July plan

  • [GW2] Get all Living Story meta achievements.
  • [GW2] Get as many achievements as possible with the July focus being on jumping puzzles.
  • [GW2] Farm EB jumping puzzle where possible for Badges of Honor (my current legendary progress item).
  • [WoW] Get Morrighan to ilevel 500
  • [WoW] Get Morrighan a viable tank off-set
  • [WoW] Catch up Morrighan on the legendary quest chain
  • [WoW] Prep for Flex raiding
  • [WoW] Get a PvP set together and do some arena with Karragon and the Gnome Sacrifice
  • [SWTOR] Raiding
  • [General] Set up some stream times and events each month
  • [General] Blog about:
    • Why I am/am not enamored with WoW at a given point in time
    • GW2 achievements guides (not to short term events)
    • GW2 legendary guide
    • Gearing in WoW
    • Why Bazaar of the Four Winds is Awesome

My current thinking on playing is to focus on one game for each element of gameplay.  This will change over time.  Right now, my three focus areas are:

Achievements: Guild Wars 2 (because it incentivises this better)
Gearing: World of Warcraft (because Flex sounds awesome)
Raiding: SWTOR (because this is the best raiding currently available in my opinion)


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