Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee

Queen Jennah has apparently been on the throne for 10 years and wants to celebrate.  I’m all for jubilee celebrations (probably because here in the UK they can result in bonus bank holidays) and this one is no exception.  Theres the usual variety of events – ignite some beacons, play some mini games.  It isn’t clear which of these mini games will find a home in the new mini game rotation or otherwise.

The main point of interest amongst the events for me is the Crown Pavillion.  This isn’t described as a mini-game or event but as a ‘mini-zone’.  The description says:

Test yourself in an entirely new mini-zone featuring might representations of humanity’s enemies.

This is vague enough to mean many things.  Only time will tell if its something particularly interesting or I’m reading too much into this.

Now for the best bit
Do I mean the new crafting items?  The new dungeon and champion reward systems? The activation of the mini-game rotation?  No.

The Account Wallet for Currency is what made me happy. I am having an increasing currency storage issue and this will save me half a bank tab at this point.  ArenaNet are adding more free storage even though storage can be brought for real money.  This is actually the second time they have done this, with the first being the addition of more materials to your Consumables section in your bank.  This tells me two things.  First, ArenaNet are not out to squeeze their players for every penny.  They could have not done this, and added more paid storage options.  They could have done this and charged for it.  They didn’t.  Secondly, they have to be making plenty of money at the moment, or they wouldn’t be able to be that generous.  Both bode well for the game.

One more note on this wallet – it includes Karma.  Karma, therefore, will now be account wide.  This is currently the only currency that is still character based, so you can consider this a pretty good improvement (I know Liquid Karma in jugs, etc is account bound, but once you actually use it, the Karma currency is character bound).  This means you can farm karma through events, dungeons and WvW in order to gear your alts for the first time.  It also means there is no need to stash Liquid Karma in your bank until you decide who to use it on!

One last thing
The PvP solo queue is a feature I will definitely use.  I find it hard to commit the time to my guild’s sPvP for various reasons, so having an option thats not going to see me pitted against pre-mades is just what I need.  Its also a great place for people to work and improve before they enter team sPvP if they want to.  That if is very important here, because the choice to make solo your focus is there as it has its own leaderboards.  Heres a tip: organizing your team effectively, whatever it may be, will help you up those leaderboards.  Just try to do so politely and encouragingly!


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