Guild Wars 2 Developer Livestream

So the Guild Wars 2 Developer Livestream with Game Director Colin Johanson has just finished.  There were some interesting points to be noted.

The Living Story in Review
Colin described the way Living Story development was working.  At the start there was only one team.  Now there are four who will work in rotation.  ArenaNet are definitely committed to the Living Story, but also went to efforts to point out that they are taking feedback into account and you will see that in the newer content.  Some interesting points:

  • Both the Aetherblade Retreat and the Molten Weapons Facility will be back with the Fractal that the winning candidate will promote.  This was always the plan – to introduce them as dungeons and then make the Fractals.
  • The Super Adventure Box and the Zephyrites will come back alongside other content.
  • The current storyline has a clear end point already in mind.
  • ArenaNet are aware that too much temporary content was in the early Living Story.
  • ArenaNet found that most events only lasted about two weeks.  They are aware too much is time limited, but they also feel that the essence of the Living Story requires time limits – this is what makes them compelling and moves the story forward.
  • Tokens for the upcoming election will be available from new content and rare drops.  This is not a democratic election – its a pirate election.  Expect to see bribery and corruption.

Other content
There are still other teams working on larger things.

  • A blog post detailing what some of these are is arriving on Thursday.
  • Looking for Group will be out this year.
  • ArenaNet are considering world divergence (i.e. different outcomes on different servers to events).
  • No plans for next gen consoles (cheer!)

Living Story vs Expansion
There were a number of things discussed that Colin said they had not decided how to handle yet.  The options were to release these as boxed expansions, via the Living Story, or via another route.  He mentioned:

  • New dragons will be coming – but not this year.
  • There will be new regions, including Guild Wars locations, at some point.
  • There will be more personal story which will lead on from the changes in the Living Story.
  • Races are under consideration.
  • ArenaNet are more likely to do additional weapons and skills before adding a new profession, as they feel the archetypes are pretty well covered.

It was interesting.  I can see the quality of the releases improving over time, so I am going to buy in and keep playing GW2 at this point.  What does everyone else think?


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