Incoming: Blizzard Allstars

Amongst the things in the news today was Blizzard Allstars being announced ‘later this year’ (translation: Blizzcon).  For those of you who don’t know, this is Blizzard’s version of DOTA/League of Legends.

A Brief History Lesson
A long time ago, Blizzard had a game called Warcraft III.  It had a map editor.  By far the most successful fan made map was Defense of the Ancients.  The idea is that small teams attempt to make their way through a controlled environment (normally featuring ‘lanes’) in order to get to and destroy the enemy base.  This is normally done by each player controlling a hero.

Since then there has been all sorts of legal jiggery pokery around the DOTA name.  In the end, Blizzard agreed to let the name DOTA go.  So we have Blizzard Allstars (and Defense of the Alehouse as a battleground map).

Who stars in Allstars?
Given the name, I am thinking they will pick characters from Blizzard games and let you control them.  If they do, who would you like to play?

For me – Jaina Proudmore, the Kerrigan (Heart of the Swarm Edition), Maiev Shadowsong.


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