June plan: in review

Remember that June plan post?  This is how gaming is in reality: things change at short notice.  You’ll notice my July plan is a bit different.

What happened?
The biggest thing affecting my game play were the announcement of Flex raiding in World of Warcraft and This makes me want to play WoW again.  I therefore changed my plans for June and focused on deciding who I wanted to raid with in Flex and getting that toon ready to raid.  This took a remarkably long time – I thought about playing my hunter, then my monk (who is only level 72) before deciding to go back to my Retribution Paladin, Morrighan.

Below is a review of what I did and did not do and some notes as to why.

Green = achieved
Orange = progressed towards
Red = failed to achieve
Black = never expected to achieve this month

June goals

  • Keep up with the Guild Wars 2 living story as it is released – Mostly – I managed all of Dragon Bash but missed some Sky Pirates of Tyria achievements, though I did get the meta.
  • Guild Wars 2 monthly
  • Do Eternal Battlegrounds jumping puzzle at least 10 times in Guild Wars 2 (dependent on WvW matchups) – WvW matchups did not cooperate
  • Gear main toon for raiding in SWTOR – Very grindy and I did only a little of this
  • Attend raids in SWTOR when possible
  • Run each LFR at least once on Akandra in WoW – Completely changed my mind about my WoW focus
  • Do at least 2 challenge mode nights in WoW – Completely changed my mind about my WoW focus
  • Acquire consumables for challenge modes in WoW – Completely changed my mind about my WoW focus
  • Run spare items through the auction house at least once in each game
  • Write a crib sheet for Karraga’s palace
  • Write a guide to gearing at 55 in SWTOR
  • Write about the Titan reset, how I feel about WoW at the moment and a few other things I think are connected
  • Write a crib sheet to getting your GW2 legendary
  • Tidy up the blog

Long term goals

  • Increase how often I stream the games I play by setting up a monthly streaming schedule (probably will look at this next month) – I have my stream set up and working now (took longer than expected)
  • Use Twitter more
  • Legendary tracker spreadsheet tool
  • Sort out my reader so I can follow other bloggers better
  • Level at least 3 toons to 80 in Guild Wars 2, one for each Order
  • Level more toons to 90 in WoW including at least my Horde warlock and Alliance monk – Did a couple of levels on the monk and one on my Horde Death knight
  • Get a legendary in GW2
  • Complete all the jumping puzzles in GW2 – Did some new ones as part of the Sky Pirates achievement
  • Level a Republic character to 55 in SWTOR
  • Complete Heart of the Swarm

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