3k Valor takes 3 weeks with no exceptions because of the cap).
  • [WoW] Prep for Flex raiding – Started.  Tried some Flex on the PTR and I will do more when its open again.
  • [WoW] Get a PvP set together and do some arena with Karragon and the Gnome Sacrifice – Failed.  I did one night of arena.  It was bad.
  • [SWTOR] Raiding – Failed.  I haven’t even logged on to SWTOR.
  • [General] Set up some stream times and events each month – Failed.  Got distracted by a side project.
  • [General] Blog about:
    • Why I am/am not enamored with WoW at a given point in time – Achieved
    • GW2 achievements guides (not to short term events) – Failed
    • GW2 legendary guide – Failed
    • Gearing in WoW – Achieved
    • Why Bazaar of the Four Winds is Awesome – Achieved

It’s a mixed bag.  I did well in GW2 and WoW, but failed utterly in SWTOR.  I just don’t have time to focus fully on three games at once.  My current plan is to raid Flex and only Flex with my guild.  We have no intention of raiding forever.  Instead we will raid, complete the meta and stop.  I think this is achievable in Flex.  I am hoping it will take about 2 months of raiding 4 nights a week.  After that I suspect WoW will have very little to offer me for a while and I will think about picking up SWTOR again to kill time until the expansion.  Unless, of course, another new game catches my eye.


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