Guild Wars 2 Developer blog post

On the Livestream Colin Johanson told us to look out for this.  Its all ‘subject to change and iteration’ but its also a very promising set of ideas.

Progression and acquisition

  • Guild Wars 2 is still committed to the idea that you should not have to replace all your gear on a regular basis.
  • New skills and traits will be added regularly, with new ways of attaining skill points being the likely method to unlock these.
  • Magic find will be removed from all gear and will instead be added to your account via achievements and consumable items.  As it increases, it will be harder to keep doing so.
  • Magic find consumables will be available via salvaging blues and greens.
  • All crafting professions will be expanded to 500, at which point you will be able to craft Ascended items.
  • Ascended items will be expanded in range for crafting and rare drops.  They will remain account bound.
  • There will be a new way to build legendary precursors coming which will involve the 500 level crafting materials plus other things.
  • There will be two new legendary weapons and new types of legendary gear in 2013.
  • Stat combinations on legendary weapons will be changeable.

After the release of ascended gear, there was some criticism that this was ArenaNet going back on the promise of no gear progression.  Note the wording in the blog post, however.  There is nothing in there about no gear progression.  Gear remains far less important than it is in other MMOs, but there is already some level of progression within it (rare to exotic for example).  I suspect we won’t see another tier added in for quite a long time, however, as it seems full Ascended will be difficult to get.


  • All Champions will drop reward chests.  Outside the events, these will contain crafting materials, skill points, unique skins, lodestones, etc.
  • It is hoped new champion rewards will attract players to Southsun and Orr.
  • There will be a bonus gold reward for each dungeon path you play each day INSTEAD of current bosses, who will drop champion chests instead.
  • Account bound crafting materials will be rewarded once per day for completing types of content such as capturing towers in WvW, killing world bosses, defeating dungeons, completing jumping puzzles, etc.
  • There will be further work on improve rewards in sPvP and WvW.

The dungeon changes are largely aimed at the players who farm CoF constantly for gold.  To those people who left our guild to start a ‘CoF farming guild’, ArenaNet are nerfing you.  Champion drops are welcome and will hopefully help bring people into Southsun and Orr, especially if these are also the location of the chance at Ascended drops.


  • There will be a queue and leaderboard for solo rated play in sPvP.
  • There will be new map types in sPvP.
  • There will be legendary weapon skins in sPvP.
  • There will be an ArenaNet hosted PvP tournament at PAX this year.

Yay for solo rated play!  Something I wish we could see more of.  I know its not entirely in the spirit of PvP, but if you struggle to match times with other players, its nice to have something to keep you ticking over.  Its also very useful to be in random queues and be able to see different ideas and tactics in progress, even at higher levels.  You learn a lot from other people.

Overall, this looks pretty good.  The only thing I would have hoped to see is more use of jumping puzzle style content or a clue as to what to expect from raids.  But this is only for the next 6 months, so I think they likely have enough to do.


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