Vote Team Kiel!

The next Guild Wars 2 patch will be called Cutthroat Politics.  According to the press release:

  • The players get to decide if Ellen Kiel or Evon Gnashblade wins the Council seat by collecting support tokens to help your candidate gain influence.
  • The choice will have an impact on the future of the Living World storyline as well as by reducing the costs of certain goods/services, hosting a rotation of mini-games and sponsoring Mists research into one of two events.
  • You can also play:
    • Southsun Survival
    • Aspect Arena
    • Candidate Trials PvE Challenge
  • You get stuff as rewards (backs, minis, yada, yada).

Now I have to start out with saying I am definitely going to be Team Kiel here.  However, the press release suggests that there might be more to it, with price reductions, mini games and even the next fractal to be created being dependent on the winner.  Its an interesting idea.

I would suspect Aspect Arena will involve the special skills you can use at the Bazaar of the Four Winds, whilst the Candidate Trials PvE Challenge sounds like its more related to the election and might be activities you have to do with the candidate of your choice.  From the description of how you ‘vote’, perhaps the support tokens are handed in to the Zephyrites to gain influence with them.  Also the mini-games are described as ‘well -loved’ which means they will likely have existed before in either GW2 or GW1.  I didn’t play the first game so I’m not sure what these might be.  I’m also not sure that I would play any mini-game much if it didn’t have a set of achievements attached to it.  I do, however, like the idea of these being on a rotation so if I miss an achievement, I can try again later.  Perhaps new patches could add games to the rotation?

Its definitely an interesting idea.  I’ll be interested to hear some more details and see how it plays out.


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